Why I ship Spemma…

1. Because Spinner was the one to give Emma advice about Kelly

2. Because Emma’s first concern about the dot being on fire was Spinner.

3. Because Emma wanted to help Spinner out

4. Because Spinner’s first concern was her and everyone’s safety.

5. Because Emma didn’t let Spinner mope around.

6. Because Spinner didn’t want a divorce.

7. Because they were both ready to settle down.

8. Because Emma and Spinner were adorable playing basketball.

9. Because what happens in Niagara Falls, doesn’t stay in Niagara Falls

10. Because Spinner is Emma’s good luck charm.

11. Because both Spinner and Emma were hesitate about the divorce talk twice.

12.Because Spinner kept Emma’s science fair project from grade 9.

13. Because they understood their mistake, but still wanted to be together.

14. “Cooking breakfast for Emma, she’s upstairs!”

15. “Topless Breakfast”

16. Because Emma didn’t want to be just a rebound girl in Spinner’s life.

17. Because Emma wasn’t a rebound, she was so much more.

18. “I had to throw out a box.”

19. “I’m glad one thing did, I found you.”

20. “Who needs fame and fortune when everything you wanted wakes up right beside you.”

21. Because they want to stay married an together.

22. Because they were sincere when they said they loved each other.

23. Because of their scary movie date night.

24. Because Emma let Spinner answer Jane on the phone.

25. Because Spinner told Jane that he was getting married to Emma.

26. Because Emma really does care about Spinner, and just wants him to be happy.

27. Because Emma and Spinner really wanted them to work out.

28. Because Spinner went destroying the dot, and Emma went home crying for once feeling bad.

29. “Sometimes good things come from bad things.”

30. Because they both knew that not working out wasn’t a option.

31. Because Spinner ran all the way to Emma’s house to propose to her in front of her parents and best friend.

32. Because Spinner’s mom gave him her marriage ring.

33. Because Spinner wasn’t nervous at all.

34. Because Jane could see that Spinner was happy.

35. Because Emma wasn’t a stone cold heart breaker like Jane. (this made me laugh)

36. Because Spinner belonged there with Emma.

37. Because Spinner and Jane said their goodbyes.

38. Because they were happy with their marriage ceremony.

39. Because Spinner told Emma about Jane coming.

40. Because Emma invited Jane, Declan, & Holly J to the party.

41. Because of their wedding dance, and private beach moments.

(yes, I will always hold a soft spot for Semma. They were degrassi, but I can get behind Spemma as well.)

Why I ship Spemma.
Okay, I will admit these two are not the most well-thought out couple and I would match rather have Semma or Spaige, but no matter what we want, it happened. Spinner and Emma got married. Now at first, I was just like everyone else - I laughed about it. I was mad about it. How could they just throw to random characters together and expect me to like them? But then I started thinking about it. Really thinking about and I realized…they’re not so bad for each other after all. They grew up together and although they weren’t friends, they did know each other. Emma knew about Spinner having cancer and Spinner probably knew about her eating disorder. They did know each other pretty well. I know it would be a pretty lame excuse to say that love is random, but love actually is pretty random. It can take years to fall in love with someone or it can take a week. It just happens. Do I believe that Spinner and Emma were in love? Yes. I also believe that they were what each other needs. Both of them have tried to move on with their lives, but they always found themselves back int Toronto - their home. Where their heart is. Sean went off to bigger things and Jane had bigger dreams then staying in Canada. But Spinner and Emma were always home-people who loved where they were. They were comfortable and like Spinner said, they didn’t really like change. They needed stability, not big dreams and that’s what they gave each other. A stable job, a stable home, a stable life. It was what they needed. The writers could have done a better job on them, yes, but instead of having two of the best characters -characters that were Degrassi - just fade off with no explanation, they sent them off happy and healthy and well and together. And I’m perfectly okay with that.