Doctor Who Soundboard and Alert Tones are Here!

“Exterminate!” “I am the Doctor!” “Vworp, vworp, vworp…” Doctor Who’s iconic sounds are now just a touch (or mouse-click) away. Behold, the Doctor Who Soundboard on!

Play some of your favorite sounds from the show on any device at (We recommend casually strolling up behind friends and hitting “Don’t Blink.” They’ll love it — trust us.)

…there’s more!

You can now own your favorites as alert tones exclusively on your iPhone or iPad for the first time at That way you can set “Don’t Blink” to play whenever the friends you scared earlier text you. (Remember them?) It’ll be a scream every time… literally.

This is everything we didn’t know we needed until just now. 


Chargaux - Tove Lo’s Stay High

I discovered this duo recently while perusing through tumblr and it just caught my attention immediately.  

I’ve always loved hearing string covers and this included the Vitamin String Quartet.  This love continues when it comes to duos.  I’m always partial to cellos but hot damn, this duo is something else. Chargaux is a duo that I think that everyone should listen to regardless of their affinity to strings.

Chargaux is a duo from Brooklyn. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

Doctor Who Soundboard
“ALLONS-Y!” “EXTERMINATE!” “BOW TIES ARE COOL!” The iconic sounds from Doctor Who are now only a touch (or click) away, as BBC America launches the Doctor Who Soundboard ! Some of...


The iconic sounds from Doctor Who are now only a touch (or click) away, with the Doctor Who Soundboard!

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Lady Gaga - Sound of Music

Well of course I was going to celebrate this tonight. Julie, Lady Gaga, an nostalgic rendition of a childhood film, a weeping audience… these are a few of my favourite things! My only regret is that she didn’t include The Lonely Goatherd; yodelling needs to find its way back into the mainstream, and if there’s anyone who could make it cool and sparkly it’s our Steph.

- Rosie

Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late for Drake. You might be sick of seeing things about Kendrick but I bet you aren’t sick of hearing him. To Pimp A Butterfly just doesn’t let up; I didn’t even need to wait for the first pop for the funk to be within me. If west coast rap was still prevalent this album is exactly where it would/should be. Kendrick’s form of narrative rap just keeps evolving and he’s able to pack more exposition into every song even after dropping the skits. His mastery of characters continues to expand making Nicki Minaj’s split personalities look more like a mental disorder than a lyrical skill. Damn, just listening to his tracks has me calling out other rappers.King Kunta” is the smoothest funkiest west coast sugar track on the album and it’s just one of the many songs I can’t stop listening to.