Sounds like a 'ton' of money

kent parson can sing

i dont mean like hes ok at it either. no. this boy can SING

  • he mostly just sings in the shower and shit
    • hes always loved gettin down to pop music but hes never been into music so to speak
    • like hes never rlly played an instrument or any of that 
    • he definitely doesnt know how to read sheet music no sirree
    • he cant harmonize easily or sight sing or anything technical mainly just cause hes never really tried
    • but hell he has PIPES and his voice is smooth as butter
    • but no one knows this except for kit purrson and jack ‘soft singing comforted teenage me when my anxiety flared up’ zimmermann
  • one day the aces PR are making videos and they decide to stage a sing-off
    • they get 3 of the aces including kent ofc bc whats aces promotional material without certified heartthrob and team captain kent v parson
    • each of them is told to pick 3 songs and theyll do one at a time for 3 rounds and their teammates will judge
    • the aces being in vegas they have a shit ton of money so they really deck it out, they bring in tech people to set up fancy lights and screens and shit and make the t-mobile arena’s center ice look like a hockey-themed the voice
    • each of them is given time to plan out their numbers with the tech guys so it looks snazzy af even though for all the PR people know they probably all three sound like dying horses
  • up first is chickens fish guy
    • homeboy comes in with this cutesy folk song from russia
    • he can’t sing that great but it’s p cute and the bright bubbly lights and visuals help
  • now taking center ice is jeff “swoops” troy 
    • swoops being a fool for basketball goes with some high school musical “we’re all in this together” and hey he actually has a nice voice. all in all it’s a good performance
  • and finally kent ‘most extra motherfucker this side of I-15″ parson is set to perform
    • this bitch comes out guns blazing with “i will always love you” by whitney houston
    • he fucking KILLS it and the visuals and everything… 
    • his stage presence is naturally on point 
    • every single person in t-mobile arena at that moment stopped in their tracks to take in this fucking amazing performance
    • finally when kent makes it to the end of the song everyones jaws are on the floor and hes like “how was that did i do ok”
  • chickens fish guy straight up walks out with his hands up. swoops concedes defeat and PR asks kent to do his other 2 songs
    • hes like oh um ok i didnt realize i was that good but sure if u rlly want
    • next he does a really fiery “i would like” by zara larsson and hes getting rlly into it with his dancing and everyone is mesmerized
      • (that song is definitely on his sex playlist but the aces and staff dont need to know that)
    • finally he comes in with the beyoncé everyone knew was coming but instead of one of her really well-known singles he does “start over” from 4 and it’s actually really big and powerful on the vocals and it has a lot of wild runs and kent hits ALL OF THEM and the jaws are on the floor again
  • the PR people put the video out and the public goes w i l d because seriously it’s just unfair?? that he can be so damn good at hockey AND singing
Some thoughts on Shou

-Shou has many many scars on him all from his father. he sometimes just sits shirtless in front of a mirror and traces over them remembering what happened. Reminding himself that this is not normal. That this is not okay.

-Shou once saw Ritsu’s father pat his head and Shou almost blasted him across the room before he realizes that it was actually an affectionate gesture.

-Shou has a very nervous habit of biting on his sleeves. The ends of his jacket are frayed and wet and disgusting and he doesn’t remember the last time he washed it but he doesn’t want to lose it. So he never does.

-Shou has received affection once, just once, from his father after his mother left. He was eight and he was in horrible burning pain and his father picked him up and carried him to the med room and wrapped up his injuries. It never happened again and Shou is almost sure that he dreamed it…but it’s also a massive reason he sometimes doubts the abuse.

-Ritsu cries very easily. Shou laughs instead of crying. Ritsu wants to punch Shou in the face for making fun of his crying but then gets a massive pit of dread in his stomach when he sees Shou laughing off a stab wound or a broken bone.

-One time Shou did cry in front of Ritsu though…it started off as laughter that then turned hysterical and caused him to collapse on the ground shaking as he started sobbing between laughs and he couldn’t breathe and he wanted to die because he broke down and…He kept saying that he was sorry for crying….Ritsu held him tight and tried to be comforting but all he could really do in his state of shock was to rock him and try his best to soothe him

-One time Reign tried to pat Shou on the Shoulder and Shou nearly threw him into a wall. Mob stopped him but Shou was so embarrassed he didn’t come back for a month

-Shou uses memes as a way to cover for his emotional shortcomings and trauma

- Shou…knows how to dance…he learned…as part of his training???

-Shou is simultaneously afraid of touch and completely touch deprived so it ends up in this odd situation of “i can touch you but for the love of god please don’t touch me.”

-Shou batterdick cucumber memes his father’s name. He has over one hundred and twenty seven ways of saying ‘touch your toes sucky key.’

-Shou attempted to live with his mother….but….she kept trying to do things he wasn’t okay with…but by that i mean…giving him rules and curfews and things Shou has never done in his life and he gets angry and he calls bullshit and he runs away from home to hide for a few days and she panics because she lost her baby again but Shou….is not okay…with being controlled…

-Shows mom still doesn’t like seeing his power and everytime he uses it she makes a small uncomfortable expression and Shou begins to dislike them a little bit more…

-Shous hamsters are very well treated but at the same time…Shou is terrified to interact with them because he might hurt them

-Shou has a fully documented file on every injury, every scar, and every trauma his father has given him…he doesn’t really know what to do with it…

-Shou just wants to hug somebody for hours on end. To feel another person’s warmth encompassing him and keeping him safe…but he feels childish whenever he does because….who would even want to hug him??? he Should just get over it??? grow up???

-One time his mother dropped a pan and Shou nearly started crying….he hates…loud noises….he doesn’t mind if they are natural like thunder…but…the sound of a pan banging against a floor…a door slamming…hands slamming on the table….it terrifies him.

-Shou hugs his pillow when he sleeps.

-Shou used to have a stuffed animal collection but his father destroyed them..calling them childish.

-Shou has a shit ton of money coming his way because of his father but….he doesn’t really want it….it feels dirty and he doesn’t want any help…from anyone

-Shou has exactly 0 social skills. He never learned how tf to deal with people. He just tried to make himself seem as big as possible and hopes things will go his way.

-Shou uses comics, manga, books and tv shows as a way of escapism. He surrounds himself in the stories so much that he used to call his father DR. Robotnick. (Sonic sat am ref lol.)

-Shou hates taking showers or baths. He feels entirely too vulnerable and sometimes he’ll push it off for a solid month before taking one.

-Shou has never had a good night’s sleep. Ever.

-Shou has freckles. hundreds of freckles. they’re all from his mom

-Shou wants to go to school with Ritsu but at the same time he’s terrified to try.

