If your spells have been working or you’ve received some good luck, thanking the universe is one way to show your gratitude!
Here is how…

You Need:

💧a White Candle
💧a bowl of Moon Water
💧a bowl of Soil
💧 a White Feather
💧 an empty pot or bowl

💧a seed, this could be a flower or herb

Find a good spot outside in a park or your garden, even on your balcony or windowsill.

Arrange your candle, water, soil and feather in a diamond shape as indicated in the picture, with your Empty bowl in the center.

Light the candle to begin the spell.

1) say the following:

“Earth, Air, Water and Fire, upon the Universe I did intrude
I bring to thee this offering, in my eternal gratitude”

2) Then, take the bowl of soil and empty it into your middle bowl.

“From the soil that I did take from
To this soil new life will come”

3) Next, empty the water onto the soil and say:

“Universe I set thee free,
I nourish thou as thou hath nourished me”

4) Create a small hole in the soil of the middle bowl and plant your seed in it, say:

“I have achieved my manifestation,
I now give back to new creation”

5) lastly, wave your feather over the planted seed and blow on it lightly, say:

“Breath of life and breath of love,
It is below as it is above”

6) blow our your candle and end the ritual!


You can now repot or plant your seed in a garden or pot, or keep it in its original bowl. Water it and take care of it as an act of gratitude toward the earth and universe!


- requested by @the-mini-witch

witchy tip

if you have a crystal that has the element of fire, (for example i used fire quartz) whisper this three times into your crystal (with the crystal held up to your mouth)

“this crystal is magic

it has the power of fire

it will bring me success

and everything i desire”

(success can be changed to something else)

anonymous asked:

How do i make an individual think about me?(not to fuck him in the head but to create some sort of deeper connection)

This is a general technique that I use. It can be used as a base, since you can change it according to your intentions (I will explain where). You can use this spell for any gender. 


  • Mirror (preferably a scrying one, although not necessary).
  • Purple candle (for psychic connection - although here is where you can change the colour, e.g. red candle to make someone think of you sexually).
  • Two moonstone crystals (optional). 

At night, seat yourself in a darkened room with the mirror in front of you. You may wish to do this on a Friday if your intention is to make him think about you romantically. Light the candle and place it below the mirror, with the Moonstone crystals on either side of the candle. Let there be a clear reflection of your face in the mirror.

Chant three times:

Send out my thoughts
To whom I seek,
May [name] think of me
Within his mind and dreams. 
As I will it,
So mote it be.

Here, visualise your face transforming that into the person you are going to send your thoughts to. See them with closed eyes. When you are ready to send your thoughts, see them with open eyes. Now visualise on the mirror, much like a television screen, images and emotions that you want to send to that person. You can say things out loud if you wish for them to have those words in mind. After you are done, see them close their eyes and their face transform back into yours. Blow out the candle and you are done.

God’s and Goddesses

These are the God’s and Godesses that I really feel connected to. It’s a lot I know and you’ve probably already noticed they’re from different pantheons. Just wanted to make a post about the different God’s and Godesses that I love.

Egyptian God’s and Godesses

💖Apophis - God of snakes, war, and chaos.

💖Bes - Dwarf god.

💖Khnum - Ram-headed God.

💖Khonsu - God of the moon.

💖Osiris - God of the underworld and the afterlife.

💖Set - God of chaos, change, deserts, storms, and foreigners.

💖Sekhmet - Goddess of lions, fire, and vengeance.

💖Ma'at - Goddess of justice, truth, and of order.

💖Kebechet - Goddess of purification.

💖Isis - Goddess of magic, marriage, healing, and protection.

💖Hathor - Goddess of love.

💖Bastet - Cat goddess.

💖Kuk - Personification of darkness.

Greek God’s and Godesses

💖Poseidon – God of seas and oceans, creator of calm seas, respite to sailors and a lover of all sexes.  At his worst Poseidon is known to cause earthquakes with his anger. He’s a passionate God!

💖Artemis - Goddess of the moon.

💖Aphrodite - Goddess of love and beauty.

