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In reference to Mark slowly becoming friends with Jack and Felix via their Youtube channels: Mark off-handedly calls Felix a dumbass clod during a multiplayer game collab video. He immediately goes stock still (and dies in-game) and looks like he's gonna hurl. He just insulted a DIAMOND. THE DIAMOND. BIGGEST DIAMOND. OH SHIT- But then Felix calls him a dirt-munching buttfuck or something and Mark is like. Huh. Oh. Okay. Okay cool. Jack beats them both.

I really like this idea actually

And like, I bet the people watching would be kind of concerned? Like why did Mark get all scared is he okay

Mark of course doesn’t tell them the actual reason he was scared, and just chalks it up to nerves as he was playing the game. But Felix notices the Impending Discourse™ and asks Mark why he was actually scared. Mark reluctantly tells him, and Felix is kind of hurt that Mark is still a little afraid of him, but he understands and he’s like, “It’s cool, bro.”

Mark still thinks he’s in some surreal dream world because Yellow Diamond just called him ‘bro’ but hey, he’s not complaining.

List of underrated T.S. songs

(add some if you think this is incomplete) 

Stay Beautiful (Taylor Swift)
Cold as You (Taylor Swift)

Hey Stephen (Fearless)
The Way I Loved You (Fearless)
Untouchable (Fearless)

Just all of Speak Now really…

Treacherous (RED) 
I Almost Do (RED) 
The Moment I Knew (RED)
Girl At Home (RED)
State Of Grace Acoustic (RED) 

How You Get The Girl (1989)

Sweeter Than Fiction
Both Of US

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I had a dream last night where Zenyatta was teaching me how to meditate and he was just singing songs that made me cry the whole time and on the 3rd song he started going crazy and said he doesn't "have enough patience for this shit" so he called Genji and left town with him. I followed them by pretending I was a bunny and all they talked about was how everyone is super annoying ????

zenyatta and genji are the best shit talkers of the team its tru

The other day it was storming and I h a t e thunder and my boy (who barely knows tumblr exists let alone this blog and who has the barest knowledge of stimming) sent me a video of cutting kinetic sand because he’s seen me cut my sand to calm down and not only was it a video I’ve posted it was one of my favorites (#faves) and I just

Nt allistics can understand if they try. Not only has he supported me through my transition, self dx, and the road to a prof dx, he’s done everything he can to understand it all. I get support from a lot of people but understanding is different and it’s so much more powerful, even though he can’t truly understand what it’s like. Ive gone through a lot of shit this past year and he’s been there every step of the way.

This is longer than I meant it to be but its just so powerful and I can’t stop thinking about it

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I was tagged by @leafyshandstho
Name: Kim / Kimmy
Star sign: Gemini
Time right now: 2:51 pm
Last thing googled: The Sims 4 Studio
Favorite music artists: Too much too mention, and I have a thing for Boy Bands. I won’t tell more lol
Song stuck in your head: The Chainsmokers - Closer, Hex Cougar - Internet Crush
Last TV show watched: Ghost Adventures                                                     What are you wearing right now: a black tank top and a pink Pajama Pants
When did you create your blog: Not long ago, but i do have two accounts. My first one is centuries old haha
Do you have any other blogs: Yeah, definately.
Do you get asks regularly: I had my first this night hahah :D Would love more.
Why did you choose your URL: Cause Calvin’s my babe
Hogwarts House: Slytherin defo. But I’m not a potter fan
Pokémon team: MY OWN. WTF man.
Favorite color: Black, Grey and red
Average hours of sleep: I can always sleep. But mostly 8h.
Lucky favourite number: 6
Favourite Character (s) : When it’ outta a TV Series then it’s Sam Winchester - I love him <3
How many blankets do you sleep with: a massive Super King size Douvet. And a cuddle fluff blanket which was a gift from my Mom.
Dream Job: I made my exam as a nurse in the internal surgery, but i would love to be a media and graphic designer. or a photograph. Being a Mother one day.
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Happy Sunday All!

My weekends just seem to fly by now I’m working again but I did actually have an opportunity to play this weekend so I’ve added a few posts to my queue. Yay!

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