A quick note about INDIA

well… i got a question from an anon, asking me “where i live” ? 

Before getting in to that, i just wanna give a lil info about my country to my followers


  • India has 28 states 
  • There are more than 20 languages (hindi is not the only language spoken)
  • Hindi is widely spoken in India (They call hindi as National Language)
  • we have many religions  (Hinduism, Muslims, christians jains, sikhs, and many
  • Before some couple of centuries India was called as “BHARAT DESHA" 
  • Before Freedom Hindi was only spoken by North Indians  
  • We had Navy before 1000 years. Yeah it was by a south Indian king
  • There is always a rivalry between North and the South.
  • Before some thousand years back, there were multiple kings in India and they used to fight between themselves. Thats why my people are still following it
  • Till 19th century India was the only Wealthy country on Planet Earth [Look at us now….  … pfft ]
  • Till 1970’s India was the only destination to get Gold 

Big Cities: 

When i was young, we had only 4 big cities 

  • Delhi
  • Bombay (aka) Mumbai
  • Calcutta (aka) Kolkatta 
  • Madras  (aka)  Chennai

But now there are many big cities growing up. Here is link of the new grown up cities

South India: 

Well, many people think that India is all about Hindi and Bollywood. But ‘NO’ its not. We have beautiful south India too. And i just wanna give a little intro about it.

South India has four big cities 

  • Andhra Pradesh. (language spoken - Telugu) Film Industry is called as Tollywood
  • Kerala  (language spoken - Malayalam) Film Industry is called as Mollywood 
  • Karnataka  (language spoken - Kanada) Film Industry is called as Sandalwood Karnataka
  • TAMILNADU (language spoken - Tamil) Film Industry is called as kollywood 

Wikki it if you wanna know more about these cities.

 Sorry for my Worst English. Because English is  not my First Language. But i hope you guys understood my Dirty English.


Hampi, Karnataka, India.

Leaving Gokarna was hard work. I was pretty settled in by this point and was close to changing my mind to not leave at all. What really made the place was the people I was with and seeing as they were all leaving around the same time it made sense for me to aswell.
Mel, a new friend from America and I decided to head to Hampi, about 6 hours in land from Gokarna and boyyyyy O boyyy was it a good decision.
Stepping out of the car in Hampi felt like is just entered a whole new world. There’s a very powerful, positive energy surrounding this place and I got the feel for it immediately!
We got a cute little guesthouse called Sai Plaza on the opposite side of the river to the ruins. The street is small and lined with restaurants and hotels, it’s got a real peaceful feeling and from the restaurant at the bottom of our guesthouse we got a great view of the virupushka temple!
We spent our first day walking around the ruin complex and exploring the gianormous boulders. Everything here seems so surreal, it’s like an episode of the flint stones! We Hired bikes and rode out to the lake to dangle our feet in the cool water, on the ya we got lost and ended up in little villages with children chasing us out onto the road! it was so nice to see a village that hadn’t been hit by the tourist bomb, the people were so genuine and sweet :) we also climbed the 550 steps to the Monkey Temple which gave us amazing views over the whole of Hampi! And got caught in the middle of a festival whilst we were up there!
I Only had 3 days here but I can see why people stay for weeks…
The locals here are the friendliest I’ve met in India and the whole area has such a magical energy ✨ definitely bringing mum back here!