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Mads Mikkelsen - Photo Session (2009) by Photographer Kenneth Willardt.

Song: ‘My Funny Valentine’ by Chaka Kahn on the ‘Waiting to Exhale’ (1995) Soundtrack Written and Produced by BabyFace for Arista Records.

(Full Video):→ https://youtu.be/vQQTwOjek-M
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The In Dream soundtrack cover music box from Lord of the Rings movie with White Tree of Gondor motif - Tolkien https://www.etsy.com/listing/522109300/lord-of-the-rings-soundtrack-cover-and

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Moon vs. The Lizard
Brian H. Kim
Moon vs. The Lizard

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Battle for Mewni (Moon the Undaunted).

FINALLY Moon’s backstory. Toffee’s big entrance in his functionally useless but super sexy mesh top. And Moon diving into some dark magic, with Eclipsa’s help, thus making a deal that may come back to bite her decades later.

It was really important in this cue to make clear that this spell Moon is casting, even though it seems necessary and brave at the time, is probably a really bad idea. So the music isn’t particularly heroic or magical, like most magic cues in the show. Even when she succeeds (more or less?), it’s still kinda “oh sh-t.”


What is it about the Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection series that makes them so appealing? Is it the Mary Blair-esque packaging by Lorelay Bove? The small reproductions of the original concept art and character designs found inside? Or maybe it’s just the way they’re put together like tiny, little hardcover ‘Art Of’ books?

It’s all of this.

And THE MUSIC. Definitely the music!

all pics by le jolly roger


0:00 - 3:20 / dark diana

3:20 - 4:09 / soft epic tragic wondertrev