💖Hades - God of the underworld.

💖Janus - God of beginnings, choices, and doorways.

💖Nemesis - Goddess of revenge.

💖Iris - Goddess of the rainbow, messenger of the gods.

💖Hecate - Goddess of magic, crossroads, and ghosts.

💖Asclepius - God of medicine, health, healing, rejuvenation and physicians.

💖Erebus - Primordial god of darkness.

💖Eros - God of sexual desire, attraction, love and procreation.

💖Hesperus - The evening star.

💖Morpheus - God of dreams and sleep.

💖Nereus - The Titan god of the sea.

💖Oceanus - Titan god of the ocean.

💖Phosphorus - The morning star.

💖Tartarus - The god of the deep abyss, a great pit in the depths of the underworld.

💖Thanatos - The god of death.

Vodou God’s and Godesses

💖Kalfu – The Moon God, ruler of the night, sorcery and black magic.

💖Erzulie – Goddess of love, beauty and passion. She has three husbands, adores lavishness and luxury but is saddened by broken hearts.

💖Ayida – Goddess of the rainbow, white is her colour. She is also a fertility goddess.

💖Marinette – Patron deity of liberation and slavery, she can free you or keep you in bondage.

Celtic God’s and Godesses

💖Cernunnos (The Horned God) – Rules over nature.

💖The Triple Goddess - The Triple Goddess is recognized and honored as a triadic deity consisting of three aspects: The Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each of them represent the energy of the major stages in a woman’s life, and correspond to the three phases of the moon; Waxing for the Maiden, Full for the Mother, and Waning for the Crone.

💖Angus – The God of love and beauty.

💖Danu – The Earth Goddess, who is said to be everywhere. Danu inspires love, music and creativity.

💖Andraste - The moon, divination, rabbit magic.

💖Arawn - God of the underworld, terror, revenge, and war. Invoke during element of earth.

💖Artio - Wildlife Goddess.

💖Branwen - Goddess of love and beauty. 

💖Caer - Goddess of sleep and dreams.

💖Creiddylad - Goddess of flowers and love.

💖Danu - Symbolizes rivers, water, wells, prosperity, magick, and wisdom. 

💖Dewi - God represented by a red serpent or dragon.

💖Don - Queen of the Heavens and Goddess of air and sea. Ruled over the land of the dead. Symbolizes control of the elements and the moon.

💖Druantia - Symbolizes protection, knowledge, creativity, passion, sex, fertility, growth, trees, and forests.

💖Dylan - God of the sea. His symbol is a silver fish. 

💖Flidais - Goddess of the forest, woodlands, and wild things.

💖Gwydion - God of enchantment, illusion and magick.

💖Gwynn Ap Nudd - God of the underworld. Originally a war God who hunted men’s souls and lead them to Annwn, the land of the dead. In Celtic (Welsh) legend he is the king of the faeries and elves. First known as King of the Fairies and Lord of the Underworld, this God later ruled over the Plant Annwn, subterranean fairies.

💖Labraid - God of the underworld.

💖Llyr - God of waters and the sea.

💖Lugh - He symbolizes healing, reincarnation, prophecy, and revenge. 

💖Math Mathonwy - God of magick, sorcery, and enchantment. 

💖Mider - God of the underworld.

💖Niamh - Goddess of beauty and brightness. 

💖Nostiluca - Witch Goddess.

💖Ogma - Symbolizes image and poppet magic, incantations, charms, health, eloquence, genius, inspiration, and language.

💖Olwen - Goddess of flowers and springtime. Also symbolizes love and rebirth.

💖Sucellus - God of agriculture and the forest, faeries souls to the underworld. 

💖The White Lady - Goddess of death and destruction.

Hindu God’s and Godesses

💖Hanuman – Symbolises self control, faith and service to cause.

💖Krishna - Krishna is the embodiment of love, divine joy, and destroys all pain and sin.

Norse God’s and Godesses

💖Odin – King of all gods and the most powerful.  Odin is a war god, a witch and a great practitioner of Shamanism. He invented the runes.