-He’s not good with people. his schooling did not keep up 100% with academics, he hates being told what to do ect ect…

-One time he hung around reigen and did a dumb doodle on a sticky note and reigen praised it and said it looked really good and Shou started crying….he doesn’t know why. maybe it’s because he’s never been praised on his art before..

-Shou sometimes breaks into Reigen’s office to sleep on his couch. Reigen is mildly concerned but lets him do it anyway

-Shou is that person who always, c o n s t a n t l y, has to show somebody up. You ran a mile?? I ran two!! You’re feeling depressed?? well my father ran a cult and tried to take over the world and constantly abused me!! He does not mean to be mean by it…but he’s so used to his thoughts and feelings being completely invalidated that…he h a s to…you know???

-Shous relationship with his mother….hmm….It’s kinda rocky. Like they love each other but they don’t really know much about each other anymore and she doesn’t really like his powers but they still do try and they really do care for each other but there will always be this……unspoken…gap….between them.

Why he never talks about his father…why she never wants to hear.

they hug and kiss and would do anything for each other…but at the same time…something unspeakable happened here and neither of them are willing to acknowledge it

[i say kiss because familiar kisses are a thing but i’m not 100% sure they happen out of the south so like;;]

-anyway if Teru and Shou ever start talking about their feelings they would get…so frustrated with each other. constantly trying to say who had the shittier experience because i feel like this shouuppance [pardon the pun] is a core part of their characters and honestly it would reach a point where they would fucking f i g h t.

But in the end it turns out being good for them because they had the chance to let off some of the steam that they’ve been building up and lets them relax a bit and they eventually realize they won’t win against each other. They’re both too stubborn. and instead they start comparing stories and laughing their ass off about how fucked up they are.


Shou: And then he left me locked in that room for three days without any food lol!!!

Teru: Oh god, do i feel that!! I don’t have anybody to take care of me so It’s just constant isolation and if I get sick, well then! I’m not eating till I recover!


[Anyway this post is 1000ish words long so i’ll cut it here lol, I have more Shou hcs that I’ll probably upload later~~ Thanks for reading!]

For those who say that "Humanz" sound nothing like Gorillaz

So, I decided to check to order the newest Gorillaz album “Humanz”, as I wasn’t able to preorder it. What immediately caught my eye was that the album, that came out just today, has only 3 stars. Wondering what was so bad already about the new album, I checked the reviews. What I saw made me angry beyond everything. Yes, there are 5 star reviews, loving the new songs. But there were also 1 star reviews and they all said basically the same thing - “This album sounds nothing like Gorillaz used to sound. Bring the old Gorillaz back!”

So, let me get this straight - you dislike this album because it sounds nothing like Gorillaz? Can you please describe to me how Gorillaz actually sound like? Because what I have heard of, the definition of Gorillaz is that they have no defined genre of music. Ironic, isn’t it? Please, name me three iconic Gorillaz songs. For me, it would be Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood and Melancholy Hill. And whoopty doo, they all sound like they were written by three different artists! One is soothing, other has a sick beat. The band, that is known for their freedom in genres are writing songs in an unusual to them, more modern sounding genre? WHAT?!?!?! THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS!!!!

Now listen, I’m gonna drop some truth on you - if you consider yourself a fan of ANYONE, and you do not support the changes that the artist chose, stop calling yourself a fan. It’s like taking an iPhone 7 and hating it because “Oh, it doesn’t feel like the good old iPhone 3, I mean, it changed so much, all these additional apps and functions, bring the good old iPhone back !!!!1!!” Change is good, ESPECIALLY AFTER 6 YEARS OF THE BAND’S HIATUS!!!! I would be surprised if the music sounded like “Demon Days” or even their first album “Gorillaz”.That would show, that they have run out of ideas and that they are AFRAID TO CHANGE. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett even did something that many creators, especially in animation rarely do - they age their characters, Noodle grew up from a tiny girl into a grown up woman, and Murdoc went from a nice brown coloured skin to pickle green. And the change in music style makes so much sense, giving the fact that the band was silent for 6 years. It shows, that the band is not stuck to the things that got tons of attention (like Feel Good Inc. or Melancholy Hill), and tries to replicate it, but rather tries out new stuff to make things interesting. For the love of Pazuzu, “White Light” from “Demon Days"album has like, what, 3 words in it? 4, if you count in “do do dodododo” that goes between the actual words. “El Mañana”, other great song, that sounds nothing like the upbeat “19-2000” from a previous album. Oh, “Hallelujah Money” has a weird tempo that sounds strange? What about “5/4”? See, they DO sound like the old Gorillaz!!!

I love the new songs. “Saturn Barz”, “We Got The Power”, “Apprentice” are so far my favourites (I’ve blasted “Apprentice” on repeat for around 6 good hours, when it came out), and I am positive that I will love the rest of the album too. And the name, “Humanz” actually makes sense, seeing how many artists have joined the Gorillaz and put their effort in this album. Some speculate, that the name, “Humanz” means that they are evolving from the “Gorillaz”, gorillas are turning into humans. Changing. Unlike the hipster “fans”, who sit on the band’s first album or “fans” who know the couple of the most famous songs and can’t remember the names of the members. But we, actual fans, who actually love anything Gorillaz related and who know these characters to the detail, these characters, who, although animated and brought to life by imagination, are more “human” than the famous artists you see everyday on the screen, singing songs that 20 writters have put together for them. None two songs of Gorillaz are alike. Not at all. That is why we love these colorful cartoons and the men behind them so much. And if you got the nerve to say that the new album sounds “nothing like Gorillaz”, then you don’t know, what Gorillaz sound like. You don’t know what Gorillaz are and what they stand for - creativity and love for music of any genre.

Pardon me my poor grammar - english is not my first language

Things one could do with Zexion’s powers

Alternate Title: Why Zexion’s powers are broken as fuck in the right hands

This is an exercise in creativity not morality. 
Also doesn’t account for probable energy/planning needed to do all this crud.
Also there is admittedly some overlap but not a ton 

