This is the latest completed scale mail piece which I absolutely LOVE! I made these spaulders out of large galvanized steel scales (it’s proper armour suitable for a warrior! None of this aluminium scales mallarky for this lad!) I used 4-in-1 European chain mail weave in the back for support, leather straps for the under arms, and basic curve chains in the front so it can be adjustable and somewhat comfortable. I’m planning on making a girlie version for myself with glowy scales! Follow me to watch my progress on these projects, and have a gander at my Etsy store when you get a chance ;-)


Oberyn Martell meme: (2/3) three outfits → Oberyn’s armour
The Red Viper was lightly armored; greaves, vambraces, gorget, spaulder, steel codpiece. Elsewise Oberyn. was clad in supple leather and flowing silks. Over his byrnie he wore his scales of gleaming copper, but mail and scale together would not give him a quarter the protection of Gregor’s heavy plate.”

My other pet project for October...

These are pint sized spaulders (shoulder armor) For my buddy Jackson. He’s being a knight for Halloween and his mum wanted something a little more substantial to augment the plastic parts.

My nephew and I lined the edges in rubber tubing as he’s still on the wee side.
Still need to polish, clean up the glue and replace the screws with rivets.

His “Chain Maille” is going to be rubber drawer liner, so he’ll have padding between himself and the armor.
guaranteed to look more badass than any other kid out there.

To give you an idea of how small these are, they barely fit around a coke can.


A set of pauldrons or spaulders I made as a prototype. I’m thinking of working on more intensive or detailed designs for this sort of thing, but I figured I’d start out with something simple.

This leather isn’t even stained or finished. The shoulder pieces are from a thicker hide of a different quality, which is a good deal stiffer than the leather I used for the straps. It just also happens to be darker.

The hardware is all nickel-plated: rivets, 2-inch rings, and buckles. The connection between the shoulder pieces and the straps is with a removable Chicago screw, so that distance can also be adjusted for proper fit.

Also, dang it was cold.


My good friend asked me to make a mog for her female pandaren Mistweaver Monk, So here we go…

Head: Crown of Seven Sacred Seals

Shoulders:  Yeti Hide Spaulders

Chest: Tunic of the Soulbinder

Waist: Seal of Karmic Return

Legs: Riou’s Vigilant Leggings

Hands: Cragsman Gloves

Feet: Mountainwalker’s Boots

Weapon: Imperator’s Warstaff

Hope everyone enjoys and if you like please reblog ^^


Tell your guild I say hello and many thanks for the good vibes!

Shoulders - Spaulders of Primordial Growth
Chest - Darkrune Breastplate
Shirt - Green Martial Shirt
Tabard - Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari
Gloves - Darkrune Gauntlets
Belt - Refreshing Abalone Girdle
Legs - Deathforged Legplates
Boots - Boots of boundless Patience
Weapon - Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore

I spent the last couple hours figuring out the design on Hyrule Warriors Link’s spaulder and painting it on there

yes the design is painted it’s all paint the shadows are paint my life is paint i am paint

if any other HW Link cosplayers out there need a clearer picture of the design I can draw one up for you! I managed to figure it out, but it can be hard to make out even in the bigger pictures you can find on google, and I’m all about havin’ clear references and lookin’ out for my fellow cosplayer <3