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Point Pleasant, WV

New Beyoncé: Formation

Beyoncé always has surprises up her sleeves. In the official video for the up-beat track, Formation, B celebrates her Black Southern heritage. She shows us Black Feminism, the effects of Katrina that are still hurting New Orleans and the problem with Black lives and police brutality. 


The Southern strategy has failed Republicans more than it has succeeded over the last 6 presidential elections: it lost to a black president twice, and Bill Clinton, being a southerner himself, actually took advantage of the South’s political homogeneity. For all intents and purposes, white, subtly racist and fundamentalist Christian people have failed the GOP. Or the GOP has failed them by rewarding their bigotry, and not seeking to correct their anti-diversity and anti-multiculturalism attitudes.
—  Levi Olson

Louisiana Voodoo: A sect of African Voodoo, knowledge of herbs, poisons, the ritual creation of charms and amulets, and the intension to protect oneself or harm others are key elements of Louisiana Voodoo. Voodoo queens have great power in their communities, are ritual leaders, and draw crowds to buy their magical products, such as “gris gris” amulets and spells that will grant the customers desire. There also Voodoo kings, their male equivalent.