Southern Comfort


8x06 “Southern Comfort” // 11x22 “We Happy Few”
Not Looking vs. Loo(ck)ing Away

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

I can’t help but feel that this moment here is actually one that applies really well to Dean’s betrayal felt over Sam not looking for him when he was banished to purgatory and Amara’s betrayal felt over her brother locking her away. I know it’s a tricky and touchy subject in this fandom and Sam not looking for Dean because he was holding on to the last agreement him and Dean had is of course something drastically different than God actively locking his sister away and ignoring her pain and fear, but this is not about placing blame on God or Sam here. My focus is on Dean and Amara and what they felt. And they felt let down, betrayed, left alone. So there lies the focus here, because it’s this betrayal felt that also explains why Amara empathized as strongly with Dean as she did, why Dean was so vulnerable to the mark and its powers: They struggled with the same issues and possibly on a subconscious level felt comforted by the thought of not being the only one to have felt that way, but being understood. Just look at Dean’s face when Amara says she was “begging for death”. That’s not just pain felt over her fate imo, it is possibly remembering how he once felt when he thought his brother left him to die seemingly not caring.