• poison ivy wearing muddy overalls n rubber gloves on the set of a gardening show w the hosts tied up n gagged behind her stroking a genetically modified carnivorous plant like a lapdog: hello fume-spewers of gotham city. its your hostess with the most...the mostess...its me, poison ivy. sorry to interrupt your resource-guzzling evening's entertainment by taking over every channel of your worthless old-media network. oh wait. i'm not. at this very moment the bouquet of roses i sent to strangle the mayor will be
  • heavy static followed by sudden cut 2 the penguin, drinking straight vodka and crunching icecubes wearing a feather boa and a velvet dressing gown covered in grease-strains and reclining in the hosts chair on a talk show set, which is being visibly smashed by themed muscleboys in th background: GOTHAM CITY YOU FUCKERS, YOU ABSOLUTE SWINE, HERES THE DEAL I WANT (crunch) A BILLION DOLLARS LEGAL TENDER TRANSFERRED TO MY PAYPAL AT vintage_cloaca_1937@icberglounge.com.org OR YOU CAN (slurp) SAY GOODBYE TO-
  • sudden cut back 2 poison ivy, furiously gesturing to the hypnotised crew to do whatever damnable technological things they do to unfuck the broadcast: (high pitched screeching)
  • sudden cut to the penguin: -YOUR PRECIOUS "SUN". I-
  • the penguin: (hears phone ringing) OH WAIT UH HOLD ON A SECOND
  • the penguin: (pullS a gold rotary telephone out of his purse) HWEH?
  • poison ivy, shreiking thru reciever: fuck off oswald im doing a Bit!!
  • poison ivy: these airwaves arent big enough for the both of us you horrendous little animal. i swear to piss i will
  • sudden cut to the riddler, sitting atop a giant rubix cube w the squares flashing neon at intervals wearing 2 pairs of 3D glasses and a coquettish mod ensemble w so many sequins on it that the studio lights reflecting off it cause at least 3 lens flares a second: GREEEEEEEETINGS CITIZENS OF GOTHAM CITTTYYYYYY! i, the RIDDLER, have interrupted your intellectually unstimulating broadcast to bring you some entertainment you'll hopefully find a little more...challenging. a new game show....with a DEADLY TWIST. for you see
  • the riddler: (hears his 2001 nokia beeping) uh...well, it seems we have our FIRST CALLER of the evening
  • the riddler: ...and our SECOND CALLER. um
  • poison ivy: (garbled screaming)
  • the penguin: (choking on an ice cube in pure rage)
  • the riddler: woah now hey now hey there woah there just a second
  • the penguin: -THE SUN
  • poison ivy: -THE MAYOR-
  • the penguin: -A BILLION DOLLARS
  • poison ivy: -A TRILLION DOLLARS-
  • sudden cut to harley quinn, sitting at home on the couch in front of her webcam wearing a sweaty sports bra and loony toons pajama pants and eating a hotdog: whats up folks! just wanted to hang out
Steven Universe video short ideas
  • Pearl trying to take off pants again for five minutes
  • Garnet telling more ridiculous lies while on the phone to get out of talking on them
  • Amethyst yelp reviews of restaurants, she likes to morph into Gordan Ramsey when she walks in the door
  • Jasper’s five worst hair days, just her getting up in the morning and groaning
  • Lapis and Peridot redecorating youtube channel, they call it ‘have you considered putting a truck in your wall?’
  • Sapphire attempts to do stand-up for five minutes, her punch line is ‘inevtiable.’ & ends up mostly going on tangents about her cute gf
  • Stevonnie playing in the rain, that’s it, they’re really happy
  • Peridot conspiracy theory videos where she makes up her own cryptids, (‘bowtie crab man’ and ‘rainbow sparkle spewer.’ She is very afraid.)
  • Steven hosts a news channel called ‘whose dating who?’ and cries whenever someone holds hands
If the Gems aired their own Twitch channels....

Steven: Really nice to his watchers and is very talkative and ignores the jerks.

Garnet: Plays her games with great accuracy to where people are saying she’s just playing TAS videos.

Pearl: Really careful to do the right moves and overly explains her actions. Has chat disabled.

Amethyst: Giant meme spewer.

