“Nein” translation masterpost

(Last updated 25/05/2015)

Since it’ll be a long time before I can make the compilation pdf, this will hopefully suffice as a reference post for now.

Also, I’m still going back and editing these translations (mostly modifying/adding dialogue translated by ear) every now and then, so just be aware of that. 


Ori no Naka no Hakoniwa
Na mo Naki Onna no Uta
Shokumotsu ga Tsuranaru Sekai
Ienakatta Koto no Ha
Nikushimi wo Hanataba ni Kaete
Seiyou Kottou Yaneura-Dou
Namida de wa Kesenai Honoo
Ai to iu Na no Toga
Wasurena Tsukiyo
Saihate no L

Marvelous Shou-Uchuu

Revo’s Letter
Sunawachi…Hikari wo mo Nigasanu Ankoku no Chou-Juu-Ryoku [Symphonic Band Style: Short ver.]
Sunawachi…Seikan Chou Tunnel [Rock Band Style: Long ver.]
Sunawachi…Shouwakusei wo Kurau Chou-Kou-En [Metal Band Style: Medium ver.]

Sound Horizon Major Debut 10th anniversary Work 4 “9th Story Concert "Nein” - Seiyo Kotto Yaneura do he Yokoso -“ Special Edition Blu-ray

[Unlisted Playlist]

Disc 1

Disc 2 Encore



A city with the remnants of civilization. Ark city. Scarlet clothes. Scarlet heels. Scarlet lipstick. Scarlet roses. Every man passing by cannot help but turn their heads. A bouquet in her left hand, a promise held in her right. She cannot fight the impulse driving her. “We fit, don’t we? Now we’re a match made in heaven. Oh, such happiness…” Your white clothes are now- Ah, why did she fall in love? Even if the beginnings of love cannot be explained, there are always reasons behind the destruction of love. And if their relationship were to be brought to ruin, then she’d rather….

Elys ~ She fell in love. Love changed her. She was crazy for love. And maybe she’ll come face to face with her own self.

Pavro ~ A certain artist. Even if he sets his sights high, not all dreams will come true. He likes white. A white that covers and hides all. A white that mends all.