We threw a Birthday Party for our wolves and other animals giving them piñatas instead of cake. Each found their own technique for taking down the paper mache globes full of treats. In slow motion, you can see that our older wolves are still very athletic. We kept a close watch on Renki to be sure he didn’t get too excited.

Next weekend, October 28-29, get ready for things to get dino-sized at your local game store!

Participating stores will host Dino-Sized Sealed events and special four-pack booster drafts Dino-Sized four-pack booster drafts, and Sealed events, with this mini-poster available as a prize!

Find a nearby store at locator.wizards.com!


This 4 Night Special Event looks insane! I can’t wait to watch it on Cartoon Network!

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Apologizing for forgetting Japanese yet being really distracting while he plays with his fluffy hair


1984 Olympic Games by Metro Library and Archive
Via Flickr:
1984 Olympic Games

In anticipation of the IOC’s announcement for the next two Summer Olympic cities. Here is a photograph from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Metro’s predecessor agency, the SCRTD, was the transit provider during these games. 


He wouldn’t remember when we first met.

I was a second year and Ryuji was a first year and had just gotten back from the hospital after what happened with Kamoshida.

It was…quite an experience.

It feels strange knowing someone for so long and yet it took much longer to us to become closer. I also wouldn’t call it love at first sight, however…

((There’s a story behind this lol but…i just might rather type it than draw everything. I might if people ask for it but for now have this <3))


                                 HAPPY OCTOBER 1st!!


  “It can be said that part of the Spirit of Halloween is a grand representation of how we overcome our fears! The unknown, our weaknesses, even death - these mysteries can create a fragility in an otherwise resolute heart if they are not contended with in a proactive, comprehensive manner. AND SO!! Let’s allow the holiday to symbolize this valiant struggle!

We’ll celebrate having overcome our fears this year, and bolster our courage to face next year’s challenges as well!”

     We will be hosting a number of events throughout the month of October, and you are invited!!

🎃.—Who is invited, you ask??

     You and your friends, family, and any helpful volunteers! Participation is not limited to U.A. student activities! We welcome vendors, souvenir merchants, carpenters, and a number more. Feel free to set your shops, stalls, and wares along our designated festival grounds.

🎃.—Where will the event be held??

    U.A.’s training grounds have been known to transform many times, in many ways, to suit our students’ progress. This is no exception! We have transformed the outer area of the training ground to accommodate our guests: concession stands, comfortable seating, even various costume and candy shops! The inner ring will host our student events, where the future’s heroes combat the spooks of Halloween to inspire and entertain! This area will be modified each time the Halloween Event changes. Right now, we have three sprawling, haunted mazes for our aspirant heroes to overcome!


    You will be graded on your conduct during this event! Points of Valor will be added or deduced based on your participation! On Hallow’s Eve, we will award the titles: ‘Pumpkin King’, ‘Pumpkin Queen’, and three ‘Pumpkin Knights’ to honor those who stood out favorably during the celebration. These awards are not limited to Hero Course students, only! So GO BEYOND!!

👻.—Rules of Conduct:

    Heroes, students, civilians, and yes, possibly even villains may be in attendance. Please keep your valuables secured and your wits about you. If any disturbances occur, our security staff will promptly address the concern. Villains who make themselves known in a violent manner can expect to be subdued, and barred from enjoying the event.

       For any other questions, concerns, or directions, please contact TOSHINORI YAGI, EVENT COORDINATOR.

 The event tag is: GOBEYONDPLUSPUMPKIN2k17