Clearing Necro-Festation

Back from the final exams, after all, I can finally use the free time just to relax and continue my SFM artwork. DS1 was one of best sci fi horror games that I played back then so I decided to think of doing this artwork and thanks to N7Legion for the Soldier RIG

Tools used: SFM, Picmonkey and GIMP

Credit goes to N7Legion for extracting the DS Soldier RIG model to Source Engine and it’s on gmod as a newly recent released, just use the gmadextractor to extract it to SFM.


[SFM] Hotel Goji

got some spagetty


Overmunch Cereal Commercial

The future’s greatest heroes need the world’s greatest cereal tie-in!

New, from Blizzard foods, it’s Overmunch! A flavor-assaulted, sugary cereal of epic proportions!

But watch out, because the evil Dr. Reaper and his fiendish flunky, Widowmaker are out to steal all the Overmunch for the annual Talon Summer Hullabaloo!

Find Overmunch in the breakfast isle of your favorite grocer, in useless tiny boxes on a craft services table, or in a Costco three pack with other Blizzard cereals!

Big thanks to the voice actors who lent me their talents for the projects,

@zitoisneato as Reaper

@ghostlykick as Tracer