Space X

What created this gigantic hole?

The emission nebula N44 in our neighboring galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud has a large, 250 light-year hole and astronomers are trying to figure out why.

One possibility is particle winds expelled by massive stars in the bubble’s interior that are pushing out the glowing gas. This answer was found to be inconsistent with measured wind velocities. Another possibility is that the expanding shells of old supernovas have sculpted the unusual space cavern. An unexpected clue of hot X-ray emitting gas was recently been detected escaping the N44 superbubble. The featured image was taken in three very specific colors by the huge 8-meter Gemini South Telescope.

Image Credit & Copyright: Gemini Obs., AURA, NSF


A/N: I am in love with space so I want to write a story about the Draco finding the reader in the astronomy tower because reader couldn’t sleep so they decided to just look at the stars and see how many the could name! Hope you guys enjoy! Btw, looking through, I didn’t use gender specific pronouns for reader! So it works for everyone! REQUESTS ARE OPEN

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Pairing:Draco x Reader


Warning:Kissing (Is that a warning)

Word count: 577 


You sneak through the quiet, empty corridors. The plush blanket wrapped around your shoulders flowing behind you like a cape. The stresses of sixth year classes were becoming overwhelming. You decided you should escape to your safe haven. You finally reach the Astronomy Tower and lean against the railing. You shut your eyes and enjoy the feeling of the peaceful atmosphere. You take a deep inhale of the cold, crisp air and listen to the soft cooing of the owls flying around the castle.

You look up at the clear sky, stars scattered everywhere. The thin, pale band of the milky way stretches across the sky. The bright, pale colors contrasting with the deep, dark colors of the night sky.

“You know,” You jump at the voice behind you, as it shattered the silence. ”When I was younger, I thought the night was someone draping a blanket over the sky so the world could go to bed. I also used to think that the stars were made by someone’s parents, after their child said that the dark scared them. So they poked holes in the blanket so their child wouldn’t be afraid any more.“ Draco walks closer to you as he talks, draping his arm over your shoulder as he finishes his thought.

“That’s a beautiful thought, Draco.” You coo, leaning into his warm embrace. You both stay in a comfortable silence. You slowly turn your head and look at Draco, observing the sharp features of his face.

“Don’t you know staring is rude, love?” Draco nearly whispers, not turning to you.

“I am aware, yes. But given how handsome you are, it’s rather hard not to.” You grin at the stormy eyed Slytherin.

A deep chuckle rumbles through his body. “Bloody hell, (Y/n). Have I told you how much I love you?” He turns to you, the stars reflecting in his eyes.

“Yes, you have. Rather often actually.”

A streak of light running through the sky catches both of your attention.

“Seeing as we’re both in the Astronomy Tower, why don’t we test our knowledge of the night sky?” You propose.

“Alright,” Draco trails off as he studies the night sky, “There, I found Cassiopeia!” He points towards the stars making a crooked ‘w’ shape.

“Good one, let’s see… Ah hah!” You start to snicker, “I found Draco the Dragon! To bad it isn’t Draco the Ferret!” You giggle as Draco shudders at the memory.

“Alright, alright. That’s enough out of you!” Draco shushes you.

“Okay, one more. After that, we should head to bed.” You gaze at the sky until you find what looks like a star that was smeared. “Look! The Andromeda Galaxy! Isn’t that amazing?” You beam at your boyfriend.

“What’s so amazing about it? It just looks like a blurry star,” He shrugs.

“What do you mean? Its the closest galaxy to ours! It has over a trillion stars and Merlin knows how many planets! Billions of nears from now, it will even collide with our galaxy! Isn’t that just fascinating?!” You ramble on. 

“You are so adorable.” He gushes, he leans towards you and gives you a soft kiss. Breaking away, you give a slight yawn.

“Let’s get you to bed, sleepy head, come on.” Draco crouches down and you crawl onto the blonde boy’s back. As you head back to your dorm, you drift off, dreaming about the stars that twinkle in Draco’s eyes.