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  • Taeha:I was honestly surprised when I see you at broadcasts. We came back in a long time and we weren’t able to show much. I am always so sorry for not being able to show you much. I am sorry. I was not just saying that. (Our comeback) kept on being delayed and I’m just sorry and thankful. Really. Thank you.
  • Yoohwan:Sorry, but did Terminator 2 release yet?
  • Jungwoo:As you know we (Sungmin and I) had our debut first and we have seen the other friends since their trainee period. We have been practicing for around 5 years in this small company. We haven’t shown anything and we are so sorry for making you wait for us. We won’t make you wait longer and you’re as important as our friends and family so we will succeed for our next album and become proud singers.
  • Sungmin:We didn’t have any ways to express ourselves and it must’ve been difficult to wait during the break, we are so sorry. I feel so sorry today. I won’t forget about today.
  • Jongkook:I don’t know how to talk about this but there are times when love works and doesn’t work at times. I think it didn’t work out till now. We’ve suffered many hardships. Anyways, thank you. I am ashamed. I’m sure our fans were envious of other fandoms. We had no opportunity to meet up if we wanted to. I have read this comment and it said ‘nothing to do being their fan’. It made me upset but it’s not my fault and not yours. No is it our fault? My words aren’t organised right now. My driving force to sing and dance is you.
  • Sejoon:It has been 3 years since we have promoted with the name SPEED. We had filmed a reality program since December 2012. I think here are the majority of people. It felt so weird today, “these people are ageing with us”. I was a high school student back when I was in Japan but now I am 23 years old. I saw noonas and other people in America but do you know that I wasn’t able to go to Japan during the reality program (Speed Polaris?)? That feels likes yesterday but it was 3-4 years ago. Thank you, I am so thankful. We were only able to present ourselves 3 times for the past 3 years. Honestly speaking we don’t know what will happen in the future. We will succeed. It’s just because we don’t know the details to when our next comeback is since we do not decide it. I wish for you to wait for us just like now.
  • Jongkook:We were not like this since the start. You know it. You can do it.
  • Sejoon:Thank you.
  • Kio:This is my first time promoting and I am thankful to be promoting with these hyungs. I’m happy that this promotion has wrapped up well. Before debut I thought that fans are people who love the artist lots but fans are a big reliance. It’s great to see that side from our fans. I wish for us to come back soon and get another opportunity like this. Thank you.

Tommy has always felt safe at night, feeling bundled by the night sky as the stars stared down at him. Billy always felt the most at home when the air was whipping through his hair and when the wind nipped at his cheeks. Neither knew why until remeeting each other.


Hello DEEPS all over the world!

I have wanted to organize a fan project for SPEED for a long time, and finally now I got an inspiration to do it.

They probably know that they have fans in many countries, and many DEEPS have shown their love for them via Instagram and Twitter, and also participating into projects that fansites have organized.

Anyway, I want us to gather together and show to our precious boys that there really is DEEPS all over the world who love them very much. And I want them to know, that international fans are also here for them, even when they have hard times, and also when they have good times - always.

The idea is to take a picture of yourself with a banner that tells your love for SPEED.  Include your country’s flag or name in the same picture. Use English or Korean in the banner’s text. Fanart is also welcomed!

All the pictures will be put together in the same video, that will be uploaded to youtube. When the video is uploaded, let’s send links to all the SPEED members in Twitter and Instagram.


Make a banner with a text that shows your love for SPEED. Remember to include your country’s flag or name in the same picture.

> For example; ” I love SPEED ♥”, use your imagination~

> Use only English or Korean in the text.

> Make sure your picture is big enough. 

Do the banner for whole SPEED, not only for 1 member.

- 1 picture/person (+ 1 fanart picture/person.) If you have more than 1 fanart, you can include them into same picture.

- Take a picture with your banner and send it to deepspeed.fanproject@gmail.com

- When you sent the picture, write in the message field your name (at least your first name if you don’t want to reveal your whole name) and the country where you are from.

DEADLINE 25.7.2015, you have over 2 weeks~!

 Please spread the word so that as many DEEPS as possible could participate! ^-^

++ I’m thinking also about putting our names in the end of the video, but it’s understandable if people don’t want it because it will be shown to everyone who watch the video. Anyway, share your thoughts about it in the same mail where you send the picture(s). If many people want it and tell their whole names, I will put those in the end! ^^ ++

I apologize my bad English, if you didn’t understand something, or want more information, send questions to http://ask.fm/speedproject or deepspeed.fanproject@gmail.com

Show Me The Money 4 Pt. 2 (You X ???)

