Southern punk rock


The Hokum High Rollers from New Orleans, LA


Opens Tonight, 6-8p:

Are Your Motives Pure? Raymond Pettibon Surfers 1987-2012”
 Raymond Pettibon
Venus Over Manhattan Gallery, 980 Madison Ave., NYC

first exhibition ever organized to focus exclusively on Raymond Pettibon’s ‘surfer paintings,’ bringing together forty works spanning a quarter century of the artist’s career. Since the 1970s, Los Angeles-based artist Raymond Pettibon has been metabolizing America - its history, literature, sports, religion, politics, and sexuality - in a barrage of drawings and paintings in a style born of comic books and the “do-it-yourself” aesthetic of Southern California punk rock album-covers, concert flyers, and fanzines. Limning a dizzying array of topics with his distinctive combinations of image and text, Pettibon has created a vocabulary of symbols that reappear consistently if enigmatically across his oeuvre. - thru May 17


7 Year Bitch: Gato Negro. 1996. Artwork: Jamie Hernandez. Art Direction & Design: 7 Year Bitch & Sung Lee-Crawford
The Makers: Tear Your World Apart. 1997. Double 7". Artwork: Jaime Hernandez. Design: Monster X
The Shame Idols: I Got Time. 1995. Artwork:Jaime Hernandez. Design: Monster X
Lung Leg: Maid To Minx. 1997. Artwork: Jamie Hernandez. Design: Divine Inc. & Marc Baines

me right now in 5 questions

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1. Music? a playlist of Southern Gothic/Rock, Alternative Punk Rock, Folk & Americana, Classic Rock

2. Book? We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

3. TV? The Hamilton Documentary

4. Style? Jeans, dress shirt, leather boots and jacket, black and white bandana

5. Feeling?

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I’m too low on spoons to make a header but some of my followers know that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve wanted to make a net for punks in the southern united states so here it is I’m finally doing it


  • Follow me
  • You gotta be living in the southern united states (tennessee, alabama, georgia, etc). If you’re from a state that’s disputed whether it’s about of the south or not, you’re welcome to apply.
  • You have to have a kik (sorry but it’s what usually easiest)
  • You also gotta like punk music my pal
  • If you’re ableist transphobic, homophobic, racist, etc you’re going to get kicked out of the chat tbh


  • Pals that are from this conservative hell hole too and like punk music

How To Enter:

  • Fill out this typeform that I didn’t spend a lot of time designing
  • Follow me (pxnkrocknerd)
  • Track the tag #southernpunxnet (Southern Punx Net)

Applications will probably close on the 31st depending on how many applications I get but it may go longer or shorter. If this gets less than 15 notes it never happened.

I’ll choose people after the applications close and make the chat, probably no more than 15-20 people