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6, 7, 15!

Thank you! And thank you for creating this questionnaire 😃

6. describe your dream expansion pack?

Seasons! I really really really want weather. I’d love for it to incorporate Holidays and some other special events like, graduation, prom, and baby showers. Oh and swing sets! Honestly If we get weather I’ll be a happy camper. 

7. describe your dream stuff pack?

Just answered 😊

15. who are your favorite simblrs/simblrs who inspire you the most?

Aw, I hate to do this sort of thing and make someone feel left out. Everyone I follow inspires me. I’ll list a few off the top of my head, but I seriously love everyone!



















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when is the new season coming out?

The first 4 episodes of Season 3 will premiere on July 15th as a special movie event. Then we’ll have another hiatus, since the rest of the series will start airing sometimes this Fall (I assume either September or October).


We threw a Birthday Party for our wolves and other animals giving them piñatas instead of cake. Each found their own technique for taking down the paper mache globes full of treats. In slow motion, you can see that our older wolves are still very athletic. We kept a close watch on Renki to be sure he didn’t get too excited.

wip, guilty desire would be bunny hasubando

★ Time to celebrate, folks. Osomatsu-san season 2 has been confirmed!! ★


《 Celebration ★ Osomatsu-san anime 2nd term! 》
Tabimatsu are celebrating the 2nd term by releasing a special story that is only available at this time. ★
They are also releasing 2nd term special commemorative outfits as gifts. ♪
Today is “Osomatsu”!
More details can be found under notices/news in the application.
Please login every day. ♪ 【until 12th of April 3:59 (GMT+9 Japan)

*(t/n: They call it “2nd term” because the previous season was 2 quors - meaning 2 quarters - and thus one term.)

- Mod Ichi-nya ☆


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