It was day 2 of SMTM4 and honestly you were very nervous. Today was the day where you and 110 others would have to perform in front of all the judges. What you thought was strange was that you weren’t nervous for the first audition round but you were now. I guess being judged by 9 people made you nervous.

“Y/N!” You turned at the sound of your name being called. “Tae!” You ran over to give Taewoon a hug. You became close to Taewoon after the first audtion round.

“Tae?” He asked smiling at you.

“Well it sounds cute and come on, your name is Taewoon. So it makes sense.”

“Whatever.” He laughed. “Let’s go.” He watched you as your started to mess with your bracelet. “Are you nervous?”

“Just a bit” You said with a smile

“You’ll do great I promise.” He linked his arm with yours. You said thanks then walked with him and the other contestants to the waiting room.

Looking around you noticed many familiar idol faces. Ravi, Mino, Vernon, Jaewon, and even Jooheon. “Oh Jooheon is here, I didn’t know that.” You said to Taewoon as you both sat down.


“From Monsta X, I watched the survival program No.Mercy that made Monsta X.” You started. “Sadly the rapper i was rooting for got eliminated.” You had a sad expression on you face. “Kinda hoped he would try out for Show Me the Money but I guess he didn’t.”

Taewoon started laughing teasing you for acting like such a fangirl. You smacked his arm lightly, telling him you were going to beat him up later. The Staff yelled out telling you all that the cameras will begin rolling.

The only people who really had cameras on them were Ravi, Mino and Vernon. The only non idol rapper was Black Nut, who became famous after dropping his pants on camera.

“Okay the first contestant is… Jaewon.” One of the staff members yelled.

“I would hate being first the person.” You whispered to Taewoon. He nodded his head in agreement. “I hope he does good.”

You honestly weren’t expecting him to do as good as he did. You’ve listened to a 1Punch song before, Turn Me Back. It was a cute song and seeing him rap like this was really interesting. “Damn.” Taewoon said beside you. You laughed. “I thought the same thing.”

After a couple more people it was now Blacknut’s turn. You were waiting for him to do something crazy like last time. He even told the judges that he was wearing the same underwear, he probably thought the underwear would bring him good luck.You started cracking up “I hope he wins.”

You listened closely to his rap. He ended up using the beat from Born Hater and talked a lot of shit about the judges. “Wait.” You looking over to Taewoon when he finally finished. “Did he just say Mino was going to win?”

“That’s what it sounds like to me.”

Of course he got an all-pass, he was entertaining and he rapping is deffinitly something hes good at. You just hope the next round you wont have to go up against him. He already has the judges hearts and going against someone the judges already like is a No No.

The judges seemed really interested with the next person. You’ve honestly never heard of Basick, but apparently he was a really good rapper. ‘Maybe I’ll look him up when I get home.’ You waited hoping to hear a good rap from this man.

“Well shit.” You said loudly when Basick’s beat started to play, many people turned to look at you. “Sorry, sorry.” You said quickly. Taewoon looked at you funny.

“What happened?”

“Sorry that’s the beat from the movie 8 Mile with Eminem.” You laughed. “I’m a huge Eminem fan and that movie is one of my favorites.”

Taewoon laughed. “You foreign people are so weird.”

“Tae I will beat you up, I hope you know that.” You gave him your most threatening look. He just patted your head as if he was saying ‘Sure, Sure’

Everyone around you spent their time practicing their rap, you decided you might as well practice it a couple times too. You stopped practicing when you heard Sansoo was the next person to perform. 'Well let’s see how this goes.’

You didn’t like Sansoo, he was the person who last season just disappeared. You found it kinda shitty that he just left, staying out of contact then decided to just randomly come back. He also talked shit about Giriboy on one episode, calling him a fucker. To you he was just a rude drunk asshole.You started laughing when he failed. You got strange looks from those around you but, you didn’t care he needed to go.

You almost squealed when it was Jooheon’s turn to go. “Calm down, don’t need you to get all hot and bothered over here.” Taewoon whispered in your ear. You shot him another look “Shh I have to listen to this one.”

Once Jooheon did his growl rap you had to fan yourself. “Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?” You were also a sucker for dimples.

“Sorry we have a little fan girl over here. Just give her awhile to calm herself.” Taewoon said to the people looking at you strangely.

“Tae, it’s my new goal in life to get a photo with that boy. It’s official.”

