Stunning Portraits of Owls Captured in Up-Close Detail

In this stunning series by Brad Wilson, the photographer captures up-close portraits of different owl species. Each bird is set against a stark black background, and the brilliant vantage point allows us to marvel at their unique qualities. Tiny feathers, short beaks, and glassy eyes stare straight into the camera with an intense gaze.


Look at this alien-like jellyfish just found in the Mariana Trench

Scientists have just discovered a bizarre type of jellyfish that looks like it belongs on another world. Scientists stumbled upon the jellyfish when they sent a remotely operated vehicle down into the deepest part of the world’s oceans, the Mariana Trench. In related jellyfish news, look at this super tiny jellyfish that will leave you in excruciating pain and sickness.

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Pokemon Variations - Kingdra.

This was a nice exercise! quite rushed, but fun!

so we have, the common Kingdra, the standard form that most Seadra take when exposed to a kings rock. many Seadra, however, can expose themselves to similar compounds out in the ocean, as it is not a totally uncommon material. 

Maned Kingdra - a species I imagine to be more defensive in nature, stronger and tougher in armour with a gorgeous gold colouring that is sought after in the Kalos region.

Big-Bellied Kingdra - A silvery breed that yields excellent IV and EV breeds. extremely hard to produce via traditional breeding methods and usually found in the shallows of Hoenn, where the weather and climate are warmer. 

Illuminated Leafy Kingdra - A highly sought after species of Kingdra that is famous for its contest-potential. Extravagantly finned and gorgeously coloured, its extreme rarity lends itself to its even greater power in battle. The Illuminated Leafy Kingdra is worshipped in some dragon-based cults due to its resemblance to older dragons from folklore. 

Thorned Kingdra - an aggressive subspecies that usually breeds around kanto, known for its greater attacking power and speed, though, as with every other subset, rarer than its common counterpart.

Really liked these. Hope you all like them :)

All types of “evil behavior" can be classified into four groups: Machiavellianism, sadism, psychopathy, and narcissism. Each of these behavior types has been witnessed in animals other than humans and even in plants, as they are also traits that can ensure the survival of a species. Source

DNA reveals that giraffes are four species — not one

One of the most iconic animals in Africa has a secret. A genetic analysis suggests that the giraffe is not one species, but 4 separate ones — a finding that could alter how conservationists protect these animals.

Researchers previously split giraffes into several subspecies on the basis of their coat patterns and where they lived. Closer inspection of their genes, however, reveals that giraffes should actually be divided into four distinct lineages that don’t interbreed in the wild, researchers report on 8 September in Current Biology1. Previous genetic studies2 have suggested that there were discrete giraffe populations that rarely intermingled, but this is the first to detect species-level differences, says Axel Janke, a geneticist at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and the study’s senior author.

“It was an amazing finding,” he says. He notes that giraffes are highly mobile, wide-ranging animals that would have many chances to interbreed in the wild if they were so inclined: “The million-dollar question is what kept them apart in the past.” Janke speculates that rivers or other physical barriers kept populations separate long enough for new species to arise.


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Different species of mushrooms from around the world

“The mystical world of mushrooms" 

Mushrooms shown here:
1. Amethyst Deceiver
2. Leratiomyces
3. Hydnellum Peckii
4. Coprinus Comatus 
5. Aseroe Rubra 

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7 species of yellow-faced bees were officially labeled endangered in September of 2016. Prior to that, no bee had ever before made the endangered list. These Hawaiian bees face so many threats that their outlook, even protected, is not good, however, the increasing research of them did aid in the discovery of 11 new species. Source Source 2 Source 3


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a synopses for everyone else: little buggy babies hatch from eggs, eat carrion and eventually metamorphosis into human sized fairy people if they’re lucky

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