happy woojin day!

Member: park woojin (obv lol)

Genre: fluff to the max

Summary: you’re planning a surprise birthday party w/ the rest of the wanna one members and their manager 

W.Type: bulletpoint

A/N: ITS MY MAN’S BIRTHDAY YALL ok im late but shhhhh i was sleeping  anyways i hope you like this short lil special bcuz im staying up till i have to go to school at 4 am (yeah ik some dumb morning rally) 


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  • im in love with this gif hes so handsome i love my b*yfriend
  • wow another bday special
  • anyways
  • this is the day before his bday btw
  • you made a groupchat with all of wanna one except woojin bcuz ur obviously the master planner
  • this is on your phone if you didnt figure that out already
  • jisung : i can get the cake!
  • daniel: last time you ordered a cake for someone, it ended up saying “you’re gay just kidding don’t put that on there”
  • jisung: …. we don’t speak of that that wasn’t my mistake
  • jaehwan: can i order it then?
  • literally everyone: N O
  • jaehwan: well shit okay
  • you: oh my god shut up wE NEED TO ACTUALLY PLAN SOMETHING
  • jihoon: let’s buy him an inflatable sausage costume
  • guanlin: you can buy that with your own money lolol
  • you: i agree that can be a personal gift to him
  • you: do you think we can plan something with the manager?
  • seongwoo: if we talk to them about it then probably
  • jisung: what do you think we should do y/n?
  • you: hmmm.. maybe a surprise party? i can set up things with the manager and probably have him pull some of you out so we can get it done faster
  • sungwoon: that doesn’t sound bad
  • daehwi: don’t worry y/n we’ll keep him distracted until you guys are done!!
  • jisung: i’ll tell the manager to call you
  • you: thank you… i’ll text back here if i need any of you
  • you locked your phone and set off to make a list of foods to get and a theme of some kind for some decorations
  • while you were making that list, the manager called you and you both discussed what exactly you need and met up at a cafe the next day in the morning
  • “okay… we have all of the food, decorations, and most importantly, the cake…” you mumbled as you were checking off the list, making sure everything was in the car and secure so that nothing was messed up while driving back to the company building
  • back on ur phone lol
  • you: hello hello i need someone or a couple people!!! we’re heading back to the building
  • daniel: how far are you guys?
  • you: maybe 5 minutes? we’re kinda driving slow so the food isnt messed up
  • jihoon: did you get alot of food? lol
  • you: of course i did yall are expensive when it comes to food you guys basically inhale everything
  • jinyoung: of course hyung would be the first to ask about the food lmao
  • jihoon: i was just making sure… don’t want to run out of food for a party yaknow
  • you: i need a couple of you to come to the lobby so we can move all of the stuff to the lounge room soon btw
  • daniel: i’ll go
  • seongwoo: me too you can count on me to carry the heavy stuff ;)
  • you sighed out of nervousness and fidgeted your hands 
  • after getting through the traffic, you and the manager slowly pulled up to the front of the building and saw the power couple ongniel waiting in the lobby
  • you got out of the car and waved your hand over for them to come out
  • “uwah it’s so cold out here!” daniel cried out and clung onto seongwoo’s arm
  • “yah stop flirting and help out already” you teased and opened the doors and trunk of the car, handing them some of the food 
  • “if you eat any of it while you bring it in there i’m never bringing you guys food ever again” 
  • they both had a horrified expression and nodded immediately 
  • after you brought everything to the lounge room, you started to set up the tables for the food and decorations that were blue and white
  • daniel and seongwoo went back to the practice room after helping you with the food so that their disappearance didn’t seem too suspicious 
  • basically the plan was to have one of the member’s tell woojin that the manager wants to talk to him 
  • but before he was called out, each member was called out before woojin so that they could go into the room where everything was set up
  • woojin was left in the practice room last and looked around in confusion
  • “why was everyone being called out of practice…?” he mumbled 
  • he turned when he heard the door being opened
  • “woojin-ah, manager-hyung wants you in the lounge room now” jisung said as he poked his head through the door 
  • “what for? where’s the rest of the members?” 
  • “errands. you should get to him quickly”
  • jisung disappeared behind the door, leaving woojin even more confused than before
  • in reality jisung actually ran away from the door so that he could get back to the room without woojin seeing lol
  • woojin walked to the door and opened it slowly, peeking his head in first
  • “hello…?”
  • the room was dark???
  • now he’s 100x more confused
  • he opened the door completely and walked in, switching the light on
  • tiny confetti poppers went off and loud cheers from everyone spread throughout the room
  • woojin jumped in surprised but started smiling immediately 
  • jihoon slipped a birthday hat over his head
  • guanlin handed him a bouquet of flowers
  • everyone was bombarding his hands with gifts
  • “guys he can’t carry all of that oh my god” you said and laughed out loud
  • “y/n!!!!” woojin’s eyes brightened when he heard you speak and shuffled through the members to see you
  • a smile spread across your face and you helped him put down some of his gifts onto the ground before giving him a big hug and placing a quick kiss on his cheek
  • his face was extra red when you did that because the guys started teasing him with “oohs” 
  • “did you do all of this for me?” he asked you, looking at you with lovestruck eyes
  • “i planned it with the manager and got help from the other members. if i didn’t have their help, then this little surprise party wouldn’t have turned out as great.” you said
  • “awwww y/n loves us too!!!!” jaehwan said loudly and nudged the guys around him
  • you looked at jaehwan pretending to be disgusted, but burst out laughing a couple seconds later
  • “i can’t believe the children are growing so fast,,,” jisung said, wiping a fake tear
  • “you were like 10 yesterday and now you’re 18(19 whatever lol) …” sungwoon also being apart of the fake tears, holding onto jisung
  • “auntie sungwoon that’s now how ages work” jinyoung said, causing him to playfully glare at him
  • “can we eat the food now that he’s here?” jihoon said loudly, raising his arms so that they would pay attention to him
  • “yes yes, all of you worked hard!!! eat up” you said clapping your hands and stood aside so that you didn’t get trampled 
  • yay food
  • now it was time to sing and do the cake
  • everyone sat down on the couches, having woojin in the middle of one of them so that he was in the middle where the cake was going to be placed
  • you lit up the candles that were also sparkler candles so it was extra k00l
  • minhyun switched off the light after you placed the cake in front of woojin on the table
  • “happy birthday to you~”  
  • everyone was singing and clapping
  • woojin was looking around at everyone with the biggest smile
  • you kept your eyes on him the whole time and saw how happy he was
  • honestly it was too much and it made your heart ache a little because damn you really were that in love
  • everyone was cheering after they were done singing and started whooping loudly when he blew out the candles
  • the members that were sitting by him already started to hug him and ruffle his hair while the others on the other couch got up to do the same thing and shower him with affection
  • “seriously…. thank you guys so much..” woojin said, his cheeks a soft shade of pink 
  • was this one of the most memorable birthdays that woojin had?
  • yes
  • happy birthday to our sparrow, busan prince, and nation’s dark past