💖Baldur – The God of sun and beauty, Baldur is pure, innocent and a great warrior.

💖Freya – A love and sex Goddess who is irresistible to anyone she desires, and also a Goddess of magic and divination.  Call upon her for guidance and help with magic, to connect to the faerie realms and for help with attraction.

💖Balder - The god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation.

💖Heimdall - Heimdall is the god of light.

Curses Correspondences

A short list of things that are suitable for a curse or a similar spell.

Herbs for a curse-

  • Aloe vera
  • Black coffee
  • Black pepper
  • Blueberry
  • Mustard seeds
  • Nettle
  • Pistachio
  • Poppy
  • Saffron

Incense for a curse-

  • Patchouli
  • Anything burned on charcoal

Crystals for a curse-

  • Garnet
  • Graphite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Ruby

Day of the week-

  • Tuesday or Saturday

Time of day-

  • Night or Evening

Moon phase-

  • Waning moon or New moon


  • Black or Red

Other Things-

  • Tobacco
  • Cigarettes
  • Broken glass
  • Rusty nails
  • Thorns
  • Shark teeth
  • Razor blades
  • Vinegar
  • Charcoal
  • Dust
  • Dirt from a cemetery or a crossroads

caspersthefriendlyghost  asked:

Trick or treat!! And happy Halloween!!!


A very simple spell for making your bonding with new companions an easy process.

You will need: 

  • thread
  • a pen

Write your companion’s name on your wrist, tie a bit of thread around it gently with an easy to undo knot. Visualize the love and commitment you willing to put in this relationship and visualize you welcoming them into your life for a few minutes. 

When you’re done, untie the knot and wash out their name!

They can do it too if they’d like, and be sure to ask for their consent!

Happy trick-or-treating! 

~ Mod Void

🌙 growing up with an eclectic witch mom 🌙

Originally posted by lucifers-queen

* getting flowers for every holiday. every.one.
* so. many. herbs. (honestly like a big ass cupboard)
* going crystal shopping together (and spending too much money and time there) (imagine my dad crying in the corner)
* flowers in every room in the house. every.
* so many rose quartz stones (because i’m born in may)
* our house is filled with candles
* drawing a protective sigil over our door every new years evening
* “i accidentally spent 300€ at the florists and im not even regretting it.” (actual quote)
* cutting my hair only at new moon
* going to medieval festivals because they are hella cool
* with like proper outfit and shit
* no idea for a present? herbs.
* or plants.
* or candles.
* bonus points if they are colour coordinated
* celebrating samhain, ostara etc
* living for the autumn season
* convincing my dad that “yes we need that cat. totally.”
* srsly how is he not going crazy
* explaining my friends it’s not weed, it’s sage.
* cleaning spells while cleaning the house
* discussing herbs for spells in shops and earning weird stares
* huge ass, gorgeous garden
* “go water the flowers.”
* “go mow the lawn.”
* “don’t discuss with the mother witch.”
* she sends me videos at 3am how to cut the cherry tree. why. i cry.
* water bottles out of glass with energising crystals on the ground
* her grimoire is so beautiful
* like srsly her handwriting has me crying.

but most important: knowing that whenever id wanted to stop being a part of all this, it would have been okay. my dad is not a witch, and that’s okay.
for me witchcraft is just a part of my life and i love it and am proud to have a witch mom ♥️

Autumn Incantations 🍁

A list of single-word incantations, spells that can be cast merely by saying/thinking them with intent, or over a white candle.

🍁 apsterus
to cleanse with wind, blowing all away
eurus meaning eastern wind,  apstergo meaning cleanse 

🍁 hibernge
a call to transformation through dormancy. 
from english, hibernate, and change. 

🍁 hivilé
to banish and protect using the cold. 
from french, hiver meaning winter, and exilé, meaning exile. 

🍁 aperiora
to open the liminality of an area
from latin, ora meaning threshold, and aperio, to open/unveil

🍁 spectarme
to invite benign spirits to one’s side. 
charme meaning to appeal, and spectre, meaning spirits