White women helped build the Confederate statues sparking conflict across the South

  • The job of ensconcing Confederate glory and white dominion traditionally belonged to white women operating within stereotypical gender roles: tending children, influencing education and beautifying the landscape. 
  • That’s actually the reason we have so many of these Confederate monuments to begin with.
  • White women, explained historian and Western Carolina University professor Elizabeth McRae, “did all … kind[s] of work to sustain the ideology and politics of white supremacy” in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 
  • Men may be the “spokespeople” for the kind of rhetoric on display in Charlottesville, McRae acknowledged, but white women have always done the “daily, mundane work” of ensuring that “the public history of the nation … privileged white experiences and white leaders.” Read more (8/16/17)

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Holloway by Matt Emmett
Via Flickr:
The final shot I took of the Holloway on the South Downs.