This scene is why I think the original Dessler was better then he was in the 2199 remake. He could have just shot Kodai but since he was wounded, gave him a fighting chance, exaggerating his movements to give Kodai a chance to shoot. 

This scene was also the beginning of Dessler’s redemption, turning from tyrannical villain to a friend and ally of Earth. Hell, Dessler almost got his own show after Final Yamato to continue his story arc.

If there is a season 2 of the new series I hope they do more with Dessler (if he’s in it), maybe having a civil war for Gamilas. That could have us see a new side of his character as he tries to retake his home, but that’s just guesswork. 


So many anime reboots/remakes/sequels lately!

This was interesting to make, as well as seeing the differing art styles of both new and old. <3