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NarutoWeek2017 day three + four: Favorite fight + arc

↳ Team 7 vs. Haku and Zabuza (Land of Waves arc)

When a person has something important they want to protect.. that’s when they can become truly strong.

AkaKuro Week • Day 7

1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party
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1. Iwatobi Swim Club Appreciation Party

TRACK 1 || TRACK 2 || TRACK 3 || TRACK 4
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Asahi: There! Alright, gonna swim to our heart’s content again today!

Makoto: Asahi, you really are spirited. Aren’t you tired from the time trial yesterday?

Asahi: What are you talking about!? I was so excited since yesterday I couldn’t contain myself the whole night at home, it was awful! Like Sis was totally yelling at me for being loud and stuff.

Ikuya: You’re such a muscle-brain.

Asahi: What the hell!? Didn’t you also say “I’ll definitely swim faster!” yesterday!?

Ikua: …! I did say that, but…

Asahi: And anyway, you’re good at long distance swimming, right? Isn’t it a little too soon for you to be exhausted?

Ikuya: They are different things.

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2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo
High☆Speed! Free! Starting Days Special Event Premium CD
2. Makoto and Asahi, The Comedy Duo

TRACK 1 || TRACK 2 || TRACK 3 || TRACK 4
Thank you @aliasanonyme for the audio clip!


Asahi: Hey, Makoto… what are we doing for the appreciation party?

Makoto: Huh? Hmm… what should we do for our party trick…?

Asahi: Well.. Captain said that we could do whatever we want…

Makoto: Even if he said so…

Asahi: Anyway, what counts as a party trick in the first place? Is it different from a special skill?

Makoto: Don’t ask me~! But, I think they are different things? It’s like… something that’s more performative…

Asahi: Oooh, I get it now! Hmmm….mmm… I wonder if there’re any fun ideas? Hey, Makoto, can you think of something?

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Petal Blush | Kim Jongdae


University AU

Drabble (Drabble Game)

It wasn’t every month that both you and Jongdae were stress free and free to spend bestie bonding time together, so it was fair to say you were extremely excited. You were in laid out on your bed scrolling through your Instagram feed, when the man himself knocked on your door. Rolling your eyes at his laziness (and your own) you reminded him that he had a key card to your room.

“Dae it seriously doesn’t take that much effort to pull out a card and swipe it across a dial” You tutted, with your eyes glued to your phone as he entered your room.

“Yeah but it doesn’t take half of the eff- never mind you’re right” He admitted, placing something on your bedside desk before plopping down onto the bed next to you. Out of habit, you raised your head off of your pillow so he could slip his arm under it and the two of you proceeded to make yourselves comfortable in the newly founded position. Snuggling a little closer to his chest, you found yourself safe in his overwhelmingly comforting half-embrace. He was wearing simply a white t-shirt paired with grey sweats, he seemed perfectly boyfriend material as the kids would say. “Oh! I got you something!” He exclaimed, carefully turning to your desk and presenting you with a bouquet of roses.

You raised a suspicious brow as he handed the flowers to you, and you instantly began to look for a card. Sure small gestures like so were a norm in your friendship, but they never came without the prompt of some sort of special day or event. He must’ve taken your silence as a sign of confusion as he decided to clear it right up.

“Three reasons: they were on sale because they were literally about to die, the old lady selling them was a very good sales person and I thought you’d like them because they look exceptionally pretty like you do…” He mumbled the last reason whilst fiddling with the strings of the hoodie you borrowed from him. You noticed that his gaze imitated that of a nervous teenage boy confessing his feelings, you involuntarily let out a little giggle which grew into a full on laugh attack in a matter of seconds. Judging by the fact that he was now whining about how annoying you were being, you knew he was at a mid state of being irritated and embarrassed. But it just made him look more adorable and you couldn’t help but look up at his pout.

“I swear, the one time I try being romantic with you!” He huffed hiding his face in the crook of your neck; you definitely felt the heat of his cheeks radiating onto your skin.

“I’m sorry Dae, it’s just because I’m not used to your loud ass mouth saying anything fluffy! You sound so bashful it hurts!” You giggled, definitely taking a hit on his manliness this time.

Withdrawing his arm from you and folding them across his chest, he refused to speak to you for the rest of the right. You found his antics quite amusing and decided to test how ‘annoyed’ he really was. You slowly made your way to him and placed your hands on his chest, leaning on them to get a better view of his face.

