The best shots from a journey through Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.

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Patrick & Marcel (MapArtstudio)

Anger over 'whitefella way' advice

A South Australian peak housing organisation is under fire for a pamphlet that advises Aboriginal people how to care for their houses the "whitefella way". The brochure, which was produced by Shelter SA, contains advice including ‘always pay your rent’, 'look after your garden’, 'put out your rubbish bins’ and 'don’t let friends or family drink or argue in the street’. Pitjantjatjara woman Keima Forbes told SBS she was so outraged by the brochure that she called Shelter SA to complain.

What is “whitefella way” exactly? Is it not taking care of the land and desecrating sacred sites of great importance? Someone tell me. This reeks of assimilation and paternalism. Yuck.


Two signs on South Australia’s Riesling Trail, through the Clare Valley. It is a former railway line that passes near many of the region’s wineries (notable for their Rieslings, hence the name). The trail is now for the shared use of walkers, cyclists … and UFOs ???

First two were done by Elo at Coastal ink FX in Adelaide, South Australia.
Second two are done by Simone at House of Daggers in Adelaide, South Australia. I did however, take my own vegan transfer paper, vaseline alternative (ultrabalm from lush is good) and vegan soap! 

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