US unable to crack San Bernardino attacker's phone
Washington (AFP) Feb 9, 2016
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US agents cannot access a telephone used by the Islamist attackers in the San Bernardino shooting, the head of the FBI said Tuesday, complaining that encryption is hampering investigations. FBI Director James Comey revealed the problem as he was briefing lawmakers on emerging threats, using it to underline the US government’s concerns about the strength of commercially-available encryption.

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Idk idc my idea for a ...gemsona...i guess

I don’t actually have a picture yet but here’s an idea

Asphalt: after a gem grower went haywire looking for new gems to make,it just used the material around it to grow one last gem a gem that isn’t a gem it used part of a road nearby as substance for this new gem

Abilities: it can’t retreat back into its gem due to being an oddity but it has regenerative abilities and extremely tough skin if part of it gets broken off it can make it explode it’s also immune to electricity and resistant to fire and can dig really fast for some reason it is also color blind…

Weapon: due to it being an oddity it’s weapon isn’t consistent all the time most of the time it’s a wheel with a magical rope attached to it but every once in awhile it’s just the wheel

Appearance: its skin is different shades of grey with bumps and dents everywhere it wears a dark grey hoodie with grey pants and grey shoes and its not aligned/affiliated with any group it doesn’t have a star or a diamond instead on it’s hoodie its just an insignia of a road and its eyes are reddish

Personality: really nice but firm sometimes it lets people run over(metaphorically of course) it but that’s okay because it knows its strong it doesn’t likes to fight but it’s pretty good at it

Hobbies: walking,watching other people and hugging random people,screaming, and laughing
The genesis of PC gaming: the PDP-1 and Spacewar!

DEC built the PDP-1 as a single address, single instruction, stored program computer with a magnetic core memory and full parallel processing. This translated to a computation rate of 100,000 additions per second, which was more than twice as fast as many other, often larger computers of its day. For comparison, an average PC today can easily average 5 billion additions per second.

Even without the benefit of integrated circuits, the PDP-1 was still impressive for its time: it occupied just 17 square feet of floor space across its four equipment frames, which included an operator’s station. While the PDP-1 was by no means diminutive, in comparison to the era’s larger mainframe computers, which also required the type of specialized air conditioning, ventilation, and electrical accommodations that DEC’s computer eschewed, its “minicomputer” moniker was well earned, foreshadowing the logical evolution to microcomputers.

The PDP-1’s basic configuration, which cost $120,000 (nearly $1 million in today’s dollars), consisted of a large rectangular metal cabinet with blue accents roughly the size of three refrigerators stacked back-to-back. This cabinet housed the PDP-1’s four equipment frames, which contained all of its processing power. The frame was attached to a standard work desk, which could be easily expanded as more accessories were added.

Sean Murray at TECH@FEST

I feel super lucky that I got to hear Sean Murray from Hello Games talk about “No Man’s Sky” this Saturday!!  I tagged along with SFPC student and creative technologist Brian Solon. Such a blast! No Man’s Sky is a “game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.”

Inspiring how he started his company. Also interesting thinking about what the world of gaming can look like if the children today are growing up with Minecraft. How will sandbox style games influence the demand for games in the future as well as affect our thinking? 

Also fun to think about how some of the first videogames like Spacewar! were joystick games not mouse input. SPACEWARRRRRRRRR!!!!!


So first semester of college is nearly over and man that flew by! I didn’t anticipate how busy I would be and have neglected my poor blog :(

I’m nearly finished my first game, a reskin of Spacewar and would love if people played it and gave me some feedback! Here’s the link to the work in progress game.

It’s free to play of course :) .

I’ll start uploading some of the things I’ve done over the past month as I plowed through a fair bit of work.


Ukraine's Space Sector Lost 80% of Revenue
Washington DC (Sputnik) Feb 10, 2016
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The Ukrainian Space Agency potentially lost about 80 percent of its revenue in 2014 after contracts cancellation by Russia, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a report on Monday. “Additional losses [of state companies] could stem from… contract cancellation by Russian clients in the space and military industry (potentially 80 percent of revenue for companies managed by the Sta

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Spacewar Response

“It (Spacewar) bonded human and machine through a responsive broadband interface of live graphics display…”– Spacewar by Stewart Brand

It is interesting to think about the bond between humans and computer. I think that is the bond of the creation to master and the creators addiction to convenience (which in no way is a bad thing) that really defines the human-computer relationship. Computers wouldn’t be able to exist without our making of them, and until they are developed to become intelligent enough, won’t be able to exist without our manufacturing of parts and the ability to turn them on and tell them what to do (see the book Robopocalypse by Daniel Wilson for a conclusion to what the end of that relationship would look like). But besides the computers bond of dependence on humans, we are also bonded to them. As technology has progressed, the integration of computers into our everyday lives has increased more and more. It it not because we need them for survival (well perhaps now-a-days to be integrated and connected with society) but because we love their convenience and their ability to keep us entertained and connected with other people.

