Ahhh, this question. I got it before something like it a while back. Well, for those who don’t know me, I’m China, the mod and artist for Spa Ponies, and creator of Cloudia if any of you care for OCs. When I first started Spa Ponies blog, I only did it because everyone else was kinda doign it, and it seemed like fun to jump the bandwagon since i was stilll kind of HORRIDLY OBSESSED WITH PONIES. I was very naive. So very naive, still am. But much so then. I didn’t know how to be my own person so i only went with the crowd and what was popular. I didn’t expect people to actually like my blog but appearently they did and wanted more. So I tried to stick it out and keep updating, but eventually, i hit a snag and started to absolutely despise anything ponies to the point where i would not even watch ponies or even have ponies on my dashboard or even discuss ponies with the friends i had made via the My Little Sweetheart project. I think the fandom became too overwhelming for me because people just expected so much out of me and i couldn’t or was too laid-back/lazy to deliever, and i saw how the fandom would treat its artists like slaves and i guess it fucking ticked me off. I’m not entirely sure.

Now? I’m kinda over it, but now I just want to move onto greener pastures, ya know? This fandom hit rock bottom a very long time ago, and I just wanted to jump ship. Hell, I even asked my pony-oriented friends if i should just close down my pony oriented blogs and they urged me not to and just leave them there incase i felt. I felt that was unfair to whoever even cares wants to read them. but really, i’ve come to a conclusion and i feel like i’m not even recieving enough recognition either, so with that and the fact that the fandom’s become kind of a cult, i just quit. Took Cloudia and am trying my best to make her more of my own character rather than an object of the mlp fandom, which is a little hard since the fandom is kinda like a virus. I really love quadrupedal cloudia and do want to keep her like this. but i am robbing her of her tramp stamp’d cutiemark.

don’t get me wrong, i did OK all the porn for her because i honestly do not care for rule 34/nsfw/lewd material, that’s not what turned me away from the fandom no, i’m open-minded about these things. i still really like the show, and love the great art for people can are able to create, and i met some really great people, but i think it’s just…a failed experiment for me. i am an artist who seeks recognition for what they do constantly, and if i see one thing isn’t working, i’m going to get off that ship faster than spider on speed (haha see what i did there?). if that sounds selfish and self-centered to you, so be it. sorry for having dreams and goals.

Princess Cadence: Great! And thank you both so much for taking their places on such short notice. Does any pony here have the instructions for the headdress?

Two of the spa ponies brought out a chest with the instructions on how to do the headdress. The chest was stowed away in the spa with the key for safe keeping.

The paper unfurls to reveal list as long as a royal banner.

Discord: Well, judging by the look of this list, I’d say it’ll take at least…three to four hours?

Keira: Yikes… I’m just glad that’s not my requests list or I don’t know what I’d do.

Rarity: I do agree, Keira. That is quite the list we got here… Oh, I do hope I can get this done before the games inspector arrives…

I just want to say thanks to you guys for still following my blog when I don’t really contribute anything. In good news tho I wanted to let you know I’ve moved out and have my own place now!! It’s very smol and I don’t have really any furniture but I’m hoping to get like a desk so I have a place to do work and crafts and make pony things and take pictures. I don’t have shelves yet either and all my ponies are in boxes but you’ll know when I feel up to getting them all out and having a pony spa day c: