Mimic...Part 2

(Part 1)

After running the con, surprising the unsub, and nailing the culprits involved, you decided to head back to the hotel and take a nice, hot shower.

It was a way for you to wash off the persona in an attempt to slowly maneuver back to your old self.

But halfway through your burning hot shower, a fervent knock came at your door.

“Hello?” you ask, poking your head out of the shower as Reid’s voice wafts through the door.

But the knocking continued, and you wondered why they wouldn’t announce themselves.

Stepping out slowly and slipping into a robe, your hand lands on the door knob as you tip-toe to take a peek through the peephole in your hotel door.

But when you didn’t see anyone, you sighed a sigh of relief as you swung the door open.

But the door didn’t even reveal the hallway before two burly men blasted into your room, picking you up and throwing you onto the bed.

“Help!” you roar as one man pins you to the bed.

“Hotch!” you muffle out as the other man slowly unsheathes a knife from his side.

“Now…they say I’m an idiot, but I knew you wasn’t who you said you was supposed to be,” the man lulls.

You recognized him.

He was the man who kept trying to find a way to blow your cover.

God, how you wish you had killed him when you had the chance.

“My boss is gon’ promote me when he fin’s out I caught the fakey fakey,” he leers.

Fakey fakey?

Jesus Christ.

As you kick your leg out and knock the wind out of him, you try to swing your legs around the burly man on top of you.

But you should have learned a long time ago that just because someone is big doesn’t mean they move slow.

As he moved out of your way, the man with the knife comes up and pins your legs down as your robe slowly begins to fall open, exposing your wet, red, smooth skin to him as he begins to trace the knife up the inside of your leg.

Tears were streaming down your cheeks as burly man stuffed a tie in your mouth.

“Good thing my boss ain’t expectin’ me for a little while,” the man whispers.




Screaming a muffled scream, you watch as Aaron tackles the man at your legs while Morgan wrestles the man off of your torso, and Reid comes and scoops you off of the bed as he helps you choke out the tie you had swallowed halfway down your throat.

“It’s alright,” he coos as you begin coughing,” it’s ok.  You’re safe.  It’s alright.”

Wrapping his arms around you as you begin to sob, you pull your robe shut tightly as the sounds of handcuffs and the reading of rights fill the room.

Your body was trembling, and Spencer was desperate to get it to stop.

“Ssssshhhhh…” he coos lowly in your ear as he rubs your back with his hands.

“So…stupid…” you hiccup.

“You’re anything but,” Spencer whispers in reassurance.

“Stupid…door…” you hiccup again.

“I know…what a shit door,” Reid responds.

“Damn…peephole…!” you cry out.

“You really should be able to see a wider frame of picture through those things,” he states with absolute seriousness.

And the tone of his voice made you snicker and smile.

“There we go,” he says as he slowly leans you back to look at your face.

“There she is,” he smiles as he brings his thumb up to wipe away at your tears.

But soon your face contorted again and your shoulders slumped forward.

“What is it, Y/N?” Spencer asks.  “Did they do something to you?”

You could see the panic rising in his eyes before the shaking of your head receded it back into the depths of his body.

“I didn’t even get to finish my shower,” you huff lightly.

And as the two of you chuckle breathlessly on the edge of your bed, you close your eyes and sigh just as you feel Spencer get up.

“Then lets make sure you can finish it,” Spencer calls from the bathroom.

Anyone Else But You

Request- ‘Would you be okay writing about prentiss being jealous of reader and Spencer, but reader is high key into her and Spencer awkwardly tries to help’

I love this request, and I love Prentiss x Reader imagines! Keep firing the requests please. I stole the title from a song from the Juno soundtrack, called Anyone Else But You by the Moldy Peaches. Enjoy!

Triggers- swearing?

Word Count- 1242

Walking through the glass doors of the BAU, as you do every morning, you scan the room for the face of the wonderful Emily Prentiss. You made eye contact with her as she looked up from her computer.

You see, ever since you joined the team, everyone thought that you would be interested in Morgan, because of your naturally flirty attitude. But what you failed to tell them was, that as soon as you set your eyes on Prentiss, the fierce, gorgeous brunette, you couldn’t feel attraction to anybody but her. Your bisexuality was common knowledge, however, Emily was much more secretive, and you never knew whether she wanted you in the same way you wanted her.

‘Y/N, coffee.’ You heard a voice shouting behind you and you turned around. You saw your best friend, Spencer Reid, walking towards you with two cups of coffee.

‘That’s my boy!’ You grinned and threw your arms around your neck, kissing him on the cheek.

You glanced back to look at Prentiss, and saw that she was glaring at the pair of you. She shot you a stern look and turned back to her paperwork.

A while later, you bounded up to Emily. ‘Do you want some coffee, Em?’

‘No, Y/N.’ She replied with a cold expression.

For the rest of the day, Prentiss looked at you as if you had killed a puppy. Exhausted from wondering what you had possibly done wrong, you decide to visit the Oracle of All Answers and Knowledge, Penelope Garcia.

