WENDY: Craig? I got your voicemail, are you okay?
WENDY: I haven’t heard from you in months.
CRAIG: I’m fine. I’m good.
CRAIG: Look, can you do me a favor? It’s kind of important.
WENDY: Okay?
CRAIG: I need you to pick me up at SFO in, like, six hours.
WENDY: What? But- That’s the middle of the night!
CRAIG: I know when it is.

WENDY: Okay, um, where are you flying in from?
CRAIG: New York.
WENDY: Why were you in New York?
CRAIG: I wasn’t. I was in Pakistan.
CRAIG: I was going to tell you this thing months ago, but I had to leave Egypt earlier than I thought.
CRAIG: My phone got kind of fucked up, then I got E. Coli… I just have to tell you something.
WENDY: Why can’t you tell me now?
CRAIG: Because I’ll look like an asshole.
WENDY: I hate to break it to you, but…
CRAIG: I know. Plane boards in twenty. If you can’t come, I’ll just take a cab-
WENDY: No, no, of course I’ll be there.
WENDY: Of course.



I can’t believe I finally finished this project.
Also gave them abs.

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