Southern Comfort


08x06 “Southern Comfort” // 10x03 “Soul Survivor”
11x22 “We Happy Few” // 11x23 “Alpha and Omega”

The Thing about Betrayal and Forgiveness

Part 19 of ∞ in the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”: A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series (Previous Part)

“What is sorry to me. I’ve spent millions of years crammed into that cage. Alone and afarid, wishing, begging for death because of you.”

- Amara in 11x22 “We Happy Few”

Sibling acts are tough. That much Supernatural has made clear over the seasons and with various mirror characters and siblings. In early S8 it’s the story of two local farmer boys who fought on oppsites sides during the civil war that serve as the Winchesters’ parallels (and of course also calls back to Sam and Dean in the grand scheme of things having been set up as opponents in the apocalypse with Dean as Michael’s vessel for Heaven and Sam and Lucifer’s vessel for Hell). And their unvoiced rensentments reach the surface when Dean gets possessed by the spectre and is about to kill Sam.

In that scenario we see Garth take the role that Dean plays in 11x23 “Alpha and Omega” - as God labeled Dean to be the “firewall between light and darkness”. He tries to get through to Dean by reminding him of the love and care Dean feels for Dean while temporarily it was muted and overshadowed by rage (in this regard it is important to note that the brother, who killed his sibling on the battlefield, later plagued by gullt brought his brother home). He tries to remind Dean of how he protected Sam always, that he doesn’t really want to kill him. The way Garth throws himself between Dean and Sam here and is able to get Dean to drop the coin just seconds before Dean would have shot Sam resembles how Demon!Dean in 10x03 “Soul Survivor” is stopped by Cas.

And of course, most of all, these two instances connect with Amara’s and Chuck’s story of betrayal, where God locked his sister away, turned her into the anatagonist and refused to meet up wither her but only goad her along trying to lock her away again, which lead to Amara lashing out and wounding Chuck life threateningly. When Dean meets Amara his words to Amara resemble those Garth once used to try and convince a possessed Dean to put down the gun. And he succeeds, talking about himself and Sam and their struggles and that they pulled through in the end, because they were everything they had left.

Next up in the series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:

“Human or Angel? On Castiel’s Trenchcoat”

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Ship meme Southern Comfort

eats breakfast food for dinner: They both do since Mina makes such good pancakes
turns the radio volume up until their ears bleed: Neither. Mina knows Archer is sensitive to sound
waves at random animals: Mina
binge-watches shows until 2 in the morning: Mina, while Archer is sleeping
takes all the pillows: Mina - for a pillow fight!
plays with rotating doors: probably Archer to hide the fact he got stuck
would 100% fight with a sword if they could: Michael (and can)
forgets every little thing: Archer
loves the thought of a double-date: probably Mina more
has to eat fast food, like, three times a week: I don’t think either of them especially like fast food. Mina can make burgers and fries as good as any joint, so it’d only be going to go out.
enjoys hugs: BOTH
could kill with a stare if their partner is flirted with: Mina and Michael
remembers all the holidays and goes above and beyond on gifts: Mina
would cosplay as their favorite character: Michael
stares dreamily at their partner like they’re the sun and stars: BOTH
could fall and still look annoyingly perfect: Mina
loves pumpkin spice, like so much: Mina! And chocolate mint, and blueberry lemon, and …
would fight for their partner’s honor: That one’s tricky. Michael would be more inclined to physically fight. Mina would be passive aggressive about it, for example slowly buying all the stock out from under the person she’s pissed at until she owns the majority. Archer would defend Mina more, because he knows Michael don’t take no shit from no one.

But what about the Unified Kylux Universe?

A fic where Snoke sends Kylo and Hux in a quest to different realities to meet and learn from their dopplegangers.

Imagine Kylo learning to be more diplomatic with Kylo Amidala, while also getting in touch with a part of his heritage he never cared too much about. And then he goes to find slave!Kylo from whom he learns compliance and selflessness from him (while maybe getting some unwanted tips on how to please the General.)

Smuggler!Kylo teaches him how to be more roguish and carefree. Prostitute!Kylo shows him how to take advantage of people’s desires and how to make himself the most desirable thing.

All while Hux meets Emperor Hux and learns possible strategies to rise to the power himself. He has a pleasant conversation with MySpace Hux about how to lure people close enough to strike and about the importance of having a proper education.

He doesn’t appreciate Blue Milkshake Hux because of his pacifism but he does respect the man for going so far because of his beliefs. In the end he even wishes for his pink haired doppleganger to be happy in exile. Southern Gothic Hux, thick as he is, shows Hux how to better train and use his body, while dropping heavy hints on how to turn Kylo a moaning mess.

They skip from AU in AU learnign their own secrets and growing stronger and stronger.

Children Wake Up, though, is too painful for both of them - too close to their own reality, too real and just no… they are here to learn and strenghten their beliefs and loyalties not to dwell on this kind of emotional enterprise.

When they come back they have became different people, strong enough to tip the scales in First Order’s favor. Except that now tha they’d seen all those possibilities they don’t know if that’s what they truly want.

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Send me “🌸“ for my muse’s reaction to yours giving them a Valentine’s bouquet!

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The bouquet was almost bigger than she was. The crystal vase itself took both arms to wrap around, it was so big. She’d never seen that many red roses at once outside a florist shop. She was already smiling when he moved in for part two.

It wasn’t very easy for him to get to her over the armful of flowers, but his height helped a lot. It was also a good thing he was holding her shoulders, or she would have swooned. She barely managed to keep hold of the vase as he kissed her so sweetly. 

When the kiss ended, she blindly found the nearest surface and slid the flowers onto it before just as wordlessly sliding her arms around him, and burying her face in his chest. He’d managed to surprise her, but not with the flowers, with the wonderful emotion he’d given her in that simple kiss.