  1. Do a lot of social experiments 
  2. Avoid anyone who annoys me by turning invisible every time they walk by
  3. Avoid people by turning into someone else and giving them false directions
  4. Get out of random things in general by turning invisible and sneaking off
  5. Create an illusion of godzilla and have it rampage through town
  6. Create a bunch of will o wisps and see how many travelers I can lead astray (this is admittedly inspired by the fact that Zexion’s powers are similar to that of Japanese folklore foxes) 
  7. Ruin someone’s reputation by pretending to be them 
  8. Pull a Noctis and summon a bunch of different weapons to fight with (this idea didn’t come from Noctis, it’s sort of a natural progression from summoning a bunch of the same weapon which we saw in Kh II, speaking of which)
  9. Summon a bunch of the same weapon to fight with
  10. Copy anime fighting moves or just action fighting move in general (like you could totally summon the giga drill from Gurren Lagann) 
  11. Create clones of myself to make things like cleaning and homework go faster
  12. Have my clone appear to be attentive during a meeting while I secretly do something else in a spot nearby 
  13. Be the best cosplayer ever 
  14. Make small changes to my physical appearance for short amounts of time 
  15. Talk to multiple people at once (admittedly they probably have to be fairly close in proximity to one another and I would have to able to keep track of multiple conversations at once)
  16. Throw a giant boat at someone
  17. Create cute animals for other people to pet and hold
  18. Bring imaginary creatures to life 
  19. Turn into an animal myself and sneak around 
  20. Make it seem like some ferocious animals have escaped from the zoo 
  21. Make people think a place is legitimately haunted 
  22. Open a kick ass haunted house and make a ton of money 
  23. Become the best special effects artist ever and make a ton of money
  24. Become the most amazing magician ever and make a ton of money
  25. Cheat on an exam by A. Creating a clone to take the test B. Having the original me stand behind the smartest kid in class while invisible C. Having my clone copy answers from the smartest kid in class 
  26. Be the best voice imitator ever
  27. Imitate the voices of people I don’t like and make them say stupid shit
  28. Be the best singer ever because I change my voice to sound like anyone and hit any note
  29. Memorize a piece of music and then pretend to play it on an instrument
  30. Actually learn a piece of music and then use my illusions to make it sound slightly better
  31. Summon a clone and then have a discussion/argument with myself 
  32. Mute annoying people (if I can create the illusion of sound I can probably create the illusion of silence) 
  33. Reenact entire movie sequences to a T
  34. Bring cartoon characters to life 
  35. Make people question whether reality is real or not
  36. Start an urban legend or perpetuate an urban legend
  37. Fake my own death and then show up to my own funeral 
  38. Make money and then buy stuff with it (like I said exercise in creativity not morality) 
  39. Become the best spy ever 
  40. Make an area seem cleaner than it actually is
  41. Sneak into movies 
  42. Be the master of pranks
  43. Create the illusion of an army and then storm a place (also works for protests)
  44. Carry around contraband items by making them look like something else
  45. Always pass room inspections
  46. Make yourself seem older or younger than you actually are  
  47. Create an imaginary friend that isn’t invisible 
  48. Make something appear to spontaneously combust 
  49. Start a fight between friends by either pretending to be one of them or doing the whole invisible thing (be invisible, do something, wait for one person to blame the other, repeat until they’re fighting one another)
  50. Throw random glitter and confetti into the air 

Edit: Oh forgot one, create 3d models to help visualize what you’re trying to create with an artistic medium (ie you need to draw the dragon you see in your head, make an illusion of the dragon in your head and then draw it) 

College Advice

With one semester under my belt and a so far unblemished GPA, here’s a list of everything I wish I had known before I started college (plus some stuff I figured out along the way):

1. Read the syllabus for your class and then go one step further: pick assignments that you can do ahead of time, like readings, and then actually do them. At least at my university you hit a point about a month or so into school where all of the sudden you have no free time. Earlier on you’re going to have some slow weekends. I’m not saying do it all at once, but if you take away some easy but time consuming assignments earlier the whole semester will feel a little smoother. Important though: You still have to review your notes/work when relevant or you’ll be screwed later on.

2. The first like two weeks of school as a freshman you are shuttled through dozens of social events, infofairs, and mixers. You may find that you make a lot of friends at first, but then once that one month marker passes you look up from your textbooks and realize you haven’t spoken to another human outside of classes in days. Try to have at least one recurring social thing going on, whether that’s meeting friends for dinner once a week, going to a club meeting or a study group.

3. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Like seriously, if something is just not making sense, you need to get another person involved. Sometimes studying alone and Google only go so far! Office hours are good and so is tutoring. Ask classmates too if you can. I really hated my chem lab, and there was one lab where the data we got basically defied the laws of physics. I ran into someone from my lab section on the street and vented about it- turns out she had the same problem, but more importantly, she knew what caused it! My lab report was still pretty bad due to the nonsensical data, but I had a coherent answer when it came time to explain error.

4. Go to class, participate, and be nice to your professors. If they host optional reviews, definitely go to them. Depending on the prof’s style, you may be able to just sit and listen or they may expect you to bring questions. Have at least one just in case. The reason why this matters (besides networking and engaging in active learning) is that a lot of professors make a component of your grade “participation”. I had a course where I was borderline between an A minus and and A, which could have dinged my GPA. My grade basically was going to come down to a rewrite of a paper. I went to a not very well attended test review and got extra hints about what was going to be on the test and what the professor was looking for, which boosted my final test grade, and though I can’t prove it I strongly suspect my professor used my participation grade to nudge me over the edge to an A.

5. This wasn’t one I learned, but one I realized other people didn’t know: your school very likely pays a crap ton of money to give you access to academic research databases through the library. Use them, oh my god, please use them. For one thing, I’ve found it’s just plain easier than attempting to do regular research- you get lots of good, relevant, generally sound information; you can sort in cool ways (like if you don’t want outdated research you can set parameters for the time of publication); and most have pre-made citations! It’s cool! Even if you don’t have a research project/paper just go on once and dick around a bit, it’s pretty fun. That being said, if you are assigned a project requiring research and citations, don’t do what you did in high school and cite a bunch of news articles about scientific advancements or the results of studies. Go find original sources. You need to learn how to read published research in any case. (I’m speaking from a STEM major perspective but these databases have tons of cool stuff for arts and humanities students too- entire books, anthologies of art, images for use, music files, recordings of plays and performances, etc). But the reason I bring this up- in a group project in a communications course a well-intentioned teammate brought us a random person’s blog post about conflict in the workplace to cite in our speech. She had no idea she had access to like thousands of psychological and sociological research papers, books, etc. on the subject. Another student in that class orally cited a buzzfeed article about procrastination- unless you have a really good reason (like maybe you’re a communications student analyzing listicle style writing or the influence of social media on journalism) please don’t cite buzzfeed.

6. People talk a lot about networking, so I’ll just mention one specific and easy way to do it even if you’re not super outgoing: join a club or organization related to your major/career field. You will meet people who have experiences you can learn from, even if you may compete with them for some things (maybe they tip you off to an internship they had last summer or to a professor’s favorite snack/hobby). You will also potentially meet some staff members from your department who can give you info about research/internships and possibly write you rec letters. This worked for me- I joined an org for students pursuing teaching, I’m one of a few freshman (maybe the only one actually) who attends regularly, and I ended up getting to know the director of the supply room who does the hiring for student interns. Now I have a job as a workroom intern to make some extra money during school. More importantly, it basically lets me meet and work with the whole department who can potentially open up opportunities for me. (Plus according to one intern sometimes you get invited to the staff Christmas party and all the professors get sloshed).

