Special Making DVD


Something lovely came in the post yesterday! That’s right I got the special making DVD of Itakiss season 1! Like the Love in Okinawa dvd I bought many months ago, this also comes with a beautiful photo book, or as they like to call it “the memory album”. And it really did bring back memories! It’s weird thinking it was 2 years ago that Love in Tokyo first made it to our screens! Can’t believe it’s over! The show will always have a special place in my heart.

The DVD covers all the BTS stuff from the rental DVDs. NOT the boxset. So there were some things I remember seeing online that weren’t on this DVD.

What was included was the special “making of” episode which you may have seen before as an introduction to the series. Kotoko and Naoki camera, where the 2 do their own BTS stuff. Several messages from Miki and Yuki, a feature on the cameos. And a feature following Yuki’s visit to a fan meeting in Shang Hai.
This DVD is dedicated to all the itakiss fans and it really is a treat! :3