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Castiel commission by @awaart, posted with permission of the artist.

I commissioned Awa a while back for a portrait of Castiel with some personal touches. Here’s a couple relevant portions of the commission email:

“Cas is an explorer, venturing out into the stars to see beyond the little ball of his father’s creation. I’d like to play on that, make a piece that shows Cas’s wonder at the universe.


This is more or less for the after-after-after stories of Grace and it’s also very personal. I had only a passing appreciation for space until - ironically - I started crawling around in Castiel’s head. Looking at the Kennedy Space Center last year through his eyes, at the wonder of what we’ve learned and how far we’ve traveled and how our curiosity is still pushing us further and further out - it gave me a new passion for the subject. I love looking at space through Castiel’s eyes. This ancient person, arrogant and bored, found a metaphorical ocean to make him feel small.”

This is the finished piece I received today. I’m thrilled with it; it hits every note and the colors are just… asdfjkl. There’s a couple wee bits that you can’t see at this size - the NASA sticker on the telescope, and the title of the book, which is Space Chronicles, by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Artist credit is in these notes - please don’t delete them.

first of all, i want to say that i’m no master in space lol. i’m not studying it in college or uni, i’m not planning to have job in this field in the future, nothing like that. but i really REALLY love space and different paradoxes/theories which are connected to our universe and spacetime and i love studying and searching about this by myself so i want to share resources (books and tv-series) which helped me to understand our universe better

as many people, i started with popular tv-series. these are extremely helpful. little note: you can watch them in no particular order:

if you want to expend your knowledge or just prefer reading books, these some of the my suggestions. i haven’t read them all but some of them were read by my friend who i trust with this theme. little note: this order is an order in which i read books/plan to read them, but you can change it however you want:

i’m not gonna lie, you have to have at least basics knowledge of physics to fully understand what these authors are writing about. it was difficult for me so i decided to refresh my memory in physics (at least school level) before continue reading. but some of the books are written in really simple language so it’s easy to understand the basic concepts. if you have any other suggestions on this theme, send them to me! i hope this was useful, now enjoy! :)

ps: if your first language is not english and you’re not sure you can understand physics concepts in english, you better read these books in your first language if you have this opportunity.

guys ok real talk if the universe is constantly expanding what the fuck is it expanding into like if it’s expanding then that means that there is space for it to expand within like does that mean that there’s a limit to how large the universe can get or does the space it’s expanding into keep expanding to make up for the expanding universe but then what is the expanding space expanding into gUYS