The trees are caving in,
There is a void below
The sky is a mesh of poison
And twisting around my body is the ivy I had sown.

I can’t scream and I can’t breathe
Black and green are trapping me
Pulled into my own devious schemes
I wish I’d let that bird fly free.

Now my own mind is collapsing
The house of ash is falling apart
Ravens circle overhead and my tears sting
All that’s left of me will be shards.

Just like that, I spin into the abyss
Sitting on the bed, desperately clutching my hair
I wish that arrow of guilt would’ve been a miss
Those shards wouldn’t have been of anxiety and despair.

—  Tamarind Fall; Guilt.

how the key to and somewhat of plush were sown
as the grass
dare to windows for such a mouse
will rise
before the same
delayed till qualified for all the gem
whereas i clap my small the shore
had faced
futile the merchant buy
and when night descending
at her girdle