7. Wait to buy your textbooks, but not too long. If it’s a niche book (i.e. your school uses something written by your professor that no one else sells or cares about) there will come a point where they are out of copies and you will have to ask to photocopy someone’s lab notebook every week. Basically, wait until the first day of class, determine what you really need, ask someone who’s taken it before (or ask on your University’s subreddit) whether the book is essential, then make your purchases. Also! If you have to purchase an online access code for homework stuff, check if an online textbook is included. Don’t buy a hard copy in addition to it. It’s not worth it and you may even be able to check a textbook out from the library for that one time you’ll actually read the textbook. (When I say that, I mean you can read it for a few hours in the library- they won’t let you leave with it).

8. Don’t go into any class believing you are “bad” at a subject. I used to say all the time that I hated math and I was bad at it. I really lucked out, because I ended up enjoying Diff Calc this past semester. Because I liked it, I was willing to practice more and I found that I got less frustrated when things were hard. I realized that “being bad at math” was a lie I had told myself, basically, and it wasn’t helpful. Learn to treat your brain as a tool or a muscle. You can learn to do basically anything with enough time and effort, and struggling with something doesn’t mean you’re “bad” at it. It just means you’re working out your brain. I know that sounds corny as hell but it’s true. Having the idea that your intelligence is fixed and limited stunts learning and just makes you feel like crap. Realizing that your intelligence is fluid helps you be kinder to yourself, ask for help when you need it, and lets you focus on accomplishments over failures.

My askbox is always open if people have questions about the transition to college!

dah715  asked:

I'm at the point were I think all this hype and mystery about White is just to show she's really just a normal gem (like the rest) that's been forced into the perfect image all gems want to be, so she's forced to never show emotions or be there for others (she couldn't even vist pinks grave) just locked in her ship being a god but really wanting anyone to love her as a "person" (pink being the only one). the most powerful gem in the galaxy is just their to stand and look pretty

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We don’t know about her relations w others yet. In my opinion, being “forced” into her role implies either that she was a first of her kind in a budding culture or one of the last of a surviving one and she had to rejuvenate a crippled race. The issues of the first would come from ignorance and inexperience, the latter from a shit ton of worry and stress.

My money is on that their “family unit” is/was similar to that of Steven’s in dynamics. That sounds a lot like potent drama material.


random band au????

raivis is the Shy One. plays the kokle and writes rly mushy lyrics inspired by classical literature. starting the band was his idea and he’s still amazed it’s worked so well

toris plays drums. people think he’s the Tough One bc he has tattoos, but he’s just as big a softy as raivis. way into neo-paganism and mythology. has a day job as a substitute teacher

feliks is the Cute One, by his own insistence. plays accordion and will defend the instrument to the death. still kinda struggling w/ stage fright. comes up with weird publicity stunts

eduard is the Cleancut One. does lead vocals and plays keys. has been in tons of bands and genres and is p flexible with his style. loves his keyboard, but wishes he had the money and space to keep a grand piano

i imagine they’d sound like something between mumford and sons, the decemberists, and florence + the machine, folksy and a little weird but still catchy and kinda pop-y i guess anyway i don’t know music genres super well lol they’re still waiting for their big break, but they still have a blast playing together

aaaaaand i have no idea what their name would be ( ;‘ v ‘)a

The Great Pizza Debate 2k17 - ENTJ, ISFP & INTP
  • *in driving school*
  • ISFP & ENTJ: *brothers and INTP's cousins*
  • ENTJ: ..., bottom line is, you'd be amazed at how much money you can save if you only pay 2 quid for lunch everyday.
  • INTP: I dunno. Doesn't sound very filling to me.
  • ENTJ: Well, you need to know where to look.
  • ISFP: Yeah, you can get most burgers and hot dogs and kebabs and stuff for, like, 2-3 quid.
  • INTP: ... that sounds pretty damn unhealthy.
  • ENTJ: *eye-roll* That's NOT what I meant. It IS a goddamn miracle you're as thin as you are, ISFP.
  • ISFP: *shrugs* Good metabolism. And damn, it just tastes really, really good.
  • INTP: I do get that. Couple of days ago, I ordered a pizza at midnight and savoured it slowly until, like, 2am. One of the best decisions of my life.
  • ENTJ: Yeah, agreed on that point. Pizza is great. If you order a margherita, you can save tons of money if you just put your own toppings on there when it arrives.
  • INTP: Ew, but then the whole thing is a mixture of hot and cold.
  • ENTJ: So? Couple of minutes in the oven.
  • INTP: I order a pizza so I DON'T have to enter into the general vicinity of the kitchen, not to put extra effort into it.
  • ENTJ: Eh, your loss. Much cheaper this way and if you order a large family pizza, you can also eat it the next day.
  • INTP: Yeah, that's true! Just pop it in the fridge and-
  • INTP: Course! Cold pizza in the morning is the BEST.
  • ENTJ: *gasps* philistine!
  • INTP: Well, what do YOU do? Heat it up again?
  • ENTJ: Of course!
  • INTP: *gasps* boor!
  • ENTJ: Alright, there's only one way to settle this. What do you think, ISFP?
  • ISFP: ...
  • ISFP: ...
  • ISFP: ...
  • ISFP: ...
  • ISFP: ... I wanna get pizza.
Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Summary: Request fic for @chloethebinch.  “I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is Frank’s friend and he suggests that she could be Helena in the music video and he gets a huge crush on her in the Helena dress?”

The dance studio at your college’s fine arts building was empty, except for you. You weren’t surprised. It was past midnight. What other student besides you was crazy enough to be pirouetting at this hour? 

Maybe other people would think it was weird, but, when you were stressed, dancing always calmed you down. You slid on your ballet slippers, tying the ribbons tightly so they wouldn’t slip down your ankles. You put a CD onto the stereo and hit play. A normal ballerina would have used classical music. To be honest, you should probably be using the soundtrack to Swan Lake, since you were going to be performing in your school’s production of that ballet later this year. Instead, for some reason, all you wanted to dance to was your friend Frank’s post-hardcore band, My Chemical Romance. 

Frank had dropped out of college to be MCR’s rhythm guitarist full time. At the time, you were worried he was making a mistake (and, of course, sad that he wouldn’t be your classmate anymore). But, his decision seemed to have paid off. His band had been signed to a major label, and last summer, they’d traveled the country as part of Warped Tour. Part of you wondered if Frank was going to forget all about you now that he was getting rich and famous. 

Don’t worry about that right now, you told yourself. Just dance

You pointed your toes and began a spin as the opening notes of ‘Helena’, the first track on the CD, began to play. You did a demi-plie as you let the sound of Frank’s wild instrumentals wash over you. The vocalist, Gerard, was great, too, but when you listened to MCR, your focus was always on Frank. Maybe it was because you had a bit of a crush on him.

