Special Features


The back cover of the Over the Garden Wall DVD has been revealed!  Which means I can talk about the special features now:

  • Behind Over the Garden Wall: A nice little behind the scenes video that includes some interviews with the main cast, myself, and some footage of the recording sessions.  
  • Original Pilot: The original pilot, when the show was gonna be called Tome of the Unknown and it was about Wirt and Greg looking for a magic book.
  • Alternate Title Cards: Before settling on using the title cards we used, Nick Cross and I got a bunch of dry ice and tried to make a foggy looking title sequence. It never really came together right, so we ended up scrapping it… but it’s sort of interesting to see, i think. I put the full version of the end credits song over this video so you get to hear that song uncut.
  • Deleted Animatics: We cut a lot of stuff during the storyboard phase to make sure the episodes ended up being 11 minutes long, but we also cut some stuff during the animatic phase  (which is like a video of the storyboards with voices behind it).  Here are some of the more interesting/funny lines that were cut. Don’t expect, like, full sequences or anything… really just a few lines here and there. But I think they’re worth seeing (which is why we’re including them!)
  • Commentaries: Full commentaries for all the episodes of the series by me and Nick Cross.
  • Composers Cut: Probably the coolest special feature… you can watch the whole series without any dialog or sound-effects; just music and visuals! It’s pretty neat! I think the composers even spiffed up a few areas, and left some easter eggs and stuff here and there!


The DVD comes out September 8th (in about a month) but you can pre-order it now if you want.

It’s $10 on Amazon and a bunch of other sites (Walmart, Best Buy, etc). It’s also available on the Cartoon Network site directly, I believe… and probably other places. If you don’t want to buy it at any of these places I listed you can probably find it somewhere else, or ask your local DVD salesman (?) that you want to get a copy and they can figure it out. I’ll leave the Amazon link here for your convenience though:



Lana & Jared behind the scenes of the mine scene from 2x22.

Pitch Perfect 2 - Full Special Features

Hey guys! Got my DVD in the mail today and I thought I’d share with you guys the full length special features that came on the NON-BLURAY disc (meaning NO deleted scenes or gag reel here)! I posted the videos privately on my youtube - only available through the links given - and here they are. Enjoy!

Prop Lock and Drop - (5:47) Behind the scenes of the Prop montage as well as the Promises performance number.

Acapella Boot camp - (5:41) The process of becoming acapella stars through boot camp.

Das Sound Machine - (6:13) The behind the scenes of Das Sound Machine

Rebel Wilson - (6:59) Training montage in preparation for the Wrecking Ball scene

Dance Auditions - (6:02) Shows you the thousands of dance auditions for PP2 etc.