day 11

(First off, apologies for any eye strain that this hot pink wall may have caused.)
If this outfit looks ‘edgy’ to you, then EEEEHH – you’re wrong. This is actually my please-just-let-me-go-home-and-watch-the-Oscars-and-then-NCIS-reruns-all-day-while-drinking-wintermelon-milk-tea-while-overchecking-Twitter kind of outfit.
Yeah, don’t let the heels deceive you.

Fringe necklace by Junk Studio
Lace-up platforms by Soule Phenomenon
Shirt by H&M
Leopard print shorts by Forever 21
Cardigan by Zara

♥ Arriane
Photos by JC Taruc

❜ we all reek of weariness. a room FULL of the black-soul phenomenon. all of a sudden i don’t feel so   alone   in the recognition of my own mixed feelings mirrored in those faces. in those faces, i see that the seemingly repugnant behavior wasn’t so atrocious after all. everything is forgiv       able. everything we said and did and felt was magnified by the pres       ence of   something   we couldn’t CONTROL, and that fact definitely brought out the crazy. each of us will carry a balance of regret and pride for the rest of our lives.

as understood by liz. & art credit.

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