luna/ginny post-war headcanon
  • luna and ginny start dating a few years after the battle of hogwarts
  • the sparkle happens in angelina’s and george’s wedding, where ginny has to blink a few times because luna looks absolutely stunning, in a shiny, see-through silver dress with her hair tied up in two braids
  • they talk about luna’s magical creatures studies and the months she spent in south america, and ginny tells her all about her quidditch ambitions (and her amicable break up with harry)
  • they kiss at the end of the night, with luna’s cheeks warm with firewhiskey and ginny completely drunk on her beauty
  • they go on a few dates after that, until it’s luna the one who asks “but we’re girlfriends, right?”
  • ginny becomes chaser of the holyhead harpies shortly after, and luna automatically becomes their number one fan
  • she never misses a match, and always runs to hug and kiss ginny right after it, even if she protects because she looks disgusting and sweaty, pretty much to the grins of all of ginny’s teammates
  • “love, you know i can’t wear the necklace during a match”
    “but it’s not a necklace it’s a charm for keeping away the nargles”
  • (luna ends up wearing two of them just in case, because there’s not such thing as too much protection from the nargles)
  • luna sometimes travels a lot, to america, sweden or even bulgaria to work with charlie and his dragons, but always comes back with kisses and stories and souvenirs (and only like a scratched knee or two, or a nasty scar under an eye)
  • their third anniversary is spent at the quidditch’s world cup, where ginny is playing the final along the england national team
  • (they win, of course, but the celebration ends up to be a private one as they sneak away while snogging)
  • they move in together to a little cottage in the south-east of england they have both fell in love with, it has enough space for ginny to fly and practice, and it reminds luna of home
  • luna paints the entire house in light blue and yellow, casts spells of protection and hangs flowers off the ceiling; and ginny just let’s her do whatever she wants because there’s nothing more beautiful to her than luna doing something she loves and enjoys (even with smears of paint all over her nose)
  • the weasleys love luna to pieces, and there is always a sweater with an ‘L’ on it for her every single christmas at the burrow
  • and luna’s father absolutely adores ginny and their conversations about how maybe this is year when the chudley cannons win something
  • they get married in ireland, the day of their seventh anniversary, in a very private and small ceremony near a lake, surrounded by nature
  • xenophilius lovegood spends the entire wedding sobbing, but not as loudly as seamus finnigan does
  • they plan their honeymoon in japan, where luna falls in love with a shiba inu puppy
  • they take her home, calling her nargle

for @thunderbjrd who won personal favourite at faye and i tumblr’s awards

*cracks knuckles* Heavy is my fave, here’s some headcanons

  • He’s a very light sleeper. Even if he creaks the bed a little he’ll bolt up fully alert like whatwasthat
  • Has a lot of scars on his back from the gulag. He’d take beatings for his sisters and mother because he needed to protect them and knew he could take it.
  • Lost 3 toes to frostbite, pinkie on his left, pinkie and fourth toe on his right.

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Hi folks, I’m Sam!

I come from South East England (Brighton specifically) and at the moment I’m struggling slightly with my identity. Up until recently I was sure I was a trans man, but now I wonder if I’m perhaps non-binary instead (with still a strong connection to masculinity).

Regardless of identity, I very much love presenting as femme as you can see from my selfie. I am also mentally ill, with depression and anxiety at the very least (there is a chance there’s more).

Please come and say hi if you want to! The username is @gorilla-quentin


Ten things I would not be sad to see die in HEMA forums

1. “What sword/kit should I buy?”

Unless you are training on your own, this is not a question you should ever bother a HEMA forum with.


The internet doesn’t know where or what you train, your instructor does. They are up to speed on what is available and what is suitable for your training.

A particular chestnut in forums is questions about gloves - there is no easy answer to this and when you have found the perfect glove come back to us, but don’t ask the entire HEMA community what to buy. The quest goes on.

2. “Are there any clubs near me?”

Use the HEMA Alliance Club finder. If you are in the U.K. You also have the option of looking in the UK HEMA group where they list clubs in the pinned post. You are often at the mercy of geography and have to go with whatever is available.

If you are fortunate to live in the south east of England you can train a different system or weapon every single night of the week if you wish.

Be prepared to travel. If you can’t or won’t travel get to events instead and use YouTube and the Wiktenauer. Find a training partner asap.

3. “Thanks for adding me! 😊❤️❤️”

Unless the forum is quite small and cosy and introducing yourself is encouraged, save it. Yes you are a wonderful human being and we are glad to have you but if you want to make friends the best way is to join a conversation on a thread, or look up Find The Bind HEMA Romance and Social. Chat to your clubmates even.


Before you ask a question in a forum do your homework first: do a google search, and search in the forum you’re about to interrogate - you will more than likely find several threads on the topic which will answer your need. If you really can’t get what you’re looking for then plug into the HEMA hive mind.

5. “Feders or blunts?”

See 1 and 4.

6. “Parries with the flat or edge?”

This was disputed by only one person and soundly debunked by solid evidence many years ago. Edge.

7. “What should I wear?”/“Why don’t HEMA people wear historical garb?”

Marcos has done several excellent posts on this topic. The short answers are:

see number 1


because we have different goals to communities that put an emphasis on garb. We are interested in how people fight, less what they look like. That said - a HEMA uniformity is evolving as the pastime grows and manufactured goods improve.

8. “Which weapon would win?” This one really needs to die in a fire, this and the “knight versus samurai” scenarios. Please. Stop.

Okay, if it’s really that important to you there are some good discussions on YouTube where you can thrash it out in the comments section. Just don’t discuss this in HEMA forums because after all it’s about applying the theory in a practical situation, not discussing it endlessly. Pick up a weapon and try it out.

9. “Wow look at this cool UWM/lightsabre battle/botn thing I found.”

As per above, check 15 other people haven’t already posted this thing before you this month. Also - none of that stuff is HEMA, ours is a very small niche pastime and it’s better to see our own community being promoted instead of signal-boosting someone bigger.

10. “Tournaments are killing the aaaaaart!”

Okay up until here most of these are typical Newbie questions and reactions. This last one, and personally the most infuriating, is touted by those who really ought to know better: custodians of HEMA from days gone by, when slowly miming plays with shinai was de rigeur and nobody had ever heard of a feder.

What these ancient warriors fail to take into account is that competition and testing skills under pressure was integral to sword culture, and that in modern times it has driven the growth of HEMA - from products, to better fencing, to research to greater visibility. We don’t get to choose the direction the majority takes us, but bitching about things you don’t like (and yes I see the irony here) is the least productive path - The best revenge is to be awesome.

the fan analysis

so i was watching dan’s 2013 videos the other day, and something caught my eye in “How NOT to Stay Cool” - 19th July 2013 and you see this fan? (he’s holding it rn) and i noticed something he said. at 3:57 he says “yeah thats great at night when I’m trying to sleep next to it” (referring to the beeping noise the fan makes)

i then remembered something i saw in one of cat’s vlogs, “LONDON BOUND: Day 1” - 15th august 2013. and yep, at 5:53, right on the bed stand, it’s the same fan. and since i live in the south east of england as well, i can confirm that it was still as boiling hot in august 2013 as it was in july 2013. why would dan have gotten rid of his fan just so phil can be cooler? (unless they were sleeping in the same room YOU SEE WHAT I'M GETTING AT HERE)

moments earlier, at 5:50, we hear cat say “i don’t know if i should film in here..” and quietly in the background we just about hear phil say “yeah you can yeah” if you go watch the video, he almost seems unsure.

*this is the point I go creepy stalker mode*

i had a poke around the videos and, isn’t the fan on the opposite side of the bed to which phil sleeps on? we see this in all the day in the life videos, this scene is from “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!” at 0:11.

later in the same video, dan goes to wake dan up.

(this is at 0:35) first thing i notice, his water glass on his bedside table is basically full - it hasn’t been touched *side note* who actually wakes up in this position?

a few shots later, we get a clearer, wider shot view of his bed. look at how his bed sheets appear. the bottom sheet only has lines where his body is pressing down on the mattress, not the wrinkles you would get had he been in that bed all night. his pillow is also hardly touched at all, the only creases are where his head has just been rested down.

if he had been sleeping in that bed, surely his duvet would also be spread wider over the bed, the pillow would be flatter and the other pillow wouldn’t be quite so fluffed up.

unless he had been completely still on his back all night, it appears that he did not sleep in this bed.

ohh, he’s on the wrong side of the bed as well…

“I Can’t Sleep” 30th august 2012 - 1:45 - right hand side

“How To Get Out of Bed” 28th January 2014 - 3:47 - right hand side, pillows and sheet messed up from moving around to film (pretty sure people move around in the night as well? well apparently not according to dan…)

so there we go! that analysis over… in conclusion, it seems as if they had been sharing a bed, going from dates and positioning of the fan, it just adds up..

*disclaimer* i am just suggesting that they sleep in the same bed. i am not claiming phan is real (as much as i wish it was)

ending thoughts

at the beginning of “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil in London!” phil seems far too awake to have just woken up. he is talking loudly and clearly, eyes wide open and only squints and yawns when he says he has just woken up (i’m ngl that yawn is so fake, go watch 0:02) and then his glasses are conveniently placed on his lap… all prepared…

ohh and when he goes to wake dan up, we can hear dan’s voice very clearly through the door, he sounds awake enough… (compare to his waking up voice in ditl in manchester for reference) his eyes too are wide open and as i said earlier, who really wakes up and stays in this position until your friend comes and wakes you up?

and one final thing, phil says the time he wakes up is 10:30am, when him, dan and chris are in the pub, dan say’s phil put the cat sticker on his arm at 10am… i know it is a general time and there is a large margin of error, but it’s just a suggestion!

*edit* ohh and one last thing! thank you to the amazing ’thepurplehedgehogs’ for pointing out that his hair is already straightened and styled in the ditl. much love tyvm

The Devil's Footprints

The Devil’s Footprints were a phenomenon that occurred during February 1855 around the Exe Estuary in East and South Devon, England. After a heavy snowfall, trails of hoof-like marks appeared overnight in the snow covering a total distance of some 40 to 100 miles (60 to 160 km).

“It appears on Thursday night last, there was a very heavy snowfall in the neighbourhood of Exeter and the South of Devon. On the following morning the inhabitants of the above towns were surprised at discovering the footmarks of some strange and mysterious animal endowed with the power of ubiquity, as the footprints were to be seen in all kinds of unaccountable places – on the tops of houses and narrow walls, in gardens and court-yards, enclosed by high walls and pailings, as well in open fields.” - said a news report, 1855.

An example of the tracks as shown by The Illustrated London News, 1855.