So do ten thousand other girls, at this point, you frowned, and threw yourself harder into the dance to distract yourself from your negative thoughts. You whirled and twirled across the floor to every song on the album, and by the time the last track concluded, you were panting, brow streaked with sweat. 

You froze, and gasped, when you heard the sound of someone clapping. 

Who the hell is in here?! you wondered, turning around in shock. Your jaw dropped when you saw Frank Iero standing there in the doorway, grinning at you. 

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Tokyo: Shibuya

I knew beforehand that I won’t be welcomed by the lovely sakuras anymore once I landed in Japan. Though it was pretty sad and heartbreaking, I took comfort in the idea that Japan is more than just the cherry blossoms. The city lights are blinding, that’s a given. But there’s a lot of stuff Tokyo has to offer that’s enough for me to get hyped up since day one! 

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Guts over fear

Imagine you’re Jax’s unwanted daughter and you take a shot for Abel. 


Your mother used to be one of SAMCRO’s most famous crow eaters, but never good enough, or friendly enough or sane enough  to be one of SAMCRO’s Old Ladies; That’s why it never made sense when she took you to live with your father, Jax Teller. You remembered the cold night you and you mom stopped at TM, and you also remembered the long talk her, Gemma, Clay and Jax held, while you were on the picnic table, being stared at by Chibs and Bobby.

If she’s anything like her mother, it meas trouble.” You heard them whisper as you felt so insecure and tiny; Like a mouse. 

Your mother left the clubhouse stumbling and almost falling twice, you figured out it was  because she was a bit drunk, coming from work and all. She earned the bread as a stripper in the famous Jelly Bean, but now she had to go on a road tour with his boss, also, your step father. 

“Guess what?!” She said, never sounding so excited. “He said yes! Jax said it was okay for you to stay here!” She smiled at you and hugged you, rain dripping all over her body, standing taller than you because of her 10 inch heels, the smell of cheap perfume mixed with even cheaper vodka and the lowest of the lowest of weed. 

You may have been young, but not stupid. He didn’t wanted you there, and you were used to the idea. Your whole life your mother had been telling you that you’d have been the product of a crazy part in her life, and that your father knew about you, yet, he didn’t wanted anything to do with you. 

Jackson was staring at both of you, standing near the picnic table, Old Lady in hand and beer in another one. The cute brunette was holding a baby, maybe a four year old boy, looking a bit preoccupied and proud. Gemma, your grandmother, was looking at your mother like she had the plague, crossing her arms along her chest and puckering her lips with disdain. 

“Mom…” You said to your mother, looking up at her. “Just a week, right? Not more?” She smiled at you, playing with your hair and handing you your backpack. 

“Sure, sweetheart. You just wait!” She said already walking out of TM, you following close, your stepfather waiting for her on the car. “We’ll come back with tons and tons of money” She said sound excited. You faked a smile and waved her goodbye as your stepfather care drove into the street, under the rain. 

You turned around just to see Jackson and the woman, who later you’ve learned name was Tara, go back into the clubhouse, Clay and Gemma following close. 


When you went into the clubhouse, you could tell why your mother said she really liked SAMCRO. The whole place was so warm, they were like a really big family, caring for each other and loving each other. 

Except you.

And you understood that; You were never a part of it. Your mother was thrown away when they knew she was pregnant and Jax didn’t want to be a part of it. He was still young and he had been cheated on Tara, and Chibs and Bobby were right. Your mother was all troubles. 

As you walked in, a blonde, dumb looking kid, a few years older than you came closer to you, a kutte on his body but not fully patched in. A Prospect.

“Hey!” He said, gladly. “Can i help you with…”

“Prospect!” You heard Jax yell, sending shivers down your spine as you turned around. “She can do it alone.” A single death look from the VP and the Prospect was out of sight. You sighed and grabbed your bags, turning around, speaking to your father for the first time in your life. 

“Uhm. Where do i put my stuff?” He looked at you, disdain in his eyes, as the room went silent. 

“Second door to the right.” And it was all he said to you for the next few days. 

The week your mother said became a week and two days, then a week and a half, and before you knew it, three weeks had passed and she was nowhere to be seen. You were boiling with rage and at nights, you were crying yourself to sleep.

There you were, being throwned around like your mother did when she was SAMCROS sweet butt. Chibs bossed you around, Juice spilled things over just for you to clean, Bobby, Piney and Clay ignored the hell out you. Not a day went by without Happy telling you hurtful things and Opie just made faces at your presence. Jax still didn’t talked to you. 

They were ignoring you so hard you were starting to doubt if you still existed. 

Everyone was out at TM, having a good time, in the weekly BBQ your grandma offered. Feeling sick of being inside, reclusive in your room, you decided to walk out, book in hand and sit down next to Abel’s playground, secretly looking at him play with Opie’s kids; He was your baby brother after all. 

Everything happened so fast after that. The usual roar of engines started to arrive at TM and it was too late when they realized they were Mayans. Panicking you got up, looking for shelter as the bullets started flying around; Everyone screaming and running in different directions, people falling to the floor and the sound of childrens crying.

Childrens!” You thought to yourself dropping the book and going back on your steps to the playground.

“Abel!” You heard both, Tara and Jax scream. Following their gaze you saw Abel crying on the playground, too scared to even move; in the distance, a young Mayan running over to him. “Oh my god, Abel!”

“Abel!” you started screaming, running over to him and knocking him down between your arms, the second the young Mayan, probably a prospect shooted. You took 3 in your back as you fell to the ground, Abel still crying in your arms. 

“(Y/N)!” You heard someone yell but the stinging and pain was too much for you. The world went black in a matter of seconds.

You were gone. 


The sound of beeping woke you up, finally. Your head was a wreck and you were sure you couldn’t move. 

Maybe it was all a dream, you thought, but deep down you knew it wasnt true. You were in a hospital bed, with bands all over your chest and a killer headache, along with a double killer chest pain. You opened your eyes and closed them for a second before opening them again, to take in the sight. 

The complete white room had the TV on; Tom & Jerry re- runs on the screen, a bit loud for your condition.

“(Y/N)” you heard but no one was there. You look down to see Abel smiling up at you, a band around his tiny head and scratches all over his face. You smiled down at him, glad that he was safe.

“Hey, dude.” You whispered friendly, wanting to mess his hair but your arm couldn’t take the pain. 

“Daddy!” He screamed cheerfully. 

Jax came out of the bathroom running, gun in hand, looking everywhere and relaxing when he saw just the both of you. 

Tara came into the room seconds later, in full uniform and injures on her face and hand. She looked at you on the bed and flashed a small smile, looking at Abel and Jax; Your father couldn’t look you in the eyes. 