bITCH IM STILL NOT OVER THIS IT IS A NATIONAL HOLIDAY YALL!!!! anyways im gonna be all soft for woojin so go on and do something else if you dont rlly want to see me rant about how much i love woojin lol,,,

my #1 ult… im sad that i didn’t pay attention alot when i first started watching p101 cuz i was just getting back into kpop at the time so i wasnt as observant. i started paying attention to the dance/rap king himself when he did his relay cam and he was being all cute and stuttery;; after that i went back and watched his individual cams and fell in love with his iconic moments: sexy baby oh my lady, his deEP ass rapping voice, his dancing skills during get ugly, the fact that he performed “never” with shingles, hONESTLY EVERY PERFORMANCE BITCH!!!! i was determined that he was going to make the top11 and bitch,,, u bet ur ass i cried… lol.. woojin has never failed to make me smile whether it’d be when he’s being the biggest and the most absolute DORK or when he’s just performing and slaying my whole existence???? i lob this man so much if u couldnt tell already :’)))))) 

all together, i am glad that i watched p101 to discover a man named park woojin and saw how he developed over the show and now as a member of wanna one because he actually brings me happiness everyday and keeps me from wanting to die at school <33333 that’s all folks

A Prince of Pirates, part 1 / 5.

“We can’t do this.”

She always said that, but they always did it anyway.

This thing that burned between them was stronger than words, stronger than vows made in haste during a battle on a pirate ship.

He visited her in the royal chambers often, a galleon suspended above the Cove in an inexplicable defiance of gravity. Perhaps he had little self-control these days, but her body was his truth. Her lips, his salvation. In her eyes he saw a man who he might actually like to be someday. Not all treasure is silver and gold, and the greatest treasure Jack had ever found lay between these sheets, her hallowed skin pressed against his in a sacred embrace.

