Introducing: the Bowl Booster hide!
This useful tool will lift up your waterbowl and provide a snug hiding space underneath. It’s a great space saver, allowing for more room to furnish and provide other enrichment items for your reptile!
They feature: a recessed slot to place the waterbowl so it doesnt move, a smooth interior for easy clean up, and a non-slip bottom edge for perfect placement in your habitat! The small ones are 4-5 inches tall, with an 8-9 inch diameter. The large ones are 6-7 inches tall with an 11-12 inch diamater (they are handmade so they vary slightly).

I’m currently trying to develop them so they are lasting, marketable, and economic for myself as well as the purchaser.
It takes 7 hours to make just one. The plastic bowls run at $1 for the hideous small ones and approximately 5-10 dollars for the large bowls. Im having trouble finding nicer small bowls that are uniform and subtle in color. im also having trouble finding affordable larger bowls that look nice. So if anyone has suggestions that would be great.

As of right now I can’t see myself selling them lower than $20 for a small and $30 for a large- that will include the plastic bowls to ensure they fit the hide. It depends on if i can get my hands on cheaper bowls.

What do you think?

All The Time In The World

Ship- MiniCat

Tyler was the last of his family with this power, the power of time travel. Every male in his family had this power but because Tyler’s blood was so diluted he couldn’t control his ability on his own. Because if this his father gave him a watch, something simple that would alway help to control his abilities. He normally used his power for small things, like saying the right thing to comfort a friend, get the right answer in class, or maybe to flirt with someone. However, for his 11th-grade history project, he went back farther in time to get the real facts. This was how he met Craig.

Craig didn’t remember much of his past, he had lived too long. Craig was an immortal with no clue why. He lived through the rise and fall of many empires, the colonization of America, the French Revolution; which was where he learned that not even cutting off his head would kill him. So the point was Craig had lived a long time and hated it. Fleeing from France he went to America, the once British Colony that was now free and trying to become its own country. He didn’t take part in the war but if he had, he would have when on America’s side. Walking down the cobblestone streets , of New York, late at night, Craig stopped when he saw a boy just appear in front of him. The boy wasn’t older than seventeen and with his clothes he clearly wasn’t from this time period.
“Hey, you. Boy.” Craig walked over to the young man as the boy looked at him. “You are going to stand out wearing those clothes. Follow me.”

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i’m sure this question has already been asked 100 times but

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even poor Garrus was space-savered into his suit like his arms would fall off w/o it

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Space Savers For Your Room

We are excited that campus will soon be populated with students again as the new semester starts in August!

As you are gathering up your belongings and shopping for more, we have some great ideas on how to save space in your room.

Under Bed Space Savers:

Bed risers – these are inexpensive and a great space saver! They lift up your bed approximately 6-8.” This allows you to use the space under your bed for storage!
Storage bins or rolling cart for under bed – these are great for storing sweaters, sweatshirts, notebooks, etc.
Shoe bag for under bed – this is an easy way to organize your shoes and not clutter up the bottom of your closet.
Hanging jewelry organizer that you can hang in your closet – keep all of your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled while saving space on your dresser!

Closet Organization:

Hanging closet organizer – You can use this for shoes, socks, work-out clothes and save drawer space in your dresser.
Space saving hangers – Have you seen these? They are great; they really save space on the clothes rack in your closet.
Over the door shoe organizer (behind closet door) – if you don’t like the under-bed shoe bag then this is for you.

Room and Bathroom:

Hanging shower organizer – this fits over the showerhead and keeps all of your shampoos, ect together neatly.
Storage shelf/bin for bathroom – Some are just shelves, but the ones with the drawers are our favorite. Shelves are great for towels and extra toilet paper while the drawers are perfect for your toiletries.
Stackable cubes as nightstand – you can store your textbooks in the cubes while it serves as a nightstand!

Also, check out our article on how to decorate your room on a budget! Do you have any good space saver ideas that you can share? Please share some of your ideas below!