“Why, Hello y'all!” - Red Panda Cubs by Chris Laforet
Via Flickr:
The true stars of the day were the baby Red Pandas. These cubs, Chewbacca and Akkali, kept drawing the zoo patrons back to see their cute antics. They are too cute for words! At this point, they are about 4 months old. Update: This image was used in an article by the Knoxville Sentinel announcing Mozilla’s adoption of the Red Pandas from the Knoxville Zoo. 

Indigo Bunting by Stuart Oikawa
Via Flickr:
This Indigo Bunting, male, is a popularly photographed fellow these days at Assinboine Park, English Gardens in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most visitors to the park are not even aware as it sings its heart out, high up in the tree tops, and occasionally moves down to lower bushes in the gardens. On the day these shots were taken, it was raining and you can see the droplets.