I love you.

She’d said it once in the throes of passion, a breathless oath torn from kiss-swollen lips, their bodies so entwined neither could tell where one stopped and the other began.

He did not say it back, could not say it back, but he’d kissed her hard and prayed she could taste the truth on his tongue.

She was the only woman for him.

They did it anyway, until the day Elizabeth said no and meant it. They were hurting Will, she said, dark circles under her eyes. He could feel it. She could feel it. That heart beat within its chest like an angry drum, sitting on her desk in her study. She no longer slept for the nightmares of her childhood love covered in barnacles, become another terrible abomination of the sea.

Jack had been shot in the chest once. Well, twice, to be exact. Neither time hurt as much as this.

She told him not to come back, so he didn’t. Not even when he heard through the Caribbean grape vine that the Pirate King was ripe with child, big as a frigate and ready to burst. Not even when he heard she had borne a son, and named him Henry Turner.

Perhaps Jack had smiled a little at that. Henry, after Henry Morgan, no doubt, her favorite pirate. She had told him so once on a deserted island, when the fire had burned low and they were full to the gills with rum. A man who brought the Spanish empire to its knees, sacking port after port in multiple acts of daring and cunning, and brought mountains of gold back to Port Royal.

A fitting name for a prince of pirates.

Jack lifted his rum bottle and drank a toast to the son he would never know. He did not stop drinking until the blackness of a merciful oblivion embraced him.

There’s only so much a man can take.

top 10 current fave fics of mine (in no particular order)

 1. Swim In The Smoke (a/b/o, Harry’s the captain of The Wandering Sparrow, Louis is a prince who ends up on board, (against his will at first). they eventually fall in love. super interesting plot, you’ll never want it to end.) 

 2. Somthin’ Bout You (Louis is part of a huge thieving circle and Harry is an fbi agent he ends up kidnapping. I love the way they portray the characters in this fic. it’s also really funny and Louis and Harry’s relationship is A+++.) 

 3. Baby Heavens In Your Eyes (innocent rich church-boy Louis and bad boy Harry who rides motorcycles. honestly one of the most iconic fics of all time. I can read this at any given time and still lose my shit over it, it never gets old.) 

4.  Hush. (Louis and Harry live in a very religious town where gay is definitely not okay but they somehow Manage. I love this fic so much it’s so well written and deeply thought out, it played with my emotions in all the right ways.) 

5.  Mine Now (Harry transfers to his rival school after getting expelled and Louis takes him under his wing. one of my favorite high school au’s, super fun to read and the characters are so well written.) 

6.  Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose (Harry’s a star football playing frat boy and Louis is a dancer who likes to run, and also happens to hate frats and Harry. somehow they work. can’t possibly say enough about how amazing this fic is, if you haven’t read it yet, read it now. ) 

7.  The Wicked Game (Harry Styles is the bachelor and Louis is a contestant. one of a kind fic, you will not be able to put it down as soon as you start reading.) 

8. Have You Coming Back Again (college au, Louis “hates” Harry and they aren’t dating but have been dating for a year. GOD. this fic is always going to make my favorites, it’s so fucking good and I can read it so many times.) 

9.  May You Enjoy Your New Life (best fic I’ve ever read that goes from x factor up, it shows the development of the band and Louis and Harry SO well plus Harry has a kid which makes everything cuter. absolutely perfect fic right here.) 

10.  Things Have Gotten Closer To The Sun (apocalyptic fic where the end is very close so the boys all decide to spend it together. Louis and Harry fix what they never could before. AHHH this was the first fic I ever read on ao3 (after years of wattpad) and it still blows me away just as much as the first time, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.)

paige and hammer would be best friends! they’d talk for hours about stuff like

  • how sparrow and the prince(ss) are just. babies
  • what big lesbians they are
  • their favourite weapons
  • their favourite women
  • Uhhhh DOGS
  • men.
  • the next big lesbian gala
  • they would also go out and fight Hollowmen while shit faced
  • uHghdjn reaver. just. snaoaofkfj
  • more weapons. big guns! big hammers! REALLY BIG!!!!
  • hammer would introduce paige to all of the dogs they have
  • paige giving hammer flirting tips

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