“Dae I’m sorryyyy I just thought you looked really adorable when you speak with a little twinkle in your eyes. Please talk to me” You whined in a soft voice, slowly dragging your fingertips across the exposed skin of his neck. He seemed to giggle for a short amount of time before taking ahold of your hand and placing it against his chest. You climbed up a little to come directly into eye contact, pulling your best puppy dog eyes.

“Stop it! I’m trying to be annoyed at you…”It proved to hit his soft spot as he opted to keep his eyes shut to keep from melting under your soft gaze.

“I have chocolate” You sing-songed, making flash his eyes open in an instant.

“I’m still annoyed” He insisted, getting up to pick up two chocolate bars for the two of you. Sure he was…

A/N: This drabble was written for anon, I hope you enjoyed it <3

~Shazz xx


Papa!Mochi & Baby!Eijun Masterpost

(Since editing the links for every post is tiring and annoying.)

Master post for the Daiya no A parent AU I’ve been doing since (zomg) 2014. Will edit every time there’s a new installment.


Original Sets: (read Right to Left)

[1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] | [7] | [8] | [9] | [10]

New Format: (read Left to Right)

[1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6] | [more to come]


[Eijun’s b-day 2015] | [Dear Baby Eijun] | [Mother’s Day]



Ei-chan - The loud and rambunctious kid of Kuramochi. There’s never a dull (or quiet) moment when this kid is around. He often causes trouble but they all adore him anyway. He practically grew up with the team.

Harucchi - Ryousuke’s younger brother. Eijun immediately befriends him and they’ve been inseparable since. Though the smallest of the three kids, more often than not he’s the one who has to keep and eye on them and keep them all out of trouble, (which is really easier said than done.)

Satoru - Tetsu’s nephew. He rarely speaks, if at all, and likes to sleep a lot. He’s very shy, likes animals, and he’s still adjusting to having friends, especially with having one as loud and lively as Eijun.

The Team:

Papa - Eijun’s very young father. Eijun was born 2 days before he even turned 18, and raising Eijun by himself has been rough on him. He manages though with the help of his teammates, all of them practically an extension of their tiny family by now.

Oniisan - Haruichi’s elder brother. After the loss of their parents, he took custody of his own younger brother and is now his legal guardian. He recently started dating Kuramochi, but nothing has changed much between them since they hardly have any time to themselves, (much to his annoyance.)

Miyuki Kazuya - The team’s regular catcher and considers himself bad with kids. Regardless, he seems to have caught the attention of both Eijun and the shy Furuya. Eijun has a huge crush on him, but it really ends up being more trouble for him at most times.

Leader-san - Furuya’s uncle and the team’s captain. He’s taking care of Furuya while the kid is in Tokyo for the summer. Knowing how shy the kid can be and how he has trouble making friends, he takes every opportunity he can to bring him to meet Eijun and Haruichi who he seems to get along with.

Chris-san - The team’s other catcher who’s taking a break from the season due to an injury. He’s been helping Kuramochi in every way he can and has grown quite close with Eijun. He’s the only one who can calm Eijun down. Eijun also asks him a lot of questions and finds him the most comfortable to talk to.

Spitz-san - The loud outfielder of the team. Originally thought kids to be too delicate and/or troublesome, and didn’t know how to handle them. He is learning though and has great potential to be a mother hen. He’s “secretly” responsible for Eijun’s current obsession with Shoujo manga and anime.

Nori-nii - One of the pitchers of the team and is great with kids. Both Eijun and Furuya like him a lot and he’s pretty good at keeping an eye on them and making sure they’re alright.

Masuko - Kuramochi and Eijun’s next door neighbor in their apartment building. He helps Kuramochi out a lot and often comes over to babysit when Kuramochi has errands to run. He does have a tendency to spoil Eijun though when it comes to snacks and sweets.

[more to be added]


Pt. 2 Here (Match ups, incorrect Mystic Messenger Quotes, rants, headcannons, poems, miscellaneous, my memes)

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Kpop Au?:



Hyun Ryu (Zen)

Kim Yoosung

Kang Jaehee

Han Jumin

Choi Saeyoung (707)

Kim Jihyun (V)

Choi Saeran (Unknown)


Zen (Hyun Ryu)

Kim Yoosung: 

Han Jumin

Choi Saeyoung

Kim Jihyun (V)



Special Valentine's Day imagine!

