We’ve talked about aliens being weirded out by humans, but what about humans being weirded out by aliens? 

aliens who are completely naked. Like, they’re obviously not biologically built like humans but seriously no fur or hair or skin layers that even remotely resembles any sort of covering. Think about how uncomfortable it would make humans feel. It’s like a rat without fur, a bug without armor, or crabs without shells. 

or even aliens with no sense of smell. Humans are designed to taste through both taste and scent, so not being able to smell is like only getting the lesser half of the experience. The texture is the only thing that comes through the alien food and the humans are freaked out by it

forget tentacles and extra limbs, what if aliens were biologically like tree trunks? They can do a ton of stuff but there’s no distinction between each individual - the entire species is literally the same log-like figure and the only way to tell which is which is if you slap a post-it note to the back of their head (if that’s even a head, we still don’t know if they’re walking upside down). The aliens would literally be a three dimensional shape.

what about aliens who don’t speak? Humans are meant to communicate with each other verbally, this is why we get freaked out with mind readers and psychics (the aliens make fun of us for those people). We don’t exactly reach into each other’s minds without permission so aliens who are purely telepathic are terrifying

The possibilities are endless