DR DOG show in Montreal 2014

DR DOG + SAINT RICH performed at Cabaret du Mile End on January 29th, 2014. Fantastic show!

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Unfortunately, Egyptian history is full of violations of the essential rights of minorities and vulnerable groups.

On November 2, 1945, anti-British, anti-Zionist (and anti-Jewish) demonstrations took place in Cairo on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. A synagogue was burned down, 27 Torah scrolls were desecrated, and a soup kitchen, a home for the aged, a shelter for poor transients, the Jewish hospital, the quarters of the Art Society and several Jewish public buildings were damaged or destroyed [7].

After the 1948 war, a hostile environment against Jews strengthened, as they were suspected of acting as a “fifth column” for Israel. After the 1952 coup, Jews were subject to detention, deportation and sequestration. At least 900 Jews had been arrested as of December 7, 1956 [8]. In the mid-50s, then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser started his policy of nationalization, which had a devastating impact on the Jewish community, as they controlled a broad sector of the Egyptian economy. American diplomats noted that sequestration decisions were filed against 539 Jews by name and 105 firms, in addition to Jews covered in the sequential orders filed against British and French nationals [9].

In November 1956, the regime modified its citizenship and nationality laws in order to keep Jews and other minorities from becoming Egyptian citizens [10]. The situation became more complicated at the end of November, by when at least 500 Egyptian and stateless Jews had been expelled from Egypt [11], not including a considerable number of Jewish citizens of Britain and France. Most of the expellees were heads of families. They were ordered to leave the country within two to seven days. In most cases, the individual served with a deportation order was responsible for supporting his family, so all members of the family would have to leave the country [12]. Thus, this measure lead finally to the mass migration of Jews. They almost vanished from Egypt.

When life is simple, I don’t need much to live.

I don’t need much to pursue my passion. A cup of coffee, a place to write, and my thoughts tumbling onto the page will do just fine.

I don’t need much to cultivate meaningful relationships. A pretty girl, a full-belly sunset, and a good conversation sound just right to me.

I don’t need much to live a healthy life. Daily exercise, healthy foods, and plenty of breathing while walking keeps me living healthily.

I don’t need much to contribute to others. A day at a soup kitchen, an afternoon with Habitat for Humanity, and some advice for a friend in need goes a long way.

I don’t need much to grow as an individual. Daily action, small incremental changes, and a commitment to constantly improve my life will keep me growing.

I don’t need much to live a meaningful life. And neither do you.

—  Joshua Fields Millburn

occasionally the activists who are still occupying the bank in town post some updates (the one that i just saw was this, a ton of police cars and vans that have come because of a street theatre performance) and on probably every single status they’ve made so far, there has been someone who has commented with something along the lines of ‘i work with homeless people/run a food bank/do soup kitchen stuff/etc…. but this is destruction of private property, landlord landlord landlord rent trespass blah blah blah’. how fucked does your relationship to poverty have to be that you can only stand a dynamic where people are really obviously vulnerable and you are in a position of at least implied authority over them? like if you’re taking some kind of moralistic pleasure from hanging out with homeless people when they gotta queue up to get food off you but the sight of people reclaiming empty buildings and regaining some autonomy over their situation makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s pretty messed up. ppl who make a distinction between deserving and underserving poor have victorian era morality and are also functionally useless in fighting oppression.


Ok guys, as per this ask, and because you can never have enough acts of kindness, we’d like to propose a little idea for celebrating Misha reaching 2 Million Twitter followers.

We’re taking inspiration from Gishwhes 2013 Item 45: “IMAGE: Strike up a conversation with a homeless person, talk to them until you know their first name, where they are from, and what their favorite food is. Bring them that food and, if they give you permission, take your picture with them and their meal.”

And asking everyone to do this, or donate food to a shelter, or whatever act of kindness you want and either tweet Misha the photo or send him a postcard at:

Misha Collins
1920 Hillhurst Ave. Unit 170
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Make sure you attach a message! Add something like “Congrats on reaching 2 Million Followers! In celebration I took ___ out for his favorite meal/donated food hampers to our local homeless shelter/volunteered in a soup kitchen, etc”

Misha’s spoken so many times about galvanising the creative force of his followers/fandom for good, what better way to celebrate a massive follower milestone than by a great wave of kindness.

