Running Man - Episode 31

Location: Alpensia Ocean 700 Water Park, Gangwon, South Korea

Guest: Hyun Young


Red Team- Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary, and Song Ji Hyo.

Yellow Team- Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Gwang Soo, Song Joong Ki, and Hyun Young.

First Mission: Find the guest. The Running Men must find and remove the guest’s leg band before he completes his mission. The guest must find the four hidden Running balls. Each time he finds a Running ball two Running Man members will be eliminated. 

  • Hyun Young finds the first hidden Running ball, eliminating Gary and Song Joong Ki.
  • Hyun Young finds the second hidden Running ball, eliminating Ji Suk Jin and Lee Gwang Soo.
  • Song Ji Hyo removes Hyun Young’s leg band, the Running Men win, earning Running balls.
  • Kim Jong Kook is referred to as the Commander and Sparta Kooks.
  • Ji Suk Jin is referred to as Big Nose Hyung.
  • Song Joong Ki is referred to as Active Joong Ki.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as the Nation’s MC.
  • Lee Gwang Soo, Song Joong Ki, and Song Ji Hyo are referred to as the Youngsters.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Gary are referred to as the Monday Couple.
  • Haha is referred to as Haroro.
  • Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki are referred to as the Song Song Siblings.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as Yooruce Willis.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Ace Ji Hyo.
  • Maknae FD Dong Wan makes an appearance.
  • Yoo Jae Suk’s VJ Kwon Ryeol makes an appearance.
Second Mission: Water mic karaoke. A few seconds of a song will be played. Whichever team correctly guess the song will get to sing first. Whichever team correctly sings the song first will earn a point. If the team fails in singing, than they will get blasted by the water blasting mics. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the mission will win, earning Running balls.
  • The Red team guesses the song first, which is “Woman of the Beach” by Cool.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Yellow team fails.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Yellow team fails.
  • The Red team succeeds, earning a point.
  • The Yellow team guesses the song first, which is “Festival” by Uhm Jung Hwa.
  • The Yellow team fails.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Yellow team fails.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Yellow team succeeds, earning a point.
  • The Red team guesses the song first, which is “Summer Story” by DJ DOC.
  • The Red team fails.
  • The Yellow team fails.
  • Ji Suk Jin attempts the song on his own and fails.
  • The Red team succeeds, earning a point, and Running balls.
  • Song Ji Hyo is referred to as Blank Ji Hyo.
  • Gary is referred to as the Monday Boyfriend.
  • Lee Gwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are referred to as the Same Age Friends.
  • Yoo Jae Suk is referred to as Yoo Hyuk.
Third Mission: One chance, cross the shaky bridge. The Running Man members choose their arrival order of how they will arrive to the other platform after crossing the bridge. Then they must draw for their arrival order of when they depart. A siren will sound to signal when the members must depart. All of the Running Man members must cross the bridge without anyone falling off to succeed. They are given five chances to try to succeed. If they succeed, everyone will be exempt from punishment.
  • The members choose the arrival order as follows; 1- Song Joong Ki, 2- Gary, 3- Kim Jong Kook, 4- Lee Gwang Soo, 5- Song Ji Hyo, 6- Ji Suk Jin, 7- Yoo Jae Suk, 8- Hyun Young, and 9- Haha.
  • The members draw the following order for their departure; 1- Gary, 2- Kim Jong Kook, 3- Song Joong Ki, 4- Hyun Young, 5- Lee Gwang Soo, 6- Yoo Jae Suk, 7- Ji Suk Jin, 8- Song Ji Hyo, and 9- Haha.
  • The members fail on the first chance after Yoo Jae Suk falls in.
  • For the second chance, the members decide to re-draw for their departure sequence. They drew as follows; 1- Song Joong Ki, 2- Kim Jong Kook, 3- Haha, 4- Ji Suk Jin, 5- Gary, 6- Yoo Jae Suk, 7- Hyun Young, 8- Lee Gwang Soo, and 9- Song Ji Hyo.
  • The members fail on the second chance after Yoo Jae Suk falls in.
  • The members succeed on the third chance.
  • Kim Jong Kook refers to Haha as My Dongsaeng.
  • Haha refers to Kim Jong Kook as Our Hyung.

Running Man 20 Day Challenge!