Sapphire: Doesn’t talk, like, at all. She just sits there and plays the game. 

Ruby: All her streams end with her screaming violently with the controller or keyboard/mouse melting in her hands like the chat floods with Salt emoticons.

It’s a Tiny Box Tim Spewer crossover! I had a lot of fun making this after I watched the video, and it reminded me so much of the games that I used to play on Newgrounds that I went and played some of them while I worked on this!

It was especially fun to play the games again because I grew up on newgrounds, and I spent a good part of my childhood playing flash games and animations (like Eddsworld and Homestar Runner). One of the games that I remembered (Zelda Lampshade) I hadn’t played for several years, and when I played it again I couldn’t stop smiling! It was a huge nostalgiagasm for sure. Mark, if you see this, I hope you enjoy it!

I’m playing Spewer.

“You can eat things other than your own vomit. Pills will make you throw up in new and possibly exciting ways. Fruit fills you up and tastes great.”

Ladies and gentlemen, sir Edmund McMillen’s games.

External image

This one is called Spewer, it’s great fun and not that much disgusting xD. Spewer actually is that cute ball that keeps smiling all the time he’s not puking. ^^

I just went on vacations, so now I got some time to play pretty much whatever comes to my mind!

“I wish [Danny] was given a story outside of Clara. There wasn’t really much to him because every detail about his life that we were given ended up as a part of Clara’s story. He deserved better than that.”

Okay, is this person forgetting the whole guilt over the kid thing that defined his arc far more than Clara ever did? Hell, the whole point of Clara and Danny’s relationship, in my opinion, is that she reduced him to a prop in her narrative and missed the fact that he had his own arc to go on. That’s what makes his decision at the end of Death in Heaven so important.

Reasons Why Off-Year and Off-Off-Year Elections are v Important

1. Kentucky just elected a Republican for governor who will most likely overturn Medicaid expansion in the state and throw millions off of the program, with countless consequences to come.
2. The right wing hate-spewers officially convinced the citizens of Houston to overturn their equal rights ordinance for LGBTQ+ people in the city

Welcome to America

anonymous asked:

Maybe I am assuming too much based on what you reblog, but how are you anti feminist and still like Bernie sanders? He's more of a feminist than Hilary Clinton. Also how can you hate something that is literally defined as "equality of the sexes" like what do you not want equality for people regardless of sex? Like is that seriously something you think and have an opinion of?

 no. I simply don’t like American feminism, or Western Feminism really. 

I’m not a feminist, but I’m not an anti-feminist, I just like the blog Anti-Feminism-pro-equality, (Which I’m guessing was the url you might’ve seen from a few things I’ve reblogged from) I don’t agree with 100% of what she says, but she backs her shit up, she’s a good debater, she’s not just some hate-spewer or anything. 

And I think it’s fine to like things partially and not completely, context is always necessary. 

Also, I didn’t like the part in that Hillary Clinton post where the person said “ no shit, she’s a feminist. who else but a feminist would say something as stupid as this” I just couldn’t delete it because of the god forbidden tumblr update. 

Yes, feminism is defined as the equality of the sexes, but actions speak louder than words, and a lot of the feminism in my country i just cannot relate to, nor agree with. 

I am neither an anti-feminist, I am a please-research-things-a-ton-and-diversify-your-opinions-before-deciding-your-final-opinions-on-it-ist

despite what tumblr wants people to believe,

labels do not define people.

and people can get along with others without fully agreeing with their opinions on everything.

isn’t that okay? I believe that women and men as well as LGBTQIA+ people should have equal rights, indeed. I just don’t want to box myself into things that a lot of Feminists here in the U.S stand for, which I don’t agree with. (The pay gap and the 1in5 statistic)

and the reason I like Bernie?

well, I agree with his policies on police brutality, LGBT+ rights, minimum wage, free community college, higher taxes for the rich, forcing ceos to pay taxes, abortion etc. I don’t care if he’s a feminist, it doesn’t define him. I don’t hate people that are feminists. You don’t have to hate something you have a differing opinion of. 

And just as feminism doesn’t define Bernie, Nor does not completely agreeing with things feminists here in the west say, define me.

thnx love you