Although Steve cannot fight the magical evil by himself, he can at least give a hug to his brave (boy)friend :D

Stage 1 of the Dr Strange special event has ended and I still have not get Dr Strange ; w ; But at least I have the Iron Man Tech Wizard costume!

This art is inspired by the scene of Tony being defeated by the Zealot Boss. (Sorry that is totally my bad) Poor Tony, it must hurt a lot when he fell on the ground ; w ; So I decide to have Steve to give him a hug :D

And I want to have a hug from Tony too, my right shoulder have been in pain for days… QAQ

The Official Fire Emblem: Heroes Twitter just announced there’s going to be a new Special Map where you can recruit a 3★ unit that has not been recruit-able/summon-able as of yet! Based on the image, it looks to be the axe-wielding unit, ”Wyvern General: Narcian” from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade!

This map is going to be released on 2/9/17 at 11:00 p.m. PST!


Tales of Asteria x The Idolmaster SideM Collab Special Gacha
Duration: 1/31 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 2/13 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Cress (Idol), Richard (Idol), and Yuri (Idol) from the special gacha, as well as 5☆ Lloyd (Idol), Mikleo (Idol), Mao (Idol), Wingul (Idol), and 4☆ Emil (Idol) [detailed in the next post].

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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Can we all just appreciate how much the new Series of Unfortunate Events calls out the “kids these days are all just lazy and weak and ‘special snowflakes’ and don’t know what hard work” rhetoric and shows how harmful it can be? Like half of the time the kids try to get help they are dismissed and told they just need to get used to a little work. Idk I just love how this show is showing how harmful that line of thinking can be.


HesoWars Yokai Event: Otomatsu.

While I prefer Nekomata Ichi over Kitsune Ichi, this is so beautiful, what a good???? form for Ichi, I hope he enjoys that food.

They’re all so beautiful, I did not know Tanuki could do that xD I’m actually surprised Kara is not involved in Totty’s attack considering he burned him with that water dispenser lmao
Overall this is such a good set, I can’t get over this artwork.

Happy playing, everyone, enjoy this event!


Waking up to lots of updates, today!

HesoWars is releasing a new set - Casino Dealers! Unsure if this is a gold set or it is to be the newest special event theme, but it’s most likely the latter.

They’re all dressed up so extravagantly, what fun outfits.
Pole dancing Kara has always been a thing I figured would stay within the fandom, but no. The staff distracted us with cotton puff Oso and then blindsided us with this xD

These are actually some pretty big spoilers, we don’t usually get so many peeks at both their costumes and their attacks all at once like this.

Either way I’m excited for this colourful event!
Get ready for it, guys~