Quick opinion

Time to time I see people go on about  how after the 1 year skip, they say that Natsu and Lucy seem distant? Or different?

Honestly to me, they seem closer than ever. Of course theres things bothering them but they’re still so close to each other and Natsu seems to have been initiating a lot of touchy moments with Lucy, always trying to cope a feel haha.

Lucy met Natsu first out of anyone else and just Natsu was so determined to help Lucy on her quest to bring everyone back. He felt her feelings, he felt guilty and he did his best to make it up to her somehow and I think that’s absolutely beautiful. No matter what anyone said, he did his best to make sure nobody gets left out and everyone is brought together.

How is this making them distant? Just the two of them were together for so many chapters I mean come on.

I am so sick of hearing people say that Nalu is tearing apart, like no, they’re growing even closer in my eyes. 

You have to realize that relationships are slow. My japanese teacher told me about how in japanese media these sorta things are developed really slowly. (people must be used to the western media where things are really quick so they don’t realize these things when  it comes to eastern media) Before a couple gets together they go through a long long cycle. From nothing to more and more. They will go through happyness, pain, tears, guilt, fights,making up again til they confess or whatever. One little ‘fight’ will not fuckin cut off their relationship to 0. There is no way in hell Mashima would throw away all that development over some little thing.
There is also no such thing as a relationship without fights. If you never had any argues in a relationship before then it’s something you should question. All relationships will argue from time to time about dumb or serious things. And what makes a relationship a good one is being able to forgive, apologize, and not make a big deal out of it when these things happen.

Also if you honestly think that Lucy is the sorta person who would hate Natsu for what he did and want to cut off everything with him, then you honestly don’t know what kinda character Lucy really is. Lucy is so loving ,forgiving and understanding. Something like this would never in hell cut off her feelings for Natsu

If you call yourself queer then that’s cool. However, if you totally disregard the fact that it is a slur and some people have been directly affected by it as a slur and thus don’t like it, especially in reference to themselves, then I am afraid that you are simply being an asshole. 


Spent an amazing day with my classmates at the beach after our papers. 😇 They’re seriously some of the best people I know.

Side note: does anyone have a good remedy for sunburn? 😂

hey guys, thank you all so much for the support and the kind words, i’m feeling better!! as much as i can, at least, i didn’t do anything too stupid, i’m just not sure what to do with myself right now i’m just trying to keep my mind occupied 

on that note idk if i’ll be here more than usual or not at all? either way my queue will be running so there’s that. 

if anyone has any recommendations for da/star trek fics or just books in general, throw them my way, i would appreciate it 

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