I crave skin on skin contact.

Doesn’t even have to be sexual. Just touching me. Arm around me. Hand on mine. Kissing my cheek. Simple as hand on my leg. Foot against my foot/leg. I like that feeling of touching me. I like the wave that comes over my body. That spark of when we touch.

Haven’t been touched in a minute. I crave this feeling.

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Sparks for b0yfriendsinl0ve

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Word count: 10780


It’s not that Harry’s life is boring or aimless. He’s a rubbish collection robot; he knows his purpose is to clean the planet, and he’s satisfied knowing he is accomplishing his tasks each day. But sometimes, when it’s late or too dark to work, he wonders what it would be like to have something else. Someone else, like he sees in films; someone who would hold his hand and never want to let go.