Speedy vs Snowflake (Pietro x Reader & Bucky x Reader Imagine)

Request: Could you do an imagine where Bucky finds out that Pietro is in love with the same girl that he is and they have a sit down to talk about it, as the girl just so happens to overhear?                                                          A/N: Sorry! Changed it a tiny bit but it does still mostly follow your request.

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“Shut up old man! They should call you the Snowflake Soldier!"                       "Oh yeah Speedy?  How about when Barton shot an arrow at you and you went straight through the floor, you definitely didn’t see that coming!”

This is how you spent most mornings, waking up to the sound of Pietro and Bucky arguing and yelling at each other. It had been going on for weeks and you had no idea why. It had started to interfere with missions as they were always trying to outdo each other.

Deciding you had had enough, you leapt from your bed and into the living room. “Pietro Maximoff and James Barnes! What is going on with you two! I have had enough of you arguing!"                                                                                      Both boys instantly stopped. They saw you in the doorway and their faces dropped, immediately stopping what they were doing.


~A few weeks earlier~

Bucky walked through the tower, slightly annoyed. How could Pietro love the girl he loves? The one girl he’s finally allowed in after all the PTSD of becoming the Winter Soldier. It had to be that girl didn’t it! He sighed.                                                                                                                     "What’s up with you?” Bucky looked up to see Pietro standing in front of him.                                                                                                                         "We need to talk.“ Bucky told him in a serious tone…

"And that’s how it started, all the fights and all the competitions we’ve had.” Bucky finished, explaining everything that’s happened.                                                                                                           You froze in shock, they had been fighting over you this whole time? You thought about it for a second, weighing out all the options in your head. You knew you had to choose one and you were finally ready to…


Arrow Season 5 Trailer (SDCC 2016)


[16.07.23] You guys are so sweet. 역시 내동생들이 최고다~ 고마워

@ril2cha: GET BETTER SOON JAMES 🤖❤️💪🏻 I don’t have a cute caption like Amber but it doesn’t mean I don’t still love you 😹

@ajol_llama: Bothered my big brother today. I’ve decided to make him automail for his hand so he can be a super hero :) have speedy recovery james!! 오늘 라마오빠 보러 갔어요 제임스 슈퍼히로 되기 위해서 기계손을 만들기 결정했어요ㅎ 빨리 나아 제임스!!

To Our Precious Kim Jongin

Please do not apologize for what happened to you, you did nothing wrong. We are not angry at you in any way, shape, or form. We understand you will be upset if you don’t perform but your well-being is what matters most. In these situations it’s very important to take care of yourself.

Exo-l are praying for a quick and speedy recovery but for now please rest, baby. We would rather you not dance for a day than to not have you dance at all.

Please do not feel bad about not performing, don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself, and do not feel like you need to prove yourself. You are our source of happiness and we hope that you will continue to smile that heartwarming smile.

We are always cheering for you and we love you so much!

Kim Jongin fighting✊✊

💖 Exo-l

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i dont have any sin or any scream fic so heres a story i wrote for my friend who ships peter maximoff and peter parker enjoy Once upon a time fox gave up the rights to evan peters peter maximoff delicious asshole, and he was like woah wtf. And then sony was like oh shit we better give marvel the spider bro bc we shitttt. And then peter (the spider one) was just walking down the street when woah, a gust of wind blew past him. It smelt like oranges. Peter (spider) fuckin loved oranges so he was li

damn thats some good smellin wind so he followed it. Then he saw a hottie with a body appear out of fuckin nowhere and he was like holy shit thats a cute butt. The hottie was like hey dude im peter. Then peter (parker) was like oh shit my name is peter 2. And then they made out. And then peter (speedy gonzales) was like omg do u kno my sister. And peter (the one with the hot aunt) was like yeh man omg i helped a bunch of ppl tri to kill her. And then they were both like oh shit thats not good for a relationship. And then peter (the flash) was like hey man she was a bitch anyway lets bang. SO THEN THEY BANGED. The end.

Sam: masterpiece. what a classic. i want this bound and l a m i n a t e d; ill be reading this to the grandkids for sure

@theartsydandelion : Concept; Peter Parker and Peter Pan are the same person, also I’m allergic to citrus and find this offensive

Karsyn: Why oranges

Sleepover Saturday with Sam, Abigail-Eileen and Karysn

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