Soo yeah, since I’m a little shit I don’t have the oneshots I promised (/shot/) but to try and make it up to you guys, I wrote a little something!

The situation is like this: GoM + Kasamatsu + Kiyoshi + Kagami + Riko + Takao + Imayoshi + Hanamiya getting confessed to by their crush on Valentine’s Day, when they were planning to confess themselves. I most probably don’t have a request like this in the inbox, but then again I might be wrong.

It is quite a lot of people, because I tried to write you guys’ favorites but then again I couldn’t not write something for the baes as well so uh yeah.

It’s still the 14th here (thought it’s like 11pm oops) so it still counts as Valentine. Right. Right?


Kagami the bae: his face would instantly explode in a fiery red blush, and he’d be really happy, but also incredibly nervous and embarassed. He’d stutter quite a bit before thanking his crush for the chocolates and giving the one he made himself. His crush’d be bery surprised and happy, and for a moment they’d just stand awkwadly like the dorks they are, until Kagami gets the courage to take their hands in his and mumble incoherently with his cheeks flaming. “So, uh… that means- uh, that is… we’re- like, dating, now…?”

Kuroko: he’d give a genuine smile and thank them, accepting their chocolates graciously. He’d take one look at it and would immediately know the ammount of time and love his crush put into it. He’d compliment them before blushing a little and giving them his chocolate, blushing a bit harder when they look puzzled at him. They’d spend the rest of their free time smiling and eating each other’s chocolates, a peaceful expression on Kuroko’s face. “Thank you, _____. I will treasure this moment forever.”

Aomine: he’d be hella surprised and wouldn’t know what to do for a brief moment. But then he’d grin and happily accept his crush’s chocolates, immediately opening the package and popping a piece in his mouth. His eyes would go wide and he’d pop in a few more pieces before remembering what the whole purpose of calling them out there was. He’d suddenly get bashful all of a sudden and take a small package out of his pockets, urging his crush to take it. “H-Here. I-I like you too… so… go out with me.”

Kise: he’d smile so widely his cheeks would hurt, but he wouldn’t care. He’d pull his crush into a tight hug and gush about how cute they were and how amazing their chocolates tasted and how much he liked them. Blushing lightly but still smiling from ear to ear, he’d give his chocolate to his crush and urge them to open it and taste it ‘because he tried his best!’. There’d be a lot of hugs and giggling and maybe even a kiss on the cheek. “Now ___cchi’s all mine~”

Midorima: he’d be speechless for a moment before a very rare and small smile settles on his lips. Then, he’d remember the chocolate weighing tons in his pocket and would blush scarlet red. He’d accept his crush’s chocolates with a mumbled out 'thanks’ and fiddle with it a bit before finally giving his own to his crush. They’d be pleasantly surprised and might tease him a bit, to which he’s respond by turning even redder and  stuttering out a tsundere answer. “I-I made these for you b-but it’s not like I spent hours on it!”

Murasakibara: he’d blink slowly and then grin lazily, looking eagerly at the obivously handmade chocolates his crush had just given him. He’d want to eat it right away, but then he’d remember Himuro’s words and would get uncharacteristically serious. He’d take this medium-sized box out of nowhere and give it to his crush with a grunt. They’d be incredibly happy to find a beautiful-looking chocolate cake, and would congratulate Mura with a happy smile. He’d smile back at them and give them a peck on the nose. “___chin’s the only one I’d share my sweets with, you know~”

Akashi: he’d be pleasantly surprised. He would’ve wanted to confess to them first, but he wasn’t about to complain; this situation also worked in his favour. He’d smile gently at his crush and accept it, and would confidently say that the feeling is mutual while giving them a expensive box of their favorite chocolate. He’d get really close to them, smiling lightly all the while. “Here, accept this. My feelings for you are absolute.”