Next was Vernon and you were quiet nervous about this one. I guess you could say you are a Seventeen fan and seeing your idols do things that could be embarrassing kinda made you nervous. And damn were you right “Oh god,” You placed your head on Taewoon’s shoulder. “This second-hand embarrassment is so real.”

You watched as he walked back into the room, you felt sorry for him. You knew he was now everyone’s target for the 1 on 1.

When it was Kasper’s turn to go up there you looked over at Taewoon who had the biggest smile on his face. “Well way to be obvious Tae.” He gave you an innocent look and said he didn’t know what you were talking about.

“Okay next is Woo Taewoon.” The staff lady called out. “Good luck.” You said loudly. You were now even more nervous than you were earlier. 'God I hope you make it.’

You were a little pissed off hearing them say Zico and Taewoon were a lot alike. What pissed you off the most was when San-E said their rap styles were alike. That’s not something you say to someone, you would of said something but you watched as Taewoon laughed it off.

Taewoon’s rap was lacking, you will admit that. It honestly didn’t shock you that someone actually failed him. You watched Zico’s the face the whole time, he looked like he was really bored with the performance. It was probably awkward for him, having to listen to his older brothers rap.

The next person called was Mino, who was really the number one person you wanted to see. Are you a fan of his? I guess you could say you are. You really liked the sound of voice when he rapped, the deepness of it you found quite attractive.

Before Mino even started rapping they asked him which team he wanted to join. Of course he said he wanted to join Zico’s team, those 2 are really good friends. Before Mino came to YG he was supposed to be in Block B with Zico.

You didn’t even realize you were holding your breath when Mino started rapping. The amount of skill that man has is real. This is why he definitely is one of the people who will make it far in this competition. Jay Park only hit fail because he didn’t like how Mino was messing around before his rap.

He said his thanks and left all cutely. It was shocking how different Mino is on and off stage. One minute he’s a monster and the next he’s a complete dork.

After noticing everyone else had already gone it was now your turn. “Well let see how this goes.” You said to Taewoon. “You’ll do great, I promise.” You gave Taewoon one last smile then walked towards the door to go out to the judges.

“Oh so she’s the last person of the day.” Jay Park said to the others. You were the one person Zico was waiting for. You were the only person who really intrigued him.

He watched you as you walked towards the center. You were wearing an over sized jersey that went passed your black shorts, and high-top black converses.  “Hello, I’m Y/N.” You said cheerfully. You took your snap back off to fix your hair before you put it back on.

“Ah you’re a foreigner.” Jay Park said “We don’t get many of those on these shows.”

You laughed, “Let’s Go.” San-E said. You took a deep breath and your beat started playing. The beat you chose for this round was from Gaeko’s song Rhythm is Life. You ended up making eye contact with Zico as he took his sunglasses off.

You blew a kiss to the judges then started your rap. You were quite a confident rapper. No matter how nervous you get, once you start rapping you’re off on your own world. When it was the end of your performance, the one thing you noticed was how quiet the judges got.

“Wow.” Tablo said finally breaking the silence. “That was great, you were quite stable and your pronunciation was good. How long have you been fluent in the Korean language? Have you lived here long?”

“Well I started learning Korean like maybe 3 years ago.” You began to say. “And I’ve only lived in Korea for about a year now.”

“The real question here is, who’s team do you want to join. I’ll take good care of you.” San-E said next. You looked over at the judges “Umm… Jay Park and Loco.” You finally said.

“Why?” One of the judges said. “Well I’ve always been a fan of Jay Park so… it would be nice to work with him.” You said shyly.

“Zico you’ve been real quite. That’s not like you at all.” Jay said to his friend. Zico shot him a look. “I was just impressed with her skills.”

He looked you in the eye “You did really good and I would love to have you on my team.” You could feel your face get all red. “Well well Zico are you really using your looks to get her onto your team.”

That caused you to get even more red. You quickly said goodbye, not wanting to stand there as a flustered mess any longer then you had too. When you made it back to the room with the other people who passed, Taewoon came up and hugged you.

“You did amazing, I honestly didn’t expect that.” He said spinning you around a couple times.

“Now we just have to make it past round 3.” You said with your head high. “I’ll definitely win. Just make sure you win Taewoon. It would be sad to not have you here with me anymore.”

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What about you Topp Dogg?

My fave groups all had a comebcak this year:


BUT MY ULTIMATE BIAS GROUP…..TOPP DOGG…. is the only one who STILL didn’t have a comeback and we don’t even know what they’re planning right now. I am so frustrated. Arghhh!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK =“( I MISS YOU SO MUCH ♡