“A-Abel…” she stuttered, licking her lips. “Let’s get (Y/N) some cookies, i bet she’s hungry.” the doctor looked at you and smiled again. “Dr. Namid will be here in a few minutes”

You nodded, still confused. 

“She slept a lot.” The kid said, grabbing her mom’s hand and smiling as she lifted him up. “Goodbye big sister!” Abel said waving at you and exiting the room with Tara. Tears were starting to spill out of your eyes when you were left alone with your father. 

That’s when you took notice of the bouquets of flowers all over the room. All of them bright colors. Even a beautiful single rose, with a card saying: “From Gemma..” You stared at them, more confused than ever and looked at Jax.

“Jax, what is this?” You said grabbing the flower and placing it on your lap. 

“The flowers are from the club. Chibs, Juice and Happy stay the night every day. It’s me, Clay and Opie who stay during the day. I’m telling you, the parking lot looks like a freaking Harley Davidson festival.” You laughed a little. “ The rose is from my mom. She came by this morning. She’s been here all this time.”

“All this time?” you blinked.

“You’ve been in a coma for a week.” He said, suddenly feeling ashamed and sitting down on the chair next to your bed. It fell on you like a ton of bricks.

“I’m glad Abel is alright…” 

Jax nodded, biting his lip and looking at you, his face already red, a single tear falling down his cheek. You gasped and covered your mouth. That was new. 

“I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I’m sorry i walked away. I didn’t wanted to be a father, i was 17.” He shook his head. “I was scared to death and it was easier to blame it on your mom” You listened to every single one of his words. “When you showed up, i hated you. I hated you because you reminded me of all my weakness, how much of a coward i was to leave a pregnant woman. I hated you because you reminded me of the father i could have been.”


He grabbed your hand and kissed it. 

“Would you forgive me?” And you saw it. Right there, on the inside of his arm, opossite position to the memorial tattoo he had for John, it was your name in fresh ink. You gasped and slowly nodded your hand, letting your hands run free and feeling relieved for the first time in months. “You saved my son.  You saved this family, (Y/N). You’ll never be alone again.” He gulped and looked at both of your hands. “I don’t blame you if you think i’m an asshole. I don’t blame you if you think that any of us is an asshole, we acted like one. I’m trying to say…i’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, (Y/N)” 

“Jax, I…” you wanted to say something when he stood up and kissed your forehead slowly.

“It’s Dad…” He whispered, caressing your head. “I’m your Dad, and you’re a Teller” you locked gazes and both of you softly smiled. “I love you kid.”

“I love you too, Dad.” 

Money (Request)

Can I make a request? Harry and the missus have a fight/argument, because Harry often forgets that the missus does not have a lot of money - this is taken place in the beginning of their relationship - and the missus confronts him, because she is tired of the expensive habits he has, and Harry cannot see it until Mumma Anne talks some sense into him. x

I’m baaaccckkk.


It was definitely an adjustment for you to start dating someone who was as famous as Harry was. There were so many things that changed for you as soon as the two of you went public. Not only were you dealing with the newfound attention of being the girlfriend of a celebrity, but you had to adjust some of your habits and start being very careful how public you were with information. It wasn’t that you necessarily shared your life on social media anyway, but now you had to be even more cautious. If you posted a selfie, you had to expect to get a lot of comments – some of them not so nice. The picture would also probably end up plastered all over the internet because ‘Harry Styles’ girlfriend’ just posted a selfie and it needed to be analyzed.

Another adjustment you had to make was the way you spent money. Harry clearly wasn’t hurting for cash and dropping a couple thousand dollars on a pair of shoes or buying a brand new car didn’t faze him at all anymore. For you, it was different. You had never had an abundant supply of money. You made enough to pay your bills and put some away for savings but you couldn’t wrap your head around the idea of spending so frivolously. It took you long enough just to commit to a new pair of sneakers, even though yours were falling apart and couldn’t actually be used anymore. When you did buy things, you looked around for the best deal you could find before putting down the money for it.  

When you first started dating Harry, you let him treat you to dinners and plane rides to visit him. He would buy you flowers and candy and spoil you with a new dress when he saw one he thought you would love. You adored how much he wanted to spoil you – it was incredibly sweet – but, at the same time, you started to feel a little bad that he was spending so much money on you. Treating you once in a while was fine, but you were starting to feel that he was buying you everything because he knew you couldn’t afford it and didn’t want you to feel bad.

It was embarrassing for you to be out to dinner with Harry and a group of other, well off people, and have Harry grab the bill before you even had a chance to look at it. You knew that everyone else at that table could pay for their meal without even batting an eye, but you had gone through the entire menu three times before you had found something with a price tag that didn’t have the same amount of digits as the average phone number. You could have paid for your own meal, but Harry wasn’t going to let you.

It got to a point where you didn’t even want to go out to dinner with Harry anymore because you always felt inferior to him and the people he socialized with. You would hear them in conversation about the car they just bought or the trip they were planning on taking and you couldn’t add anything to the discussion. You hadn’t taken a proper vacation in years, and the last vehicle you had purchased was a bike. You still had four years’ worth of schooling to pay off before you could even think about spending money on anything else, and your job didn’t pay enough to give you extravagant spending money.

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Client Etiquette: First Contact

If you’re planning on seeing a provider, you’ll have to contact them first. Many providers, including myself, have multiple acceptable forms of communication (email, text, as site inbox, etc) listed prominently in multiple places. This means they can get a lot of contacts in a very short period of time. Here’s a few tips for how to make sure you get a response.

1. Tell me who you are. Whether you text, email, call or whatever, tell me who you are. A nick name or user handle is great; it doesn’t have to be a legal name. For instance: “Hi, this is PapaBear from ECCIE…” maybe you’re not ready for a name exchange or you don’t have a user name. That’s also cool. For instance: “Hi, I saw your ad on BoyToy…” IF YOU CALL
MY PHONE and I don’t answer, it’s probably because I can’t at that moment. Maybe I’m actually busy, or driving, or in public, or around my parents. If I don’t know who you are already, I don’t know what you’re going to say when I answer. Not picking up doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you; it means I can’t answer the phone. Leave me a message and I can get back to you. Being angry that I didn’t answer or call you back if you didn’t leave me any information about who you are makes you look like an assbutt. Here’s a thought: use text. If you text, I can respond fairly quickly unless I’m driving. It doesn’t matter if I’m in public or having brunch with Aunt Eunice. I can also text you back at my convenience without having to play phone tag. I have better things to do with my day.

