can you imagine Eric coming home from school, with his jaw all tense and his face all red, wanting to punch a fucking wall. And he opens his front door, slamming it really hard, not being able to contain his anger from having a bunch of douchebags at school ruining his day. And then suddenly, his anger breaks when he hears Sparky’s little paws running along the wooden floor, with his tail wagging high in the air, seeing the sight of his owner home. And Eric’s anger  washes away and he smiles, reaching down to pet his dog. And says in a gentle tone, “hi buddy.” I like to think that Eric had these moments a lot. And the only thing in his life that ever made his aggression/anger go away (temporarily) was Sparky. 


A new shoot by Anna Morozova.

There is a 9 cm (at withers) three-headed dog (Cerberus or Fluffy for someone) by Walloya Morring and Pamela EID by Iplehouse.

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Oops, I did it again.

Newest asura: Peacemaker golemancer Kligg. Freshly graduated from Dynamics. Works in Chief Miira’s squad. An anxious super nervous shaking tall noodle of doubts and lack of self-confidence, but he tries to do his best. Optimistic. Golem geek. Sparks electricity when panics. Accidentally conjured a small air elemental and it keeps running away from him. Is freaking afraid of his chief and officers. Cinnamon roll that needs protection.

You can send him golem magazines and golem parts.