SES-9 Launch Targeting Late February
Luxembourg (SPX) Feb 09, 2016
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SES S.A. reports that it is targeting a 24 February 2016 launch date (with a backup date of the 25th) for its new satellite, SES-9. This date was mutually set by SES and the launch operator for SES-9, SpaceX, the Hawthorne, California based company that designs, manufactures and launches the Falcon 9 rocket and other spacecraft. SpaceX is currently completing an extended series of testing

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UN urges Turkey to open borders, end to bombing of Aleppo
Beirut (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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The United Nations urged Turkey to let in tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing a regime offensive around Aleppo on Tuesday, adding to calls for Russia to end air strikes ahead of fresh peace efforts. Up to 31,000 people have fled Aleppo and surrounding areas since last week, as government forces backed by Russian warplanes press an offensive that threatens to encircle the rebel-held eastern

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Syrians recount 'hell' of Aleppo life under air strikes
Kilis, Turkey (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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Syrian farmer Mahmud Turki was sitting on his couch at sunset watching the news with his family after eating supper. Then an air strike hit his home and turned his life upside down. His story is typical of accounts of the “hell” that is life in the war-scarred region around the northern city of Aleppo, where up to 31,000 people have fled as government forces press an offensive against rebels

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Cyprus peace deal will pay for itself: UN
Nicosia (AFP) Feb 9, 2016
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A UN-backed peace deal to end the division of Cyprus would cover its own costs in the long term by creating jobs and prosperity, the world body’s envoy said Tuesday. “Having a united island at peace with itself and its neighbours will create more jobs, more prosperity. So, the solution will pay for itself,” Espen Barth Eide told reporters. “The only issue is that you need an upfront sum

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Family of 5 killed in coalition strike on Yemen capital
Sanaa (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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Five members of the same family were killed when a Saudi-led coalition air strike hit their home in Yemen’s rebel-held capital Sanaa, rescuers and neighbours said Wednesday. The bodies of a father and two of his children were still under the rubble of the destroyed building while rescue workers managed to pull out the dead bodies of a woman and young girl, according to an AFP photographer at

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Latin American country orders hundreds of military trucks
Dusseldorf, Germany (UPI) Feb 10, 2016
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Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles reports a major order for hundreds of logistics vehicles for the army and navy of an unidentified Latin American country. A total of 338 TGS-MIL and TGM MIL vehicles will be supplied to the customer - 92 TGS-MIL and 216 TGM MIL vehicles for the army and 30 TGS-Mil for the navy - from March to May 2017. The contract carries a value of about $59.

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Syria opposition calls for end to sieges to resume talks
London (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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Sieges on cities across Syria must be lifted and air strikes on civilian areas must stop if the opposition is to resume talks in Geneva as planned on February 25, a top opposition leader said on Wednesday. “Before we go on February 25 those measures should be implemented in reality on the land,” Riad Hijab, chief coordinator of the opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC), told reporters

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NATO sends 'clear signal' to Russia with eastern presence
Brussels (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday said the alliance had approved plans for an increased presence in eastern member states alarmed by a more assertive Russia, sending a “clear signal” to any aggressors. Stung into action by the Russian intervention in Ukraine and shock 2014 annexation of Crimea, NATO has boosted its resources and readiness to meet any new threat but its nervous former

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S. Korean firms begin pull-out from industrial park in North
Seoul (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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South Korean companies prepared Thursday to begin pulling out of a jointly-run industrial zone in North Korea after Seoul shut it down to punish Kim Jong-Un’s regime for its recent nuclear test and rocket launch. Wednesday’s announcement to close the Kaesong complex took many by surprise, given that South Korea had always allowed it to remain open despite serious provocations in the past.

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Russian air strikes in Syria 'directly enabling' IS: US
Washington (AFP) Feb 10, 2016
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Russian air strikes in and around the city of Aleppo against opponents of the Syrian regime are benefitting the Islamic State group, a senior US official charged Wednesday. “What Russia’s doing is directly enabling ISIL,” Brett McGurk, President Barack Obama’s special envoy to the coalition fighting the group in Syria and Iraq, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee. US Secretary of St

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China Conducts Final Tests on Most Powerful Homegrown Rocket
Moscow (Sputnik) Feb 07, 2016
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China’s largest and most powerful rocket the Long March 5 underwent final tests at the Wen-chang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan province. The rocket’s first flight will be conducted in September, according to a senior project manager. The Long March 5 is China’s latest and most technologically advanced rocket. The tests were conducted for more than 130 days of September last year.

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