It’s been said that “the Spanish kings layered bureaucracies over colonies, such as Mexico, in order to control their empire from a great distance.”  And no wonder — here’s the Spanish king, in all his layered magnificence, from Tilton’s Annual Illustrated Catalogue of Seeds, 1893.

With great sorrow and dismay I have closely followed the July 14 news of the brutal attack in Nice. In these painful moments, on behalf of myself, the government and the Spanish people, my deepest sense of regret and strong condemnation of the heinous terrorist violence.

We extend to the families of the victims our full support and solidarity and the desire for a speedy recovery of the wounded. We are very close to the dear French people and reaffirm our unity and commitment to continue fighting with determination against those who undermine democratic values and who are against the principles that unite us and make us strong.

—  King Felipe’s telegram of condolence to French President Hollande

Norwegian royals with foreign royals

Crown Prince Haakon along with Crown Princess Victoria, Crown Prince Fredeik and King Felipe VI (then Felipe, Prince of Asturias) attends festivities for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg on 7 April 2001.

Source: Getty Images

El rey se ha roto la cadera en Botswana cazando elefantes.

Para que luego ningún comunicado oficial te diga lo contrario.

Acaban de censurar la foto por todos lados, así que ¡DIFUNDE!


The spanish King, Juan Carlos, suffered an accident today in Botswana while he was hunting elephants.

I’m pretty sure they would say that wasn’t true, but we have here the proof it was. The photo just have been censored, so please, please SHARE!