2. Tell me what you want. The single most irritating thing to see in my inbox is “Hi :)” with literally nothing else. For all I know you’re a three year old who managed to punch enough buttons to send a text. Tell me what you want. For instance “Hi, this is Derrick. I saw your ad on Back Page and was hoping I could see you.” This gives me somewhere to take a conversation. I can move on to important leading questions like “are you interested in an incall or an outcall” or “are you looking for a half hour or full hour session”. An even better contact might be “Hi, my name’s Jacob. I saw your ad on Slixa and I’d love to have you come visit me for an hour or so.” See, now I don’t have to do the leading questions thing because I already know you’re interested in a one hour outcalls. Sending me vague messages with no context is wasting my time. Even if I don’t respond to your smiley, it’s still taken me the 3 seconds to open the message and process that you’re an idiot.

3. Don’t mention money. Unless you are seeking a provider in Vegas, you should probably know that soliciting sex for money is illegal. That’s why ads have suggested “donation rates” or “contributions”. If you do want to ask about rates for something that isn’t listed, ask how many roses would be requested, or state what you’re looking for and follow it with an innocuous question like “what’s your student loan payment”. It doesn’t really matter how you say it as long as it doesn’t sound like “how much money am I giving you to blow me”…because you’re not paying a provider for a sex act. You’re either paying for their company or giving them a gift. In fact many hobbyists leave their donations in something like a birthday or thank you card. I have one client who makes a point to say “I hope this helps with your student loans”, in part because that’s a verbal acknowledgment that he’s not paying me and because he knows I have a shit ton of student loans.

4. If you want a provider to take you seriously as a client, act like a serious client. Your first contact should not devolve into phone sex. Again, you’re not trading money for a sex act, so don’t talk to or about your provider like you are. It’s why providers say things like “I’d love to play” or “I can’t wait to see you” instead of “when can we fuck”. If you want a cheap thrill, have a one night stand. While many escorts do have wild and crazy fun with their clients, they are still classy and professional in their demeanour and presentation. You probably should be too.

Gift Ideas Master Post!

Hi guys! I just wanted to make a big list of gift ideas/links to things that would make great gifts in a LDR or any relationship!! Hope this helps you/inspires you!!

Homemade Ideas:

  • Matching bracelets (Link HERE to make them!)
  • Matching mugs
  • “Open When” Letters
  • Cookies (Make sure they’re sturdy ones if you’re shipping them!)
  • Scrapbook of pictures/letters/ etc of you two!
  • A nice handwritten love letter
  • If you can knit or sew, hand make them a scarf or something!
  • Playing cards with reasons you love them!
  • Dating “coupons” for when you’re together
  • Decorated, personalized picture frame with a picture of you two
  • A video montage/picture montage to one of your ‘songs’ like THIS
  • Anything personalized with your location coordinates on it (Some really cool ideas on pinterest!)
  • T Shirt quilt (I’ve always wanted to make one of these with Evan and my old shirts! One day!)

Things to buy:

  • Cheesy matching anything (Shirts, key chains, etc)
  • Anything that has to do with their interests/hobbies/anything they’ve been wanting
  • Etsy has TONS of amazing LDR gifts 
  • Watches/Wallets/Money clips, etc (Nice and practical!)
  • Flowers are always a great thing (Especially “just because”!)
  • Tickets for them to see their favorite band/show
  • Plane tickets (Big ticket item but would make a GREAT gift!)
  • Clothing of yours (Sprayed with your perfume/cologne of course!)
  • A nice assortment of their favorite foods/candies
  • Anything to go in a care package (Comfort foods, pictures, letters, little things to make them smile)
  • A “movie night” box: Movies, candies, comfy stuff like that
  • A stuffed animal! Sounds SO cheesy, but Evan gave me a stuffed panda from when he was younger and I sleep with it every night
  • Jewelry! 

That’s all I’ve got for now guys! I hope this helps you out a little when trying to come up with ideas!!

Curious Little Things 3. Castiel.

Title: Curious Little Things 3

Summary: With the wet dreams happening more frequently and Y/N not being able to actually get off lately, she’s getting more agitated by the day and more flustered every time she sees the little angle. Will he finally confess?

Triggers: Smut. So much fucking smut. I love it.

Enjoy ;D

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What Did I Get Myself Into? - 6

“What did you say?” you repeated, holding the blankets in front of your naked body. “Your mother wants to meet me?”

He swallowed, shaking his head, “Yea, she does. Are you okay with that? Do you think it’s too soon?”

“No,” you said, laying your hand on his chest, his heartbeat nearly as erratic as yours, “It’s not that it’s too soon. I mean, we’ve said I love you.” You brought your hands to your face, taking a deep breath in. “It’s just that I suck at meeting parents. Everyone makes a rash judgement about me because of what I do and while, in the past, it didn’t matter to me because I wasn’t in love with the guy at the time, I really want your mom to like me. And I’m afraid she won’t.” You stared at your boyfriend through your fingers, trying to calm the beating of your frantic heart.

Spencer gathered you back to his chest and started planting kisses at the crook of your neck. “She’s going to love you,” he said confidently. “I told you before, she loves people who are straight-forward and sarcastic. She’ll love your attitude.” He took your lips in his, parting them slowly with his tongue and massaging yours gently. When he pulled away, he must’ve been able to see the look of worry that still plagued you. “Even if she didn’t like people like that, she’ll love you because I do.”

You exhaled sharply and began to smile. God, it had been so many years since you met your ex’s parents, that you’d forgotten what the nerves were like. “So, when did you want to go see her?”

“Well, I have a few days of vacation to spare and I can take them whenever,” he began, the relief in his voice apparent.

“Were you afraid I’d never want to meet your mom?” you asked, snuggling back into his chest.

“A little bit, yea,” he laughed.

“I’m just petrified, no big deal,” you replied, “but I can probably take a few days off in a couple of weeks. I just need to adjust the store’s hours so I don’t lose a ton of money. Shouldn’t be an issue.”

“Sounds good,” he said, interlacing his fingers in yours, “I’ll call her as soon as we make plans to let her know we’re coming.”

You loved Spencer, so much. Probably more than you’d ever loved another and this was just the next logical step. You could do this. Couldn’t you?


After adjusting the hours of the store and working 10 hours a day for two weeks, rather than just eight hours, you and Spencer were nearly off of the five-hour flight to Las Vegas. You got off the plane and made your way to bag claim, getting more and more nervous with each passing step.

“You ready?” Spencer asked, grabbing your free hand in his own.

“As I’ll ever be,” you said, forcing the best smile you possibly could.

“You’re still nervous aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” you declared, throwing your hands up in the air. You laughed. The last time you had been so nervous had been in high school. “But once I meet her, I should be fine. The hotel won’t be ready until this afternoon at 3:00, so are we going to go straight to Bennington?”

“Sounds good to me. Last time I was here was seven months ago,” he said, looking a little guilty about allowing so much time to pass between visits. “I mean, we talk at least once a week and we write to each other, but I need to come here more often.”