You grabbed Spencer by his sweater and led him down the hallway. Penelope and Spencer were fully aware of your love for Prentiss, as they had spent many nights listening to you ramble about her beauty. You swung open the door and plopped yourself down into a chair, while Spencer leant on the wall.

‘Hello my babies, what can I do for you?’ Penelope said as she turned to face you.

‘Pen, why is Emily acting like she hates me? She has been weird all week but today she is constantly avoiding me, and when she makes eye contact all I am getting is death glares.’

Penelope looked puzzled. ‘What was she like last week?’

‘Fine, friendly, not looking like she wanted to punch me all the time.’ You placed your head in your hands and sighed.

‘Wait,’ Spencer piped up. ‘It started after when we all went out on Friday, and you were paralytic drunk so I had to take you back to mine in a cab?’

‘Do you think she is jealous?’ Penelope gasped.

‘No, no, no. That’s impossible. She must know that Spencer and I are just friends! Does this mean that she likes me too?’ You said, gobsmacked.

Penelope smirked. ‘Well, my child, leave it up to me. Auntie Penelope will provide the answers you seek.’

Suddenly the door swung open and Hotch appeared at the door.

‘We have a case. It’s in Miami. Wheels up in 30.’

After the jet landed, the team went to check into a nearby hotel and sat in the lobby, waiting for Hotch to organize the accommodation. You made a conscious effort to avoid clinging on to Spencer, so Emily wouldn’t get the wrong picture.

‘There is only 4 rooms, guys. Some of you will have to share.’ Hotch said, walking towards the group. Goddamn Penelope Garcia and her inability to book the correct number of rooms.

‘JJ, I need to share with you. I have some… case details I need to go over.’ Spencer said, awkwardly grabbing JJ by the wrist. As they turned to walk away from the team, the Spencer glanced back at you and smiled.

‘Well I will be having my own room, so Morgan and Rossi- you share. And the Y/N and Prentiss.’ Hotch said as he handed out keys.

Emily put her head in her hands.

‘Oh, come on, you have to be kidding? Literally, anyone else but you.’ She complained.

‘Charming.’ You replied, taking the keys from her and leading the way.

As you reached the room, you threw your bags down and saw that there was in fact, only one double bed.

‘For fuck’s sake!’ Emily shouted. ‘I’m going to take a shower.’

She quickly moved into the bathroom, while you unpacked and changed into some shorts and a t shirt. You then heard some muffled noises coming from outside the door. You walked over and opened it slightly, sighing when you were greeted by the faces of Morgan and Rossi.

Rossi thrust a bottle of fancy Italian wine into your hands, and placed a kiss on top of your forehead while Morgan looked on with a shit-eating grin.

‘Good luck, bella.’ Rossi murmured into your hair.

You were left stood there in disbelief as the pair turned and walked away. You didn’t know whether you were going to kiss or kill Penelope Garcia for this. Turning back into the room and closing the door, you heard the shower switch off.

You took in a deep breath, and positioned yourself on the bed with the bottle of wine, determined to get some answers. Emily appears from the door in her pyjamas, her wet hair dripping down onto her sweater.

‘I have some wine. We should talk?’ You asked, hopeful.

‘Go and take it to Spencer, I’m sure he would love some.’ She replied sarcastically, not looking at you.

‘What the fuck, Prentiss. What have I done wrong?’ You sighed, standing up to face her and placing the bottle down. Emily stopped brushing her hair and sat on the bed, avoiding eye contact.

‘I can see you and Spencer are happy, okay? And it does hurt, seeing you together. So just please let me fucking move on and stop shoving it in my face every three seconds.’ She said.

‘Emily are you nuts?’ You laughed. ‘I am not in a relationship Spencer! He is my best friend yes, but I am NOT in love with him. The only reason I’ve been spending so much time with Spencer because you have been acting like I am diseased! Do you realize how much it hurts when you can’t even bare to look at me? It breaks my heart, Em, considering that you’re the person I want to spend 24 hours a day with.’

‘Wait, so you aren’t with Spencer?’ Emily asked, her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. You sighed and kneeled in front of her, turning her face so that she would look at you.

‘Emily Prentiss, I want you. All day, every day. And I am not letting you move on from me, whether you like it or not. I have fallen for your strength, your beauty, your fierce character, your honesty- even your stubbornness. I want it all. Honestly, Em, I don’t see what anyone can see in anyone else but you.’

You can see a tear roll down her cheek, and you use your thumb to brush it away.

‘I want you so fucking badly, Y/N. And it completely terrifies me.’ She said, standing and pulling you up with her. You placed your hands on either side of her face, and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

‘I’m all yours.’ You whispered, as your lips crashed together and you fell backwards onto the bed.

The next day, you walked into the lobby, hands clasped with the woman you loved, surrounded by the cheers of your makeshift BAU family.