وين اكون؟ ان ما كنت بحضنك انتي وين اكون؟


so @abjectadmirer was wondering if I could upload some of my violin-playing, so here it is *runs and hides in corner*

the audio quality is kind of crappy especially since I was in such a big concert hall but it gets better about 10 secs into it and if you turn up your volume a bit.

so this is the first page of the bruch violin concerto that I played last spring for a competition. this is some audio from the dress rehearsal for that competition (for which I placed in the top five!). The story behind this performance is actually pretty hilarious because I broke my hand two weeks before it so there was a mad dash of practicing like the two days before it when I got my cast off lol

there’s more if you click on the link to my soundcloud too but I’m not a professional violinist by any means (although I am going with my orchestra on tour to Cuba the summer of 2017!!!)

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So in classic fashion, I absolutely LOVED this new music uploaded to Brad Breeck’s soundcloud page, and I just had to add lyrics to it in a fit of inspiration!