Just some SCPstuck headshot doodles from the other day, featuring 866 [Krauka], 2998 [Spathi], and unfortunate D-class-personnel-turned-hapless-pet Zikaia.

Krauka has black gums and nictitating membranes and gold metal-wrapped horns and all sorts of freaky physiological and psychological shit going down so don’t let the fact that she looks mostly like her fantroll self fool you into thinking I’m just really lazy with designing ha….


For the Art Challenge 30 day thing (I’ve basically dropped out since my computer crashed, but I will be finishing it out now) the subject was : Draw some obscure fan art!

So bonus points if you know what this is from before checking the post tags. If you don’t know what this is from (surprisingly, a lot of ppl just 5 years younger than me don’t know it), then you’ve got some homework to do–because what this is from is absolutely marvelous and you will be addicted until you’ve finished it through.

“This is a sad tale, so do not even try to contain your tears.

After the Ur-Quan demolished the Ilwrath, they turned the force of their Armada against us Spathi.

The term `rapidly subjugated’ would best describe what happened next.
When the Ur-Quan arrived at Spathiwa, there was a great ceremony.

Part of that ceremony involved blasting portions of our planet’s surface into radioactive dust

and this part we did not enjoy.”

  • Zeda: sidenote: reminding myself that in fantrolls, Gramal is 4 years older than Obie. FOUR. Is that POSSIBLE?
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: he's 21?
  • Zeda: well, because Ophion's roughly 19 right?
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: mhm
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: ophion and mako are the same age
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: weirdly
  • Zeda: And Obie's younger than both of them
  • Zeda: like not a TON younger but XD
  • Zeda: half a sweep, one sweep
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: yeah XD
  • Zeda: I think just half really
  • Zeda: but still. XD Obie's a baby
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: the youngest XD
  • Zeda: WELL, the only trolls younger than him are the crater kids, Atreto and Plylym
  • Zeda: and Saenah
  • Zeda: so basically the babbies
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: haha that's weird to think about
  • Zeda: he is Spathi's age
  • Samlet Bird Hamlet: that's messed up
  • Zeda: XDD
  • Zeda: being a shut-in and a cannibal with heaps of books makes for a weird person