Day 9: Your Favorite Running Man Character

I love Song Ji Yok/Bad Jihyo. Whenever Song Ji Hyo gets mad, it’s definitely hilarious because of the other member’s reactions. I especially love the part when they covered her mouth and Ji Hyo is pretending to say some bad words. Freaking funny. 

Another character that I love is Sparta Kooks. I love how it has an S in the end because it seems unserious at all yet very powerful. I love it when the commander wins (not as much as I love it when Gary wins) because I’m sadistic like that. Other members are really scared of him which is why it’s more entertaining.

Runner-up would be Peaceful Gary & Wild Gary. He’s just my favorite member so I love his roles. *wink*

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Kim Jong Kook has always been my ultimate crush. I think of him every single time. He is awesome in what he does and he always shows his 100%. To those who are still non-KJK Lovers, I hope this post will make you believers of The Commander. Kim Jong Kook is that One Man I’d share for the whole wide world for he is worthy to be loved.

10. He is a born leader.

In episodes of RM, especially during the Unity episodes starting Episode 25, ONE CAN’T HIDE that KJK had shown his leadership well. He will always try to instruct his team mates to do their best and as to how the games are played.  I shared this in my confessions and I share it again, I feel in love with him in Episode 29… when he led RM’s Unity Game and won over the production.

9. He is Sparta

Who would not love a man who is like Samson?! Always ready to protect you and be your own bodyguard. I love how Kim Jong Kook would do even the impossible especially at challenges and prove that he is the COMMANDER and that his body matches his skills. I think if you date KJK and walk side by side with him… you’ll just feel always safe like no one can ever separate.

8. He acts cute in a very cute way

Imagine that body making cute actions… isn’t that Kim Jong Kook being himself too much. I love his cute character in RM… It makes me feel that I can just laugh and have fun together with him. His little actions mean bigger things.

7. He got the brains

Kim Jong Kook is very quick to know if something is not right or anything fishy. In episode 74, he even got the Sixth Sense Super power but it can be revealed in other episodes of RM that Kim Jong Kook got brains. Watch Ep 53 when KJK knew that the eating contest is about the arrangement of the dishes. Also the Sherlock Holmes episode when he together with Song Ji Hyo unlocked the mystery.

6. He is takes care of his body

He watches what he eats and goes to the gym. He cooks and eats healthy stuff as seen in Ep 181. A man who takes care of his body is a man to love. He tries to be healthy ensuring that the future will be well-spent.

 5. He is Self-made man

I believe Kim Jong Kook achieved so much in his career and even in his personal life. He is a grand slam Daesang Awardee. He is top of charts for South Korean singers. He has his own entertainment management. He is a variety super star. He owns a gym and is even financially stable to provide. More than that, he has no more issues and extra baggage in his life.

4. He sings… like… BEAUTIFULLY SINGS

Have you heard his voice? Well listen as to how this man will melt your heart with his high balladeer tone. He is South Korea’s Deasang Awardee who won it for the three major stations. His songs will give you goose bumps and will even make you learn South Korean.

3. He is the best Hyung

Kim Jong Kook will always be the best Hyung for his Dongsaengs in RM. Lee Kwang Soo even quote in their Cosmo appearance that KJK knows how to provide and will always be there in time of  sorrow and laughter. It can be seen in RM episodes that KJK will be a very sweet and caring Hyung to RM members who are younger than him and even guests see Ep 27 with TVXQ. Just like the saying, tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are, KJK’s relationship with others speaks so much of his ideal character.

2. He is a True-Gentleman

KJK’s kryptonite are girls. In RM episodes it can be clearly seen that 1. He doesn’t like ripping off a girl’s name tag, 2. He doesn’t speak or interact a lot for guests he had just met, 3. He tries not to touch the girl’s body parts especially if the challenge is piggy back ride, 4. He will try to be very accommodating for female guests who confess to him like in Ep 6 and Ep 24 and 5. He behaves and be really gentle when girls attack him even accept defeat over a woman like in Ep 53.

1.  He loves his Mom so much

Watch how the man treats his mother and you will like have an idea who will be to you and your future children.  Kim Jong Kook is like a girl when he is at home, as his mom describes in an interview, she will get bored without him. Kim Jong Kook on the other hand will always bring his Mom wherever he goes. Such an ideal guy characteristic you’ll adore.


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