• Spark: Aight Sparky, have you been briefed on the mission?
  • Sparky: Pika pi.
  • Spark: Hey wait a second, I think that means "yes". Sparky, does that mean "yes"?
  • Sparky: Pika pi.
  • Spark: Oh my god! That means "yes"! Sparky just said "yes"! That means "yes"! I speak Pikachu!
  • Blanche: Yes... unless that noise means "no". In which case, Sparky just said "no". It does not mean "yes".
  • Spark: What? No way. Hey Sparky, am I right?
  • Sparky: Pika pi.
  • Spark: Haha! See? The fuck do you know.

I’ve noticed a lot of people get Spark’s jacket wrong. There’s only one bit of gold on the bottom of the lapel. Many people seem to think that there’s a second bit of gold on the top point of the lapels but there really isn’t. It’s the gold showing from the strips underneath. idk my explanation is bad. just look at the picture.