tbh a lot of my fanfic pet peeves are things that i’ve just seen too much and grown tired of. no other reason. like, college aus are fine and all, but do i love them? nope. so yeaaah i get annoyed when they’re everywhere. another one in the hamilton fandom are the short fics - usually one or two chapters long - which recount all the historical events featured in the musical in chronological order; like okay here’s a couple of paragraphs devoted to the election of 1800, a couple of paragraphs to another event - it reads more like a dry biographical sketch. if i’m being honest, i prefer the fic to concentrate more on few special moments than try to skim through ~25 years of history.

BUT - none of this stuff matters to me AT ALL if the fic is good enough otherwise. i mean a while ago i was like ‘ugh i’m getting tired of this bratsub!alex characterization, why is he like this’………..and then i come across a few beautifully written fics and YOU KNOW HOW FAST I CAN CHANGE MY MIND. all the preferences out the window

But oh, darlings, you do not understand how wonderfully intimate and calming it is. To be there with one another in the dark, losing yourselves to each other as you let go and give yourself to the person you adore in nakedness and love, knowing they’ll protect you with all of their being; or even simply to be standing alone in a warm shower with nobody else but the two of you there, kissing each other’s wet lips slowly as the water trickles down your skin like a waterfall. To dry one another off after that shower, or to be lying there tired and naked in the darkness as you hold one another close only to press soft kisses on his chest as he kisses your forehead before falling asleep, safe in one another’s arms - it is in these special, intimate moments that you find yourself hopelessly in love, and it is in these moments that you know everything is going to be alright. It takes a great amount of love, trust, and growth in one’s relationship to truly feel the experience and passion in these moments; but oh, darlings, when you can have these moments, cherish them in your heart forever. For there is no greater love than the love between two souls, and those little moments you share with one another that make it all count at the end of the night…
—  A little personal, but a feeling I know to be all too true <3 I know that the romantics and poets out there understand what I’m talking about… those special intimate moments that take your breath away, because you’re so lucky to have him and those moments, and until you experience those moments you will never truly understand how much in love you can be with someone else <3 {1AM thoughts from the heart} via @petersonlylostgirl
Super Bowl 50: Peyton Manning talks of his future after Broncos win

The Denver Broncos upset the top-seeded Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl 50 on Sunday (7 February), giving quarterback Peyton Manning the chance to call a fairytale ending to his storied career. The 24-10 win over the Panthers marked the third Super Bowl triumph for Denver and the second for 39-year-old Manning, who was playing in what many expect to be his final game.

“We were facing our toughest challenge tonight, the Panthers defense without a doubt. They were every bit as good as we thought they were but I thought we did our part,” Manning told reporters after the game. “Up until that final second goes off, like I said, you are kind of into the game and into the moment but I was certainly very excited and it’s a special moment to be there with your team mates and see coach Kubiak get the Gatorade poured on him and, you know, I’ve had the chance to visit with coaches and players and that is a unique moment because after that it gets chaotic and everyone is kind of going separate places and getting pulled on but that moment on the sidelines is always something that you’ll remember,” he added.

Manning, a five-time league’s most valuable player, added yet another line in the record books as he became the NFL’s oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl and first to reach 200 career wins. Manning, who has kept fans guessing about his playing future, refused to show his hand after the game as a shower of golden confetti fell on a capacity crowd of 71,000 at Levi’s Stadium.

“Like I said, everybody has analysis of that. I’m going to follow the coach’s advice and I think I’ll make a good decision, and I think I’ll be at peace with it whichever way it goes. Like I said, I’m looking forward to tonight and being with my family and my friends and some team mates, and celebrating this special victory and this special win,” said Manning.

It was the top-ranked Denver defence, however, that can claim credit for the victory against the Panthers after holding the league’s highest-scoring offence to a single touchdown and 10 points. The Denver defence was led by a rampaging Von Miller, who forced Panthers quarterback Cam Newton into two fumbles that led to touchdowns and ultimately earned the outside linebacker the Super Bowl most valuable player honours.

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Such a sweetheart. He remembered me again ( as the girl from the hospital ) & he had the line clear so I could walk through and take a photo. He asked how I was and if I’m doing ok. He also gave me a big hug. He’s so sweet. This pose was also his idea, he said “Oh this will look cute/perfect, i’ll put my hands on your head”❤️ (Sorry I look a mess, I was sweating so bad from the Florida heat.)