Space Husbands

ok but my personal headcanon is Spock gets hellllla more flustered around Kirk than Kirk around Spock, it’s just not as noticeable cause of his ~vulcan control~ 

like the one time we sorta do see Spock’s feelings for Kirk - the overly angst ridden ‘when i feel friendship for you i feel ashamed’ scene in The Naked Time its like WOW 

Spock getting slightly greenish tinged ears when Kirk looks at him a bit too long, Spock having to control his breathing, Spock having to lower his heart rate around the captain, Spock restraining himself from reaching out, Spock still slipping up by gazing into Kirk’s eyes with a slight smile, Spock calling him ‘Jim’

Spock being insecure and wondering if jim likes him (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

 ( i need 293829 fics of this please and thank) 

all neat lil indicators of a wealth of hidden emotion tbh 


Hiya! The time come that my tablet said goodbye and went off with a dramatic flare (or just broke, but it doesn’t sound so good)- I need a new one (and to be honest, recently I have little to do work-related, too…). Because my basic rule is that can only buy art-related stuff with art-earned money, so here we are.

If you’re interested or have any questions e-mail me at gazdowna[at] (please, don’t use tumblr’s ask/fanmail system).

Detailed info under cut, thanks in advance for signal boost!

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I’ve heard that these are really fun, so I wanted to try it out! Summer just started for me and I’m gonna be super bored. I’d love to fill my time with your requests! Inbox me a number and something you want done (literally anything, but no nsfw sorry!) I’ll cut it off eventually, depends on how many I get. 

Picture Jim dressed (barely) as a catboy curling up on Spock’s lap and pawing at his crotch. Purring, “I want your cock…” And Spock goes the greenest he’s ever been.

And kitty Jim sucks on his cock so sweetly.

After that discovery Jim makes ‘prrrrp!’ noises off duty near Spock just to see him tense up and blush. Bones catches on pretty quickly and immediately begins torturing Spock over it.

“Someone has an illogical fetish~”

anonymous asked:

imagine baby giraffe spock and marshmelow jim kissing and holding hands in spocks room. imagine amanda calling them down to dinner. them both being a little jittery. both blushing extremely. jims glasses keep steaming up. imagine after dinner sarek and amanda stealth-looking out the window as spock says goodbye to jim, both not looking at each other, scuffing their shoes. going in for a kiss, and then looking elsewhere, several times before spock quickly kisses jims cheek & shuffling back inside

I can’t handle all this fluffiness.

I have been, and always shall be, your friend

My humble tribute to Leonard Nimoy, and I know this isn’t enough. 
I’ll be honest here - I’m not really in the Star Trek fandom. I’ve only watched the new films and loved them, so I kind of feel unworthy of this.

But anyways, even though I haven’t been following Nimoy’s career, I know that he was a remarkable human being and he will be missed dearly. 

So ST and Leonard Nimoy fans alike, I feel your pain and send you my love. 

May he rest in peace and his soul be bound in the bundle of life.

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au: sarek and his family visit the academy on earth for a diplomatic conference being hosted there and runs into kirk (literally, the dope is reading while walking) and they bicker a little but they keep bumping into each other serendipitously. amanda likes this geeky charming kiddo who is obviously crushing on her son, and encourages spock to go learn about his human heritage by hanging with the humans at his level. so for a long weekend, they do local human activities (and maybe share a kiss).

marshmallow Jim building a pillow fort for baby giraffe Spock so the can read books and maybe hold hands by accident…