Kasamatsu the bae: he’d blush a fiery red all the way to his neck, and would cover his face with his hand before sighing deeply and looking at his crush with a determined face. He’d accept their chocolates with shaking hands and a louder-than-intended 'thanks’ before clearing his throat and offering his own chocolates, looking anywhere but then. When they accept it and smile happily at him, he stutters and has the urge to hide his flaming face from their view again. They’d suddenly grab his hands and cheekily say 'please take care of me from now on, boyfriend~’ and he’d be speechless for a good moment before he takes a deep breath and looks into their eyes. “Y-yeah… p-please take care of me too…”

Kiyoshi the bae: he’d get this really dorky grin on his face and accept the chocolates happily while saying something like how skilled his crush was and how delicious he was sure it’d taste. He’d waste no time in giving them his own chocolate, scratching the back of his neck as his ears turn red. “I’m not sure if it’s as delicious as yours, but I did my best!” He’d want to hold hands and maybe even sneak a peck on their cheek, depending on his crush’s personality. 

Riko the bae: she’d blush slightly as she accepts the chocolate, looking adoringly at her crush. She’d smile happily and hand them hers, happily talking about how cute they were and how they better text her later to say how the chocolate tasted. She’d get a bit shy then, confessing she’d had one of her kouhai (Kagami obv) help her make it. She’d be over the moon when they eat a piece in front of her and say it’s delicious. “Well, of course it’s delicious! I poured all my love for you into it!”

Takao: he’d blush a little and go all 'waah’ and 'ooh’, extremely impressed by his crush’s homemade chocolates (even if it wasn’t all that impressive-looking). He’d excitedly accept it while giving his chocolates, grinning at them. He’d laugh a bit to himself because he’d be so happy; he couldn’t believe his precious _____-chan confessed to him. “This is amazing, ___-chan! Make sure you always make some for me, okay~?”

Imayoshi: he’d give one of his rare smiles and accept it without a hint of teasing on his face. When it’s time for him to give his own chocolate, though, he’d grin with a dangerous glint of his glasses and lean in a bit too close and forget all about his crush’s personal space. He’d chuckle and say that he really appreaciated the chocolates. “Now that you’re mine, I’ll be sure to let you know just how much I appreaciate this.”

Hanamiya: he’d grin and tilt his head, letting out a 'Oho? What do we have here?’ He’d also chuckle and accept the chocolate, sighing dramatically after. He’d take the small package out of his pocket and 'wonder what he should do with this now that he knew ______ was aalll his’. He’d grab onto their wrist and lean in to whisper in their ear. “This is fine but, I’m sure you can give me something even sweeter, hmm?” And then they hit him.

anonymous asked:

I love so much little Fushimi and the three homra's daddies. <3 I'd like to think that maybe in this au Fushimi could be not so scared by Mikoto. Or just the idea of Mikoto with a child Fushimi makes me happy. x'D

I’m thinking that maybe Fushimi is still a little intimidated by Mikoto but it’s not as bad at least at first, since they adopt him pre-Red King and so Mikoto doesn’t have that extra level of simmering power just below the surface. I imagine Fushimi mostly not really being sure how to deal with Mikoto because Mikoto’s hard for him to get a read on, like Totsuka is the cool fun dad who always wants to play with Fushimi and Kusanagi is the responsible Team Mom who makes sure Fushimi eats properly and finished his homework and then there’s Mikoto who just lazes around all day and doesn’t even talk to Fushimi much except in short sentences. And Fushimi being a nervous kid wonders sometimes if Mikoto doesn’t want him there, like I could see him misreading Mikoto’s general aura of chill as being coldness similar to how Kisa treats him and so Fushimi just assumes that Mikoto doesn’t think of Fushimi as anything more than a bother. But then every now and again Mikoto shows that he does care, like Fushimi’s doing homework and Mikoto happens to be the only one around. Fushimi’s starting to get a bit of a fever but no one’s noticed because Totsuka’s been out playing around with random hobbies and Kusanagi’s trying to figure out why his accounting has a major unexplained shortage. Fushimi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to be a bother (since he’s still not entirely convinced that it’s okay for him to stay here with his three new daddies) so he just tries to endure it. Then suddenly he feels Mikoto’s hand on his shoulder. Fushimi looks up at him all wide-eyed, Mikoto regards him calmly for a moment and then just sweeps Fushimi up into his arms and starts taking him upstairs. Fushimi’s struggling like wait what are you doing and Mikoto tells him not to overdo it, sick kids need rest right. He sets Fushimi in the bed and puts a hand on his forehead and tells him to sleep. Then maybe Fushimi wakes up a couple hours later panting from a nightmare and Mikoto’s right there calming him down and telling him not to worry and Fushimi finds that he doesn’t have any nightmares when he knows Mikoto’s there, because Mikoto’s strong enough to beat back all of those monsters in his head.