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Hmm...if you haven't done this already, how about some headcanons of the TFP Decepticons trying their hand at doing their s/o's makeup???

omfg yes??

Decepticons (TFP)

  • Megatron would give you warpaint. No doubt about it. It’s well done, granted, and makes you look badass, but it’s… a little much. Definitely not the guy you want to go to when you want some makeup done for picture day at school.

  • Soundwave would actually be great at it, having spent a lot more time on the Internet than any of the other ‘cons, so he has a pretty good idea of what humans consider to be “fashionable” in this age. Using both his servos and his tendrils makes for extremely efficient work, and you look bomb.

  • Starscream wouldn’t be awful at it, but those claws force you to require an insane amount of trust to put into him. He’s alright, but he’d also be inexperienced enough to try and accidentally put lipstick on your eyelids, or something equally as absurd.

  • Knockout, naturally, would be incredible at it. the Jeffree Star of Cybertron. He makes you look so hot, you turn yourself on.

  • Breakdown isn’t great at it because he’s so inexperienced, but he’s also got a steady hand and good design choices. It might take a while, but you do end up looking pretty great after he’s done. You gladly show it off to your friends.

  • Shockwave is just… a mess. Having only one hand makes it difficult to apply the makeup, so he has to stop before he hurts you. However, he does end up making flawless makeup formulas in his lab, matching exactly to your skin tone. 

Stalker/Machine Wars Soundwave Conversion Kit and NES Zapper

In-hand pictures of my Hardhead-to-Stalker/MW Soundwave kit from Shapeways, printed in White, Strong and Flexible Plastic, and my 5mm NES Zapper, printed in Red Polished Strong and Flexible Plastic (with a guest appearance by Pokefusion Arbduck).

Both of these kits are available for sale here.

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Good evening, my Queen! May I have some TFP Bee, Optimus, Soundwave, and Knockout reactions to seeing their human s/o sleeping in a self-made cocoon of pillows? Thank you ~♡

omfg i live for beds

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Knockout (TFP)

  • Bumblebee would screech with vocal feedback at how fragging precious you look, all bundled up in softness and swaddled like a baby in comfort. He’d have a hard time leaving you, and ultimately ends up joining you instead, curling around your entire cocoon of warmth and letting his engine rumble and whir away. 

  • Optimus would stand in the doorway and gaze at you with a longing look in his optics, as if he were reminiscing having his own cocoon of pillows and blankets to sleep in. He silently walks over beside you and plants a gentle kiss on your cheek, stroking your hair with one finger before moving away and out of your room as not to disturb you any longer.

  • Soundwave, normally so conscious to be stoic, would noticeably relax at the simple sight of you so snuggled up in pillows. He’d walk to you and sit beside you, letting his tendrils delicately trace lines up and down your body while you sleep. He’s careful not to get too carried away, however, and will do anything he can just to stay close to you all night.

  • Knockout would immediately want to try that as well, piling up huge mounds of pillows and plush blankets to make a cocoon big enough to hold him. He picks up your cocoon and places it beside him inside his own pile, and then lays down around you and falls asleep nearly immediately, with a goofy, blissed-out grin plastered on his faceplates.

Acoustic Levitation

At the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, scientists have been experimenting with sound waves and pharmaceutical solutions, levitating soluble drops between two speakers facing each other. While their research has produced some visually fascinating results, it has also led to the discovery of a far more effective method for creating amorphous drugs, which happen to be the more desirable of two forms that pharmaceutical drugs can take.Watch Video Here. 

GIFs by Science-llama

An artist teamed up with a sound designer to turn songs into ceramic objects. After some experimentation with sound waves and a 3D printer, Ricky van Broekhoven and Olivier van Herpt successfully used noisescapes to make beautifully patterned objects that are a tangible representation of the audio that created them. 

All images via: Olivier van Herpt

Source   Source 2

Fighting Fire with Sound

I throw more power into my voice, and now the flame is extinguished,” wrote Irish scientist John Tyndall in 1857, upon realising that soundwaves could be used to put out fires. Over a century later, scientists are still trying to determine why this is so. A research team from the University of West Georgia have experimented on sound and fire in a zero-g environment for possible applications on spacecrafts, as water is not an efficient extinguisher without gravity. The researchers placed a lit candle in a topless chamber, then blasted Nickelback’s How You Remind Me through bass speakers—and within 10 seconds, when the song hit a low note of about 40-50 hertz, the flame extinguished. Perhaps the music was so horrible that the flame went out in disgust, but a more likely theory is that the soundwaves caused the pressure around the flame to drop, forcing it to extinguish. Sound is basically a vibration of particles in the air, travelling out in a wave—i.e., in a pattern of varying of pressure. Since temperature, pressure and volume are related, a decrease in pressure could lead to a decrease in temperature, thus extinguishing the flame. This technique could not only be used to put out fires on the International Space Station and Space Shuttle, but also in more conventional settings such as computer server rooms, where water damage from normal extinguishers would be costly.

Read the original report on the experiment by Dmitriy Plaks