“Well,” you said, squeezing his hand. Trying to spread out his time between work, his mother and now you must have been really hard. “As long as your mother likes me, maybe you and I can make a habit of coming out for a couple of days every few months.”

He bent down to kiss you as a cab pulled up, ready to take you to his mother. “I’d like that.”

With your suitcases in the trunk of the taxi, you both hopped in. “Bennington Sanitarium, please.”


When you walked into the Sanitarium hand-in-hand, you saw his mother sitting facing the open window - the sun washing over her face as she wrote in her journal. Spencer had told you that she’d made a habit out of that for a long time; it helped her keep her thoughts in order more easily.

As he looked your way, you met his gaze and he squeezed your hand, convincing you as best he could that everything would be fine. “Ready?”

You shook your head and grabbed his hand tighter as you both made your way over to his mother. “Hi, mom,” he said, looking down at her.

“Spencer,” she cooed, standing up from her seat and enveloping her son in what could only be described as a mom hug. “You need to visit me more often.” There was that frankness he had told you about. You saw the slight look of guilt cross his face before he smiled, “I know, mom. It’s just hard with work and everything.”

“And you must be the everything he’s told me so much about,” she said, turning towards you and giving you a hug as well. “Y/N, right? You’re the girl that’s put a lightness back in my boy’s voice? That job he works takes so much out of him. It’s not healthy.” 

You blushed at her admission, silently agreeing with her views on his job. His voice lightened when he talked about you? “Yes, Mrs. Reid. I’m Y/N. It’s so nice to finally meet you.”

“Why don’t you both sit down,” she said, gesturing to the seats in front of her. “You look nervous. Were you nervous sweetie? There’s no need to be. I’m not that scary,” she laughed.

“I was admittedly nervous,” you replied, looking between Spencer and his mother, “I’m always nervous meeting the parents.”

“Always? How many parents have you met?” she asked, her voice betraying the thought that maybe you’d run through a series of boyfriends and met a lot of parents.

Spencer chided, “Mom!”

You snorted. “It’s okay, Spence, I understand. You are the third, Mrs. Reid. I figured third times the charm.” You winked and she returned it.

“So Spencer has told me that you’re sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, sarcastic, straight-forward, but he hasn’t told me much else. Just everything I need to know to know that you make my son happy and I can’t ask for much else.”

You internally grimaced, knowing Spencer had never mentioned your job. Swallowing hard, you opened your mouth to speak again, “Well, it’s good to know that he’s only told you all the nice things.”

“Every time I’ve asked about your job, he evades me,” Mrs. Reid said, staring at her son through the corner of her eye, “so what is it that he doesn’t want me to know?”

Ugh. This was it. The moment of truth. “I’m a business owner. I…I, um…” you muttered, pleading with your eyes for your boyfriend to save you. “I own a sex shop, Mrs. Reid.” You rubbed the back of your head, looking every way that didn’t require direct eye contact with either one of them.

“Oh, really?” she asked, raising her eyebrow. “So, I’m guessing you’re sleeping with my son.”

“MOM!” Spencer screamed, his eyes bugging out of his head.

His distorted features made you laugh. “Yes, Mrs. Reid, I am. I hope that’s okay with you.”

“Everything else he’s told me makes me like you, so I think I’m good with it,” she said, placing her hand over yours. “But considering you own a sex shop, I’d suggest using some of your merchandise on occasion. Keep the spark alive. Relationships must fight constantly against a monster which devours everything: Routine.”

Clasping your hands over your mouth, you snorted and Spencer practically fainted on the spot. “I’m out!” he exclaimed, shooting up from his seat and walking away.

“You just quoted Honoré de Balzac, didn’t you?” Apparently, your boyfriend got his love of quoting the famous from his mother.

“She is smart,” Mrs. Reid said, shouting across the room to him, “Yes, except I switched it up a little bit. Do you know what I switched?”

With her unbelievably frankness, you were surprised she hadn’t said the direct quote. “You said relationships instead of marriage because we’re not married.” You didn’t say yet, although it had been your natural inclination. Apparently, your subconscious mind imagined marrying Spencer one day.

“Do you want to marry my son, Y/N?” she asked.

You looked toward your boyfriend, who was simultaneously frustrated, smiling and pacing the floors. No matter how he was acting at the moment, he loved his mother dearly. And he loved you. You got along well. You liked the same things. You had great sex. His fingers and tongue were fucking magical. Why wouldn’t you want to marry him? “Yea, I do. One day,” you replied, blushing furiously.

She got up and sat in the seat right next to you, putting her hand over yours once more. Leaning over, she whispered, “Then I approve. Your job doesn’t matter to me sweetheart. The only thing that matters is that you make him happy.” She waved Spencer back over, insisting that she was done asking embarrassing questions. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him this happy,” she said, grabbing Spencer’s hand and placing it in yours, “What more could a mother ask for?”

Answer 11, Ask 11, Tag 11

I was tagged by the wonderful @buchanan-jamesb! Thanks Cas!

What’s your favorite sound?
Crackling fire, it reminds me of camping.
If money and education was never an issue, what would you like to be doing?
Making a shit ton of money just to play with dogs.
What is your favorite quote?
“You’ll never be the smartest, the fastest or the strongest person in the room but you can always be the person trying the hardest.” - my dad (as far as I know)
Do you have a book you’ve read more than once? If so, what book?
Valiant by Holly Black and The Watchman by Alan Moore
When you’re stressed, what helps you relax?
Going to that little part of my brain that doesn’t feel anything…
Fruits or Veggies?
Fruits! There’s nothing better than fresh watermelon!
If you could have a picnic with your idol, what would you pack in the basket?
Oh god, I don’t know. What do you think Elton John would eat??
What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
Groan loudly and pretend like it’s not.
Name a movie that never fails to make you cry.
Fox and the Hound!!!!
What is your favorite Disney movie?
The Black Cauldron
If you could drop everything and move, where would you go?

My questions are under the cut

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To Make You His Wife

Summary: Bucky wanted to ask you to become his wife the day he met you. And now he finally bought the ring to propose.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,570

Warnings: fluff/angst

A/N: I got this idea while I was reading “Thinking Out Loud” by @bovaria and I couldn’t stop thinking about it since then. Please tell me what you think!

“It’s a beautiful ring”, Wanda exclaimed as Bucky showed her the ring he and Steve had bought not only an hour ago. It was the ring you’d seen a few months ago while walking with Bucky through the city after having dinner together at your favorite italian restaurant. The two of you had been walking down the shopping promenade and looked through the windows of the already closed shops when you spotted the ring through the window of your favorite jeweller. 

Excitedly you had shown the ring to Bucky and since the moment he had seen your eyes lit up when you pointed at the ring, he had known that this was the ring that he would use to propose to you. 

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