Space Email Theme v2.0 by Ish Passion (preview here | code here)

Still mirroring the looks of Galaxybuster’s Space Email, this update to the previous redux edit offers users much more to customize while remaining just as easy to use as before.

Features include:

  • Simple redux layout that shows post and sidebar information at a glance
  • Color customizations modifying text, links, scrollbars, and the tops of the posts and sidebar
  • Optimized links, audio posts, and optional sidebar tools such as a dropdown menu and search bar
  • Preferences such as Like and Reblog buttons, infinite scroll, and jump pagination can be switched on and off without any hassle
  • Easily uses custom fonts and comes with a list of pre-packaged pixel fonts and their default sizes

Space Email Theme by Ish Passion (preview here | html here)

This theme is designed to look as much like the Space Email site as possible and to give people a way to remember what it was like before its closing on August 24th.


  • Simple layout that is easy to read and handle
  • Customized color scheme with customizable fonts, sidebar image, and changeable colors
  • Optimized links, audio posts, and navigation bar