Little child
Dry your crying eyes
How can I explain
The fear you feel inside
‘Cause you were born
Into this evil world
Where man is killing man
And no one knows just why

What have we become
Just look what we have done
All that we destroyed
You must build again

Little child
You must show the way
To a better day
For all the young
'Cause you were born
For the world to see
That we all can live
With love and peace

ثـمّــةَ كلمـاتٌ تجمّدت على شفتيـــه

: و دعــــــــاء كان يقــــول

اللهم اخـذل مـن خـذلنــــــا
اللهم اخـذل مـن خـذلنــــــا
اللهم اخـذل مـن خـذلنــــــا

There are words froze on his lips
and a pray says
oh God , let down those who gave up and left us alone


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شو اللي مخجلك ؟؟ مشان الله ليش خجلان ؟
انت فيك نخوة و كرامة قد قادة امة عربية و مسلمة تركوك تحت القصف تبيع مازوت لتجيب حق الاكل الك و لاهلك ….
ارفع راسك كرمال الله …


A child sells fuel to feed his family in daraa city in the south of syria


by كوفية كام Kofia Cam


Israelis demonstrate to save of the children of Syria, broadcast by Chinese TV channel

اسرائيليون يتظاهرون لأنقاذ أطفال سوريا، بثّ من قناة للتلفزيون الصّيني

ישראלים מפגינים למען הצלת ילדי סוריה, שידור של ערוץ טלוויזיה סיני


فقدوا إخوتهم ، فقدوا آبائهم ، أصحابهم، ولم يفقدوا بهجتهم ، فرحتهم ، ابتسامتهم الجميلة , إنهم ورود ديرالزور حفظهم الله
Children of Deir ezZor,They Lost their brothers, their parents, their friends, but did not lose their beautiful smile , and their hope in life

photo by ديري حر