Check out this epic aerial battle between a bald eagle & two gulls. David Canales captured this once-in-a-lifetime photo from his kayak on Prince William Sound in Alaska while on an 11-day expedition from Valdez to Whittier. Photo courtesy of David Canales.

The Ocean and the Sun
The Sound of Animals Fighting
The Ocean and the Sun

sound of animals fighting, the ocean and the sun

“we are taught to think of our success in terms of numbers. if touching one person’s life is a good thing, then touching one thousands people’s lives must be a great thing. it’s easy to see where we learned to think this way. our whole society revolves around mass production. the more units we can move, the more customers we can serve, the more boats we can get, the more money and the more stuff we have, the better, right? maybe it’s not possible to touch one thousand people’s thinking, or as powerfully as one person. maybe it’s not really so revolutionary after all, to have one person out of a group of twenty, tell everybody else what’s right. wouldn’t it be better if we tried a decentralized approach where everyone works closely with those around them instead of a few people waiting in anonymous mass? do you have to save the world all by yourself, why don’t you trust someone else to do it with you?”

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12, 17, 44:)

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

  1. Ordinary Fools - The Chain Gang of 1975
  2. Let’s Talk About Spaceships - Say Hi
  3. Dogs - Nouns
  4. The Idea of Growing Old - The Features
  5. The Heretic - The Sound Of Animals Fighting

17. Do you think there is life on other planets? 


44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Ooh this is a good one. Err maybe bottom of the ocean? Ocean exploration has always been so fascinating to me.

Honesty Hour


Say hello to Cutie and Charlie, the day old baby goats. Their mother had triplets and has rejected these two, so it looks like these guys are going to be hand raised. Mum dropped them off, so I guess I’m baby sitting for a few hours.

Amethyst never had to learn to fight other gems/Amethyst’s secret advantage against Jasper

While talking to a friend about the new episode something about Amethysts character struck me.

Amethyst is the only member of the Crystal Gem’s that was not raised during a gem war. (Excluding Peridot) Amethyst came out of the Kindergarten long after the rebellion, when everything had calmed down. At this time the Crystal Gems were no longer fighting other gems, because, there were none to fight! Except there were! But what did they fight?

Corrupted gems. That means Amethyst has only ever had to fight corrupted gems! Which in ‘Gem Hunt’ were emphasized to be ‘A bundle of instincts.’

… This sounds very similar to Amethyst’s own fighting style doesn’t it??

“Fightings all about that feeling deep in your gut.”

AKA: Your gut instincts. Ame fights using her instincts. The way Amethyst learned to fight matches the opponents she always had to fight.

This was even subtly highlighted in Crack the whip.

Notice that Amethyst faced off against two Jasper gems in this episode.

Except, one was a corrupted Jasper and one wasn’t.

She defeated the corrupted Jasper, who fights with instinct and brute strength… but she didn’t know how to fight an un-corrupted Jasper, who also battled with strategy. Amethyst doesn’t have as much experience fighting un-corrupted gems, because she’s spent most of her life only seriously fighting corrupted ones.

For a long time after Amethyst came into existence there was no dire situation going on that pushed her to learn battle strategy like Steven and Connie are now. Whereas Steven by age 12-13 was introduced to the threat of invading gems. This and the pressure he felt to live up to the others expectations of him,( Along with Connie practicing sword fighting! ) are what inspired him to start learning fighting techniques from Pearl.

(( I’ll add here that Ame and Connie have at the same time the same and opposite problems in battle. Connie is so reliant on strategy that she doesn’t trust her instincts, and Ame is reliant on her instincts while she doesn’t think about strategy! I think the point is going to be that you need a good balance of both to put up the best fight. ))

During the time Steven was training, Amethyst was not, and Steven is even learning things that Ame had never learned herself! It’s no wonder he’s caught up to her in skill. Although Steven didn’t know how to do all of these things from the moment he was ‘made’ like a gem. He had to learn them through training and practice!

Gems are ‘supposed’ to pop out knowing everything they’re supposed to, but Amethyst? She’s different.

She’s an earthling. Like Steven, and Connie.

And what did we learn in ‘Greg the BabySitter’? Earthlings learn by practice.
Amethyst isn’t weak, she just needs experience.

This is why I think in the end her difference will be her advantage against Jasper. Why? Because Jasper only relies on what she’s always known. She’s not open to learning to be anything more than she already is atm.

But Amethyst is. If she learns to balance her instinct with strategy, she can and I think she will be able to beat Jasper. Whether it be in battle or a spiritual win. When Ame and Jasper meet again, ( and now I’m thinking they’re going to have a rematch ) Amethyst will have some new tricks up her sleeve.

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First, THANK YOU for removing the the "click" sound. Second, will mounts and animals partners (for buffs/skills in battles, army fights, and pulling the cart) be considered?

Beatings were getting too severe.  Blame Hetros on that being removed.

Mounts and animal partners would be pretty neat, but we haven’t put any thought into that.  As a gut reaction I’d either work them in as trinkets or characters or something.  More on that at a future date.


The Heraldic Break Of the Manufacturer’s Medallion - The Sound Of Animals Fighting (by colourofviolence)

This song is fucking perfect.