Un ragazzo là fuori è nato per essere l'amore della tua vita, il tuo migliore amico, la tua anima gemella,
l'unico a cui puoi raccontare i tuoi sogni.
Ti spazzolerà i capelli dagli occhi, ti manderà fiori quando meno te lo aspetti.
Guarderà te durante i film,
anche se ha pagato otto dollari per vederli.
Ti chiamerà per la buonanotte o solo perché gli manchi.
Ti guarderà negli occhi e ti dirà che sei la ragazza più bella del mondo, e per la prima volta nella tua vita, gli crederai.
—  Nicholas Sparks.

Here’s a fun one I did that was influenced from a sketch page an artist did over here

Just a bunch of Sparks!
I don’t show him swimming enough, but that is how he looks when underwater with his webbing showing. Even if his element isn’t good with water, he still really enjoys swimming and exploring underwater.

The random beetles here are because he LOVES beetles. They’re his favorite type of insect. 

PSA: breaking up with someone because there was no “spark” does not mean you are being shallow. If you feel you are missing a type of connection that feels vital to you, it’s good to be true to yourself and seek relationships that fulfill you. Sometimes, in polyamory, people fill different personal needs with different relationships. But even so, don’t let that be a trap that means you feel obligated to stay in every relationship you start. It is valid to decide to break up with someone if you aren’t feeling right about the time you’re spending together, for any reason.

People on a Facebook thread I was just reading were suggesting that it’s immature to make relationship decisions based on a spark or lack thereof. I heartily disagree. While it’s true that passion can wax and wane (which is normal, and not automatically a sign that you need to break up), and that the presence of a spark doesn’t automatically mean a healthy relationship (very important), and the absence doesn’t automatically mean an UNhealthy one, if you have a feeling in the back of your mind that someone just doesn’t excite you enough, or in the ways that you want, IT’S OKAY TO BREAK UP BECAUSE OF THAT. You do not owe anyone a particular kind of relationship just because they treat you well. You can choose to pursue only relationships with certain kinds of connections, and you can choose to let go of or restructure relationships that aren’t meeting your needs. You aren’t selfish or shallow. It is so important to have relationships that make you feel good about how you’re spending your time.