A BIG thank you to team-vampirates​ & necnill for allowing us to use their Item 45 submittal in our example postcard!

[Edit] Some of our followers pointed out that fans could also donate to Misha’s Dreams2Act and you can add a message when you donate!

Miners' wives and girlfriends in the fight against pit closures and Sexism

Miners’ wives try to prevent a coach leaving Garth Colliery during the 1984-85

Wives, mothers and fighters
by Norah Carlin(1984)

The miners’ strike has seen both very backward sexist attitudes from some miners and a wonderful mobilisation of miners’ wives and girlfriends to help win the strike.The best story of the last month was the one about the policeman who looked into a car carrying Yorkshire miners’ wives to a picket in Nottinghamshire. “Right, ladies, on you go,” he said. “We’re looking for pickets, but we can see you’re not pickets.”

Miners’ wives and girlfriends all over the country have been organising to support the strike. They have moved from setting up soup kitchens and collecting money to demonstrating and actual picketing. In all this, they have re-established in a very public way the solidarity of working class women with their men when their families’ livelihood is at stake and their communities under threat.

This solidarity among miners’ families is far from new, and militant action by miners’ wives goes back a long way. In 1844, women drove off Cornish scabs from a striking colliery m Durham: In Lancashire in 1868 and 1881 they also helped to drive away blacklegs and addressed large open-air meetings in support of the strikers. At Murton in Durham in 1910 men, women and children together raided stocks of coal at the pithead to heat their homes during a strike.


The commonest kind of action by women during miners’ strikes, however, was always the harassment of local scabs outside their homes with “rough music” - banging, shouting, parading with flags on clothes props or dressed in funny costumes.

The tradition is centuries old, and it happened as late as 1935 in the Durham area.So it should not come as a surprise that women have been involved in the current strike. But the miners’ history and traditions are often represented as being hostile to women from at least the time of the 1842 Mines Act that banned women from underground work.

The “traditional” working class family with the full-time housewife and large numbers of children was strongest in mining communities, and it is a pattern which we now see as oppressive for women.There can be no denying that present-day miners are often sexist, with naked pin-ups in miners’ papers and strikers on demonstrations chanting “Show us your tits” at passing young women.

But young married miners minding the kids while their wives travel to picket lines, and the enthusiastic welcome given to women’s contingents on recent demonstrations, show that there is another side to the picture…..

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Last night I had this dream about a Beauty and the Beast AU that was like modern day and it was kinda fucking cute???

Like, the Beast was cursed when he was 16 and had until his 21st birthday and when he was 18, he thought he found his Beauty in a girl. They spent some time together and he thought he was falling in love and then, one day, he was like, “Yeah, this isn’t working.” and she was all like “huuuuuuh?” and he was like “I think I’m gay.”

And the two became bffs and there was this amazing platonic relationship and as it drew closer to his 21st birthday, he finally met him. His Beauty. 

Who ended up being this super hardcore biker dude with tattoos and an undercut who was also fucking the sweetest thing ever who helped out at soup kitchens and was part of of a biker gang who spoke out against child abuse.

I wanted to know how it ended because it was fucking cute BUT I WOKE UP UGH

Even if you don’t factor race or gender into the applications process, it’s more complicated than just GPA. Example:

Student A took standard courses with a couple of Honors courses thrown in and got a 3.9 GPA. They got a 1760 on the SAT. They played JV volleyball, but never made varsity and no schools recruited them for collegiate athletics. They were a member of Anime Club for two semesters, but stopped going. The personal statement prompt for the college application asks the applicant to describe a time they overcame adversity, and this student writes about recovering from a sprained ankle in time for the volleyball playoffs.

Student B took mostly Honors courses with a couple of standard and AP courses thrown in and got a 3.1 GPA. They got a 2100 on the SAT. They were on the debate team (and won awards at convention), founded a filmmaking club, acted in a school play and several plays outside of school, and volunteered sometimes at the soup kitchen. Answering the same prompt, this student talks about graduating in spite of having dyslexia and having to work part-time to help with bills at home.

Which one do you pick?

Today i provide you with a Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup, you’re welcome.

The prep time is 5 mintues while the cook time is close to 20 mintues, searves like 4 - 6 cupc/bowls. *Please note this is not gluten-free.

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