Space Husbands

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I found all Spirk for this with the exception of a lone Spones, but I know there’s others out there with different pairings and there’s definitely more than these that I could find….but here we go!

Human!Spock + Vulcan!Spock

Spock? Or not to Spock? 

  • Spock/Kirk

Spock x Kirk. Somehow Spock has been split into his two conflicting halves! One is Human and one is Vulcan but they can both agree on one thing: they want Jim. Very Mature


  • Spock/Kirk

A transporter accident splits Spock into his human and Vulcan halves.

Nothing By Halves [a personal fave]

  • Spock/McCoy

McCoy wishes he could talk to Spock’s human half. After a transporter malfunction, he can.


Becoming Human

  • Spock/Kirk

Spock’s suddenly human. Jim’s helping him deal with the fallout while the crew fight to get Vulcan Spock back.

Matters of the Human Heart

  • Spock/Kirk

A transporter malfunction strips Spock’s Vulcan DNA and he rematerializes completely as human. Now he needs to cope with the fact that he’s become what he fought his whole life to escape. Written to the piano version of Calling to the Night from MGS.

Fic: Implicitly

Title: Implicitly
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Author: jaylee-g

Rating: NC-17          Pairing: Spirk

Summary: It had always been Spock; from the moment they met, it had been Spock. (Pon Farr)

Chapters: 1         Words: 5,212

Status: Oneshot